Kurs I ERC starting og Consolidator søknader for 2017 og 2018

UiBWe would like to draw your attention to a course for ERC Starting and Consolidator applicants for the 2017 or 2018 calls that we will have in Bergen on August 17th.
The course will be given by Beacontech and will consist of a half-day course plus the possibility to meet the consultants individually. Lunch will be provided, the course will take place at Hotel Ørnen in the center of Bergen.
Please forward this link to your departments, research groups and also individuals who might be interested to attend.

Registration closes on August 12th.
I hope that this is of interest to your younger researchers. Should they have other questions about ERC they can also consult the ERC pages  or contact Anja (Anja.Hegen@uib.no).

Please note that registration for our Advanced grant course on June 9th at Vilvite is still possible!

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