Her finner du ukens søknadsfrister:

Current research funding announcements/deadlines (external)

1. Research Council of Norway (Forskningsrådet NFR):
a)IARC-Norway collaboration: post-doctoral position with mandatory overseas stay (POSTDOC-IARC). The call aims to strengthen the collaboration between Norway and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) within priority high quality cancer research areas by funding of a 3-year post-doctoral position, of which the two first years are to be based at IARC in Lyon, France
Deadline: 7 September 2016

b) DAAD-programme – researcher exchange between Norway and Germany (IS-DAAD)
The goal is establishing and expanding the contact between educational and research institutions in Norway and Germany. Grant applications are being accepted from Norwegian scientific staff/groups (normally 2-4 members) of researchers for funding for short-term stays (2-4 weeks) in Germany for the purpose of launching and developing new joint research projects.
Deadline: 7 September 2016

c) NEW VISJON2030: The VISJON2030 initiative is to contribute to poverty reduction in countries receiving development aid from Norway, by further developing and scaling up innovative solutions that promote achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals no. 3 (health) and no. 4 (education). 2 calls will open from 26 July:
Innovation in Education and Health to help Combat Poverty: Approximately NOK 50 million is expected to be available for innovation projects. Minimum 40 million is allocated to projects targeting education alone alternatively projects combining the education and health objectives.
Formative dialogue research to follow the Vision2030 innovation projects from start to end: 10 million kroner is available for one project under Vision 2030 on formative dialogue research.
Deadline: 7 September 2016
Information meeting will take place in Oslo (RCN) 21 June. Registration is open.

d) NEW FORNY2020 Proof-of-Concept call: promotes innovation based on research results. The programme facilitates the commercialisation of results from projects conducted at publicly-funded research institutions and helps to bring the products and services to the market. BTO will coordinate the application process, project management and business development. In the last years, 30 – 50 % of our applications have been successful. Get in touch as soon as possible and before 25. June
Deadline: 7 September 2016

e) NEW NANO2021:  Funding is available for Knowledge-building Projects for Industry in the field of nanotechnology with start-up in 2017. Thematic priority area 3: improving health and medical technology.
Deadline: 12 October 2016

2. NEW  The Olav Thon Foundation
The Olav Thon Foundation has opened for applications for research on Alzheimer’s disease and/or Parkinson’s disease. See more information about the Call (pdf)
Deadline: 1 September 2016

3. Horizon 2020 – several Calls

 Selected H2020 deadlines 2016:
European Research Council (ERC) Frontier research grants
Call is open! Advanced Grants: are designed to support excellent Principal Investigators at the career stage at which they are already established research leaders with a recognised track record of research achievements.
Deadline: 1 September 2016.

Marie Sklodovska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Excellent and innovative research training plus attractive career and knowledge-exchange opportunities through cross-border and cross-sector mobility, no thematic priorities.
Individual Fellowships (IF): aims to help experienced researchers to advance their careers and gain new skills through advanced training, international mobility, and optional intersectoral secondments. The host organization can  be universities and research institutes in addition to a company or other non-academic sector organizations.
Deadline: 14 September 2016

COFUND Action:  Call for multi-annual proposals for new or existing doctoral programmes or fellowship programmes (for researchers on a postdoctoral level) that may be run at regional, national or international level.
Deadline: 29 September 2016

Societal Challenges (SC): Collaborative breakthrough research and radical innovation

 Pre-announcement SC1-2017 Health, demographic change and wellbeing: Personalised medicine, two-stage
The headline goal of the programme ‘Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing’ is better health for all. Its main policy objectives are to improve health and wellbeing outcomes, to promote healthy and active ageing, to promote market growth, job creation, and the EU as a global leader in the health area.

Deadline: 4 October 2016

NEW Personalised medicine, single-stage

Deadline: 14 March 2017

Deadline: 11 April 2017

Important! Please do contact Sumathi Subramanian (FA) or Faculty advisers Ramune Midttveit, Itana Sloper-Krivokapic if you would like a copy of the Work Program. We strongly encourage you to start your proposal preparation work as early as possible. We would be more than happy to meet you and your team to discuss the Work Program and/or a specific topic. Advisors are at your disposal if you require assistance with topic interpretation, eligibility conditions, consortium building and other proposal preparation activities. UiB offers financial support for proposal preparation.

Horizon 2020 – Complementary Calls
a) COST Action: open Call – funding for research networks. Proposals should reflect the main characteristics of COST Actions, namely providing for knowledge sharing, creation and application, being open and output-oriented while aiming at strengthening the scientific and technological basis of the proposed topic(s).
Deadline: 1 December 2016

b) IMI 2 (Innovative Medicines Initiative 2) – Call 9 

  • Addressing the clinical burden of Clostridium difficile infection (CDI): evaluation of the burden, current practices and set up of a European research platform
  • (part of the IMI New Drugs for Bad Bugs (ND4BB) programme)
  • Development of immune tolerance therapies for the treatment of rheumatic diseases
  • Data quality in preclinical research and development
  • Next generation of electronic translational safety – NEXGETS
  • Identification and validation of non-invasive markers across the spectrum of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
  • Joint influenza vaccine effectiveness surveillance studies

Deadline: 26 July 2016

 c) M-era.Net call 2016. The aim is to fund ambitious transnational RTD projects addressing materials research and innovation including materials for low carbon energy technologies and related production technologies. Relevant thematic area: Interfaces between materials and biological hosts for health applications. Info from RCN (NANO2021).
Deadline: 14 June 2016

 Read more (information and routines for application): http://www.uib.no/en/horizon2020

4. UiB
PES (Project establishment support) and POS (posisjoneringsmidler) for Horizon2020 applicants (Norges Forskningsråd/UiB): open-ended during Horizon2020 Call period.

 5. NEW The Novo Nordisk Foundation
The Foundation invites applications within biotechnology-based synthesis and production research.   These grants support fundamental and applied research projects aimed at generating products in improved and more sustainable ways.
Deadline: 21 June

6. EEA/Norway Grants
a) Estonia – Public health initiatives: call for bilateral funds.
Deadline: 1 November 2016

b) Poland – Public health initiatives: Reducing social inequalities in health
Deadline: 30 June 2016

c) Romania-Norway scholarship: call for bilateral cooperation, study visits.
Deadline: 31 October 2016

7. Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinsons’s research
Research within three different programmes will be funded:

 Deadline: 1 July 2016

Funding for cooperation in higher education

 NEW Invitasjon til oppfølgingsmøte om NORPART-programmet på UiB
FA og SA inviterer alle interesserte til eit oppfølgingsmøte om NORPART-programmet på Bergen Ressurssenter for Internasjonal Utvikling, Jekteviksbakken 31 (Juss 2). Tema for møtet er kva moment vil kjenneteikne ein god søknad, og vi håpar at møtet kan vere ei hjelp til arbeidet med å skrive søknadane og bidra til at flest mogleg av UiB-søknadane blir innvilga støtte.

 Plan for møtet:

  • Innledning og velkommen
  • Presentasjon av programmet av Hilde Granås Kjøstvedt, seniorrådgivar SIU
  • Studieadministrative forhold som kan ha betydning for ein søknad, ved SA
  • Diskusjon og utveksling av erfaringar så langt.

Invitasjonen blir også sendt til alle som har søkt om såkornmidler.
TID: Onsdag 15. juni frå 10.00- 12.00.
Påmelding innan 13. juni: https://skjemaker.app.uib.no/view.php?id=2170199

Intra-African Academic Mobility Scheme 2016

The programme’s specific objective is to improve the skills and competences of students and staff through enhanced intra-African mobility. The proposed partnership must include between four and six African higher education institutions as partners (including the main applicant) and one technical partner from the EU holding the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.
Deadline: 15 June 2016 (12:00)

NORPART (The Norwegian Partnership Programme for Global Academic Cooperation)
NORPART supports academic partnerships and student mobility with an emphasis on Master and PhD level between higher education institutions in Norway and selected developing countries.
Deadline: 5 September 2016 (15:00)

EURASIA Programme (Long-term projects)
The Eurasia Programme supports project cooperation between institutions in Norway and Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The Eurasia Programme currently has three open calls:

  • Long-term projects (project period from 1 January 2017 – 31 December 2019)

Deadline: 5 September 2016 (15:00)

EURASIA Programme (Short-term projects)
The Eurasia Programme supports project cooperation between institutions in Norway and Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

  • Short-term projects (project period from 1 January 2017 – 31 December 2018)

Deadline: 17 October 2016 (15:00)

Partnership Programme with North America
(Short-term projects)
The programme supports scientific collaborations and aims to establish durable and scientifically founded collaborations with Canada and the USA. Main partner in Norway and in Canada and/or the USA must be HEI with accredited education programmes. At least 50 % of the grands will be awarded to projects that include network partners from the employment and business sector.
Deadline long-term projects: 17 October 2016

UTFORSK (Short-term projects)
The main objective of the UTFORSK Partnership Programme is to promote cooperation on higher education with Brazil, China, India, Japan, Russia and South Africa.
Deadline short-term projects: 17 October 2016

High North Programme (Nordområdeprogrammet 2013-2018)
(Short-term projects)
The overall goal of the High North Programme is to expand, strengthen and disseminate knowledge about or relevant to the High North. The overall goal of the High North Programme is to expand, strengthen and disseminate knowledge about or relevant to the High North.
Deadline long-term projects: 17 October 2016 (15.00)

Prosjektetableringsstøtte (PES) 2016 – sentraliserte tiltak under Erasmus+
For å bidra til økt norsk deltakelse og gevinst fra Erasmus+ lyser SIU ut ca. 1 million kroner til dekning av prosjektetableringskostnader for norske institusjoner, organisasjoner og bedrifter som ønsker å utvikle en prosjektsøknad innenfor et av følgende sentraliserte tiltak under Erasmus+:
Kunnskapsallianser, Sektorallianser, Kapasitetsbygging, Fellesgrader, Jean Monnet, Idrett. Se satser på SIUs nettsider.
Deadline: 1 November 2016 (12.00)

Continuing deadlines

Nærings-ph.d. (Industrial PhD)
Forskningsrådet gir støtte til bedrifter med ansatte som ønsker å ta doktorgrad. Ordningens overordnede målsettinger er økt forskerrekruttering i næringslivet, økt langsiktig kompetansebygging og forskningsinnsats i næringslivet og økt samspill mellom akademia og næringsliv.
English: Click here for more information about Industrial PhDs
Deadline: Continuing

Program for forskning og innovasjon i utdanningssektoren (2014-2023) (FINNUT)
FINNUT skal utvikle kunnskap av høy kvalitet og relevans for politikkutforming, forvaltning, praksisfelt og den enkelte, bidra til fornyelse av forskningsfeltet og medvirke til innovasjon i utdanningssektoren.
Deadline other projects: Continuing

Fellowships and Personal Grants

 1. EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organization) Fellowships
Research on the molecular mechanisms of life at all levels.
Deadline: throughout the year.

b) NEW Long-term
Deadline: 12 August 2016

2. Novo Nordisk Foundation
Postdoctoral fellowship program within endocrinology/ metabolism at international elite research invironments. The fellowship offers an opportunity to carry out a research project where a minimum of 3 years are dedicated to work at a university, hospital or other research institution abroad, followed by up to 1 year at a home Nordic research institution. Up to 6 fellowships will be funded.
Deadline: 5 July 2016


  1. ERRIN Project day – 2017 Nanotechnology and ICT calls for proposals. 21 June 2016, Brussels
  2. Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) FORUM. The objective of this event is to discuss the role of MSCA in supporting researchers to develop their careers outside academia and in businesses in particular. 29 June Brussels
  3. Info Day, Horizon 2020 – ‘Health, demographic change and wellbeing’. 8 July 2016, Brussels
  4. A course for ERC Starting and Consolidator applicants for the 2017 or 2018 calls in Bergen on August 17th. The course will be given by Beacontech and will consist of a half-day course plus the possibility to meet the consultants individually. Lunch will be provided, the course will take place at Hotel Ørnen in the center of Bergen. Registration is open.
  5. Conference on seafood and health, 14-15 September, Bergen.
  6. Life Sciences Baltics Forum from world-class biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical devices experts from all around the world. MeetNobel prize winners, 800 key sector players and decision makers from more than 30 countries. Vilnius, 14-15 September 2016
  7. NEW Eighth EDCTP Forum: is one of the most prominent conferences on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and other neglected infectious diseases prevalent in Africa, 6-9 November 2016 in Lusaka, Zambia. Registration is open.

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