ZONA-prisen 2017

ZONA-prosen deles ut til en doktorgrad fullført i 2016 innen det bredt definerte fagfeltet “Cell, Developmental or Molecular Biology and Biochemistry”. Alle vitenskapelig ansatte ved UiB kan fremme kandidater.

Frist: 15. april 2017.


Zona is a scientific term for structures which enclose the earliest life stages in animals. This structure exists in different forms, but all provide vital protection during the most vulnerable phases of development of new individuals. At hatching the Zona is opened for the new individual to exit into an environ where for the first time it will be subjected to competition and trials in order to prevail and succeed. The essential function of the Zona is to enhance chances for success of biota that possess established, as well as novel traits.

The scientific enterprise is dependent on similar environs in order to encourage and nourish learning as well as innovation.

The “ ZONA AWARD” is intended to recognise individuals who have contributed to new knowledge in “Cellular, Developmental or Molecular Biology and Biochemistry”, as well as individuals who have contributed outstanding support to sustain a productive learning environment, or who have provided and improved the research technology that is vital for the practice of science.

Bergen, November 25, 2013

Bernt Th. Walther

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