UTFORSK Call 2024

31 January 2024 9.00-11.00

This seminar offers an introduction to UTFORSK, a measure under the Norwegian government’s strategy for cooperation on higher education and research with Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, South Africa, South Korea and the USA, the Panorama Strategy.

We will start by looking into the UTFORSK call and how it is aligned with policies and objectives outlined in relevant policy documents. From this starting point we will discuss objectives related to institutional partnerships, integration between higher education, research and working life, sustained student mobility and enhanced international learning environment. Last but not least we will dig into the recent UTFORSK call for applications and how to write a convincing application.


  • Introduction to the UTFORSK call (HK-dir)
  • One or two project proposals that were funded in previous rounds will share experiences from their applications:
    • professor Bjørnar Borvik and senior adviser Ingrid Tøsdal, Faculty of Law
    • TBC
  • How to write a convincing application; story telling, impact, tips and tricks
  • Timeline for guidance from the support team

Target group:
UTFORSK is open to all levels (Bachelor, Master, and PhD) and all academic fields. Cooperation across disciplines and sectors is encouraged. Accordingly the seminar is open to interested academic and administrative staff across UiB.



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