Vi ønsker å invitere alle til K1/K2 seminarrekken!

Neste seminar:

Tittel: “The quest for a universal vaccine “

Holdes av Prof. Rebecca Jane Cox, Influenza Centre, K2.

Tid: Onsdag 4. februar, klokken 14:15 – 15:00.

Sted: Stort Auditorium, 3 etasje, Sentralblokken

Chair: Birgitta Åsjø



Influenza causes a billion infections annually with approximately 500

000 deaths world-wide. Influenza vaccination is the best method of

preventing influenza morbidity and mortality. In Europe a new nasal

spray vaccine with high efficacy has recently been licensed for children

and we are currently conducting pediatric clinical trials to investigate

the mechanism of protection. Occasionally, a novel influenza virus

arises and can cause a pandemic such as the 2009 swine flu. Ideally, an

influenza vaccine should provide long lasting broad “universal”

protection against both epidemic and pandemic influenza. How close are

we to a universal influenza vaccine and what has recent research taught us?




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