English: Scholarships within the framework of UN Young Researcher’s Grant.

20 scholarships of 1000€ each are offered to the students within the framework of UN Young Researcher’s Grant.

Application requirements:

– applicant is not eligible for other scholarship programs like ERASMUS (e.g. length of stay under 2 months)

– possible mobility period is between the 1st April, 2021 and 31st March, 2022,

– length of stay abroad – 1 – 6 months.

– application deadline –  5th February (as always the universities can set a different internal application deadline, so that the nominated students could be sent to the Task Force before 12th February)

All UN universities are asked to promote the mobility scheme among their students and young researchers. For details and the application form please refer to the UN website https://www.utrecht-network.org/activities/young-researchers-grant/

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