Daglige arkiver: 19. mai 2022

Bli kjent med Horisont Europa

Hiwa Målen fra Forsknings- og innovasjonsavdelingen har utviklet et verktøy for å navigere Horizon Europe og dens utlysninger. Fokus er på Pillar 2, Global challenges and European industrial competitiveness, der bland annet Cluster Health ligger.

Kurs om dette Power BI verktøyet tirsdag 31 mai kl 9.00-11.30 på Eitri.

Påmelding Horizon Europe and Beyond – a tool to navigate the EU landscape (uib.no)

Spørsmål? Tak kontakt med Amra Grudic-Feta: Amra.Grudic@uib.no

Eitri demo

Eitri Medical Incubator hosts startups and researchers striving to improve healthcare by developing better solutions to today’s problems. Join us for a breakfast on May 31 and hear from a few of them!

May 31, 8:30-10:00, at Eitri, Hauklenadsbakken 31.

Sign up here: https://www.eitrilab.no/events/eitri-demo-breakfast

Please, contact maija.slaidina@uib.no or torleif.lunde@uib.no if you have any questions.

Can science make sense of life?

Meet the 2022 Holberg Laureate, Sheila Jasanoff (Harvard University) in conversation with Stephen Hilgartner (Cornell University). Jasanoff and Hilgartner are internationally leading scholars in Science and Technology Studies (STS) and have done extensive research on the social dimensions and politics of biomedicine and biotechnology (among other fields). Join us Friday June 10 at 09.30-10.15 in Store Auditorium, Haukeland University Hospital!

More information here

The Holberg Week

Join us in the celebration of this years’ Holberg Prize Laureate, Nils Klim Prize Laureate and the Holberg Prize School Project winners. The 2022 Holberg Week takes place in Bergen and Oslo 7–10 June.

The Holberg Week takes place in the beginning of June as a celebration of the Holberg Prize Laureate, the Nils Klim Prize Laureate. During the week you can hear the laureates, as well as other prominent guests from Norway and abroad participate in a series of lectures, panel discussions and other academic events.

More information here