Data café at the Faculty of Medicine 27 June

We are pleased to invite you to the next Data café at the Faculty of 
Medicine on the 27th of June from 12:00 to 15:00 in the conference room 
at the 9th floor of the BBB 
( We will enjoy a 
mingling lunch followed by two workshops:

1- David will give a new iteration of his workshop building large 
language models (LLMs) for text generation. This time we will try to 
make it more interactive and let you play with the code during the 
sessions, so it might be interested for some of you to take the workshop 

2- Jakub will give an introductory workshop on data visualization with 
python. If you are tired of spending hours on Excel/GraphPad, want to 
learn how to create publication-grade plots automatically using free 
software, and at the same time learn some good practices on data 
visualization, this is for you.

The workshops are entry-level, there is no prior requirement and all are 
welcome independently of their seniority or expertise.

To help us plan the food and workshops, please register at the link below:

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