Reminder; Spring events at MED

Save the date: Research Day

18 June, EITRI

2nd Research Day at the Faculty of Medicine | Faculty of Medicine | UiB


Postdoc Development Programme

Remember to apply for the Post doc development programme by 15 May 2025.

We have revamped the programme according to your feedback and now offer three overnight stays and will let the participants co-design the content to best fit your needs.

Read more about the programme here: Postdoc Development Programme | Faculty of Medicine | UiB

Apply by 15 May.


PhD Grant Writing Workshop

13 and 16 May 2024, EITRI

Registration is now open until 29 April

This is the recurrent workshop held by research advisor team at the Faculty of Medicine, open for all PhD candidates enrolled at the Faculty of Medicine.

We will spend two half-days together and participants will be given homework assignments, practicing writing their own grant proposal.

Read more and sign up here: Upcoming events for Faculty of Medicine | University of Bergen (


Core Facility Expo

29 April 2024, EITRI

The Faculty of Medicine is organizing an event where you can get to know all our core facilities and other research services used by our researchers.

Visit stands and hear presentations of all facilities for medicine, health and life sciences at UiB.

Read more here: Core Facility Expo | Faculty of Medicine | UiB

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