Online COST Info Day

May 24, 2023
10:00 – 11:30 CET

This online COST Info Day is open to all researchers and innovators at any career stage and from any field of research, especially young researchers, as well as R&I staff. The aim is to inform researchers and innovators about how to connect with COST Actions or submit a COST Action proposal, the role and impact of the COST programme, and the benefits of participating in COST for researchers’ careers, with a focus on young researchers.

Programme overview
10:00 | Welcome and introduction | Director of the COST Association
10:10 | What is COST and how to participate in a COST Action? | COST Policy Officer
10:30 | How to submit an application? Tips & tricks | COST Science Officer
10:40 | Which activities are funded? | COST Administrative Officer
11:00 | What are the benefits of participating in COST? | COST Action Chair
11:15 | Q&A
11:30 | End of the session

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