(English) Opening Symposium 6th of February for Hyperion Imaging System

CCBIO and the Bergen Flow Cytometry Core Facility are happy to introduce the newly installed and operative Hyperion Imaging System to our research community in an opening symposium February 6th which will focus on:

  • The research possibilities offered by the Hyperion Imaging System
  • Groundbreaking research in a high level keynote lecture
  • The practical procedures regarding access to the facility and use of the machinery
  • Delicious tapas

This is next generation immunohistochemistry: explore tissue biology with 30 antibodies simultaneously! 

Time: Wednesday February 6th at 13:00
Place: Auditorium 2, BB-building
Who: Everybody; researchers and technicians, PhD fellows and postdocs, guests, students and administrative staff.
Registration (free): https://skjemaker.app.uib.no/view.php?id=6031041
Chairperson: Sonia Gavasso

13.00 Introduction
13.15 The Core Facility Concept & Procedures for Access
13.30 The Hyperion Imaging System: Leigh-Anne McDuffus, Fluidigm Corporation
14.15 Keynote lecture: Dr. Dario Bressan, University of Cambridge
15.15 Mingling session with tapas

More information on the opening symposium is available here.

More information on the Helios Imaging System.

To make sure we order enough tapas, we prefer if you register as soon as possible and within January 31st.

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