CCBIO course with talks from Harvard Medical School Faculty

Dear all

In relation to the CCBIO907 course that will be running on Campus March 20th to 31st there will also be a lot of great talks by Harvard Medical School Faculty that are open to all and extra relevant for early-stage career researchers:
Some of the highlights are:

  • Monday March 20th 1pm: How to craft a presentation (Watnick/ Zetter), HUS Aud B301
  • Tuesday March 21st 1pm: Crafting your Pitch (Bielenberg), HUS Aud B301
  • Monday March 27th 1pm: Bridging the Gap between science and medicine by disease Focused research (Smith), HUS Aud B301
  • Tuesday March 28th 1pm: Mentoring (Panigrahy), HUS Birkhaugsalen
  • Wednesday March 29th 1pm: Fundamentals of Proposal Writing (Watnick), HUS Birkhaugsalen

Registration link:  (Now only non-ECTS registration possible, but then you can go to the lectures you please and skip assignments and exam.)
Read more about the course here. Early-afternoon coffee/ tea and pastries will be served!

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