Boost your research potential with innovation perspectives

Course 6 June 9.00-12.00 Alrek Helseklynge

Most funding schemes incorporate innovation perspectives into their application templates. These are especially visible in the chapters on impact but go beyond and should be found as a red line throughout a good research project – or rather, research and innovation project.

Increasing your literacy on the innovation topic will not only increase your abilities to succeed with grants, but also help you make your research more relevant to society. In this course, we will discuss what “innovation” in academia actually means, get inspiration from good examples, learn about ways to increase your innovation potential, talk about innovation management in practice and about ways to collaborate with partners outside of academia; oftentimes a prerequisite for successful innovation.

•    Topic 1: Innovation in academia – examples and concepts
•    Topic 2: How to boost your innovation potential
•    Topic 3: Innovation management in collaborative research projects
•    Topic 4: Collaboration with partners outside of academia

Target group
Suitable for researchers who want to boost their innovation potential to increase the impact of their research.

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