(English) NFR workshop at MED: Preparing for the Research Council´s 10thof April 2019 application deadline

Dear researchers,

As you are certainly aware by now, the Research Council of Norway has implemented new rules for its grants and calls for proposals. As this year’s deadline brings changes in the application template, assessment criteria and evaluation procedures, it is essential to be well prepared and proactive in our approach.

The Faculty research advisers invite you to a workshop, where we will focus on the three main parts of the application template for FRIPRO and other relevant programs: Excellence, Impact and Implementation. We will explain the difference between communication, dissemination and exploitation. User involvement, Responsible Research and Innovation, Gender issues will also be addressed at the coming workshop. There will be important information on how the internal process at the department level, regarding financial support and research advising, will be working with one large deadline.

Those of you who plan to submit an application for the 10thof April deadline are particularly encouraged to attend the workshop.

The workshops are planned as follows:

31 January

12:00 -14:30

4 February

10:30 – 13:00

5 February

09:00 -11.30

6 February

11:30 -14:00

12 February

8:30 – 11:00

We look forward to seeing many of you at the workshops!

Best regards,

Amra, Michaël, Ramune, Yves

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