Call for project proposals Trustworthy AI

Trond Mohn Foundation’s (TMS) vision is to make a substantial difference to the development of Norwegian research milieus aiming for the highest international level. During the past decade, artificial intelligence (AI) has achieved remarkable technological breakthroughs, and it has become a natural part of how research, education, business, and governmental work is conducted. However, for AI to receive broad acceptance in society, trustworthiness of AI systems is a crucial condition.

Existing AI systems do not address important criteria that promote trustworthiness in a satisfactory fashion, nor do we have unified formal scientific definitions of human terms like fairness and ethical aspects. It is even not clear whether or to what extent different criteria can be met. There are also serious weaknesses in the legal frameworks in which AI systems operate. In order to meet this challenge and strengthen the high-quality AI research at the University of Bergen (UiB), the foundation and UiB together have developed plans for a research program in Trustworthy AI.

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