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Colleagues Vestlandslegen – Jostein Førsvoll

Hello dear colleagues at K2,

I am Jostein Andersen Førsvoll and work at Stavanger University Hospital. Here, I serve as a senior consultant at the Department of Pediatrics with expertise in pediatric endocrinology.

On February 1st, I will assume the position of associate professor and academic coordinator for the 5th year at Vestlandslegen.

Foto:./ill: Privat

I have worked as a university lecturer for many years and have been involved in teaching medical students who have had decentralized pediatric practice in Stavanger. I enjoy teaching and find this work rewarding. I see Vestlandslegen as a natural continuation of the collaboration between our hospital and the University of Bergen. I want to contribute to creating a positive learning environment for students and educators in the 5th year, and I look forward to the start this fall.

In the long run, I hope that this position will also provide opportunities for research, and that I can contribute to projects that foster academic and research collaboration among the pediatric departments in the West of Norway.

Vestlandslegen Colleagues – Tore Grimstad

Hello dear colleagues at Clinical Science and project Vestlandslegen,

My name is Tore Grimstad, and I am an internist and gastroenterologist, as well as an Associate Professor II affiliated with K2, based in Stavanger.

Clinically, I work at the gastroenterology outpatient clinic. In addition to my clinical work, my research primarily focuses on inflammatory bowel disease, and I am involved in both clinical, basic research, and microbiome-related projects.

Photo.:/ill Private

Since spring 2018, I have been teaching medical students during placement practice from UiB MED8, and additionally, Vestlandslege students since the fall of 2023. I find it exciting and inspiring to teach students, the future doctors, especially contributing to clinically oriented and hopefully educational discussions with students in an activating environment. I believe that special visits with small groups of students provide an exciting and developing teaching arena, aiming to engage students and facilitate effective learning within a secure framework. This also places important demands on us as teachers as clinical role models.

I also find it rewarding to work together with others towards a common goal and to have the opportunity to follow and guide PhD candidates in the scientific process from project improvement to a completed thesis. I want to contribute to building a scientific environment and mentoring other researchers in a section that has always focused on patient care and conducted extensive and intensive clinical operations. I am delighted by the increasing scientific activity at the gastroenterology section in Stavanger.

Vestlandslegen is in its early stages; the start has been challenging but also exciting. We have a unique opportunity to further develop professional, teaching, and research competence in the coming years, which will benefit patients, students, and staff. I hope my commitment to UiB will allow me to contribute significantly in these areas.

We truly have exciting years ahead!

Vestlandslegen Colleagues – Målfrid Holmaas Bjørgaas

Hello dear colleagues at Clinical Science,

Quick information about me:
Målfrid Holmaas Bjørgaas
Palliative Medicine
University Lecturer for Vestlandslegen, 5% position
Senior Consultant at the Palliative Center, Stavanger University Hospital

Photo:./ill Private

I teach students in Vestlandslegen in palliative care during their 7th semester. Palliative care is grouped with oncology and hematology, and in November, we had the first batch of 8 students. I conducted a two-day palliative care seminar with lectures, discussions, group tasks, and reflection, emphasizing the interdisciplinary perspective essential in palliative care. Students had the opportunity to meet various professionals, including doctors, physiotherapists, and hospital chaplains. We also visited the Boganes Palliative Care Unit operated by the Stavanger municipality.

In November 2024, the second batch is expected with nearly 20 students. It will be exciting.

I have always enjoyed teaching, and I do it extensively in my role as a senior consultant, both within SUS and in associated municipalities. I find it very meaningful to share my experience as both a general practitioner and a palliative care physician with young doctors, and I hope to provide insights into how we can approach patients and their families as whole individuals. I also hope to convey the importance of refraining from unnecessary treatment in the final stages of life and emphasize that providing effective relief is valuable in itself, even if patients do not recover.

Colleagues at Vestlandslegen – Katrine Brække Norheim

Hello dear colleagues at Clinical Science,

My name is Katrine Brække Norheim. I am the department head at the Rheumatology Department at Stavanger University Hospital.

I am a specialist in internal medicine and rheumatology. I am employed as a 1st associate professor at K2, with my workplace in Stavanger.

Foto /ill:. Privat

I provide instruction to medical students from UiB MED8 and students in the Vestlandslegen program in rheumatology. It is exciting and educational to be involved in student teaching, and I hope to contribute to making students curious and confident when interacting with patients. I am particularly focused on helping students develop a keen clinical sense and approach patients with respect and dignity. Through my involvement at UiB, I aim to contribute to a medical education that produces competent doctors who prioritize the well-being of patients, colleagues, and themselves.

Vestlandslegen colleagues – Svein Joar Auglænd Johnsen

Hello dear colleagues at Clinical Science,

My name is Svein Joar Auglænd Johnsen, and I specialize in internal medicine and rheumatology. Currently, I work at Department K2 as the coordinator for medical disciplines in Vestlandslegen, with my workplace located in Stavanger.

In my current role as the coordinator for medical disciplines in Vestlandslegen, I collaborate closely with the coordinator for surgical disciplines and the instructors within specific sub-specialties. Together, we have developed a proposal for a new study program for the 4th to 6th years, aiming to integrate medical and surgical disciplines as effectively as possible. This involves teaching both gastroenterology and gastro-surgery in the same week, along with interdisciplinary instruction on specific topics such as surgery for inflammatory bowel disease.

This fall, we conducted an introductory week and teaching program for a pilot group of students for the first time. This was based on existing instruction at UiB and in collaboration with responsible instructors in various fields. Now, we are facing the evaluation and improvement of this program, while also preparing to welcome a larger group of students next fall.

What makes my position inspiring is the groundbreaking work in regional medical education. This concept is novel both in Norway and comparable neighboring countries. The collaboration between Stavanger University Hospital and UiB has the potential to increase the capacity for medical education in Norway. Working in a team with experienced professionals across disciplines towards this goal is inspiring. It is also an honor to be involved in the education of ambitious medical students, with the hope that they will become colleagues and successors over time.

My goal is to contribute to the University of Bergen, in collaboration with Vestlandslegen, educating competent doctors well-prepared for the challenges they will face as LIS-1. I hope that my dedication will result in the successful completion of students’ education and that they find a specialization they enjoy. Furthermore, I hope to be part of building a campus that delivers high-quality education, research, and innovation. Collaboration across disciplines will also lay the foundation for new and exciting projects. I have several projects of my own in the planning stage, and I hope they will start soon, while I look forward to developing into a professorially competent individual.

Information about HR

Julie Hansen has been HR Adviser at the Department of Clinical Science. She is leaving UoB and moving to an external position in January. Christine Bresil is in training and will take over as HR Adviser at the department. From now on, HR inquiries can be directed to Christine Bresil: Christine Bresil | University of Bergen (

Thank you Julie for your efforts so far, and welcome to Christine.

Recently employed – Sabrina Moyo

I’m Sabrina John Moyo and I work on the Fifth floor at Clinical Institute 2 (K2).

From January 2023, I started working as a Researcher, but I worked previously from 2010 to 2014 as a Research Fellow followed up by a post-Doctoral position here at UiB.

My work involves conducting research on various infectious diseases with emphasis on Antimicrobial Resistance, overseeing and supervising our ongoing research projects in developing countries, publications of our research results, writing grant applications and supervising PhD students.

What I like most about my job is the flexibility and the ability of doing a variety of tasks with good collaboration from colleagues.

Foto/ill:. Private

My work involves different things therefore how I spend most of my day at work will depend on the task at that time e.g., writing or reviewing manuscripts for publications, virtual or physical meetings of our research projects with all collaborators, performing or supervising laboratory work when needed as well as applications for ethical approval for our research projects.

I have been enjoying all the years that I have worked at K2. I like my job because first of good colleagues, teamwork and collaboration within the research group which allows us to achieve our goals. And the goals of the institute in general.  Secondly, is positive and safe working environment at K2.

Christina Flornes

I work as a research and education consultant, Ph.D.-Coordinator, and study advisor at K2. In practice, this means that I manage most of the work around dissertations and mid-term evaluations. In addition, I have other task in the administration in K2.

What I like best about my job are my colleagues and the good working environment. We are a nice bunch who work for the workplace to bee as good as possible for both candidates and employees at UiB.
Right now I am working on coordinating the semesters final dissertations, so that everyone who is going to defend their thesis before the summer, gets what they need from hotels, dinners, flowers, lunch, auditoriums, robes, folders, messages, signatures etc.

I am lucky to be able to participate in the education of tomorrow`s researchers. It is very fun to collaborate with professionally skilled colleagues and there are always exciting new tasks to get better at!

(Norsk) Håkon Solheim

Jeg jobber i Administrasjonen på K2 , 8. etg. Lab bygget
Her jobber jeg med prosjektøkonomi for gruppe G1, G5, G20, G21 og CCBIO

Det jeg liker best ved jobben min er unit4 -prosjektmodulen.
Jeg liker også den brede variasjonen i arbeidsoppgaver.

Arbeidsoppgavene varierer en del. I starten av året er det gjerne mye bistand til prosjektledere som skal søke om midler til NFR, samt rapportering til eksterne finansiører på prosjekter som er ferdig. Det er også andre søknadsfrister/rapporteringsfrister gjennom året vi jobbet opp mot. Ellers er det løpende drift på prosjekter, blant annet innkjøp, fakturabehandling og holde orden i økonomien på prosjektene.

Det er et veldig trivelig arbeidsmiljø på K2, med gode kollegaer!

(Norsk) Thea Midtun

Jobber med Studie, Klinisk institutt 2

Jeg jobber som semesterkoordinator for MED9 (niende semester på medisinstudiet) og er administrativ ansvarlig for noen masteremner ved instituttet.

Det som jeg liker best ved jobben min, er at det er så mange ulike og varierte arbeidsoppgaver, og at jeg har ansvaret for alle prosesser i et emne fra start til slutt! Det er givende å se at arbeidet man legger inn i planleggingsfasen fungerer i praksis, og å kunne legge til rette for at både studentene og de vitenskapelige har det de trenger for å kunne utføre arbeidet sitt.

Mesteparten av tiden på jobben går med til å holde kontroll på at alt går som det skal med undervisning, praksis og eksamen.

Jeg liker å jobbe på K2 fordi jeg har så mange gode og kjekke kollegaer her! Og ikke minst er det givende å være med på å legge til rette for at vi kan utdanne de beste legene i landet.

Øyvind Byrkjedal-Bendiksen 

I work as a coordinator for the joint study administration at K1 and K2. In practice, this means that I am the supervisor of the fine team that administers the medicine, nutrition and pharmacy studies at the department. 

What I like best about the job are my colleagues and the good working environment. We are a nice bunch who are passionate about making everyday as good as possible for both students and employees at UiB. Right now, we are working on putting in place the timetables for the autumn of 2022. 

Another thing I like is that I contribute to something bigger than myself. Being so lucky to be part of the education of tomorrow’s doctors, pharmacists and nutritionists is very inspiring. It is very exciting to collaborate with professionally skilled doctors, teachers, researchers and committed students.

Sergio Mora

Hva jobber jeg med?

Jeg er utdannet siviløkonom og har fra tidligere jobbet med renovasjon i Bodø. Høsten 2021 ble min samboer ferdig som LIS1 ved nordlandssykehuset og videre bestemte vi oss for å flytte tilbake til Bergen. Jeg fikk muligheten til å jobbe som Prosjektøkonom ved K2, noe som var en god mulighet med stort utviklingspotensial. Åttende november var min første arbeidsdag og jeg har innen denne korte perioden fått et godt inntrykk av K2 som arbeidsplass og ikke minst mine nærmeste kollegaer.

Som Prosjektøkonom er jeg et støtteapparat for forskerne og mine arbeidsoppgaver er hovedsakelig knyttet til økonomistyring av de ulike prosjektene. For øyeblikket går mye av tiden til årets NFR søknader.

Hvorfor liker du å jobbe på K2?      

Først og fremst skyldes det et godt arbeidsmiljø der alle har tatt meg godt imot og bidrar til gruppedynamikken. Jeg har fått et bilde av at på K2 prioriteres arbeidsmiljøet og vi er flinke til å samles og bli kjent på et mer personlig nivå. I tillegg til dette er det givende å kunne støtte forskerne som har en så samfunnskritisk rolle.



Dear all of you!

And once again I have every reason to be proud of K2 employees: after all the celebrations last week, Eva Gerdts was last night also awarded the Helse Vest Research award 2021! Congratulations on another well-deserved award!

But she is not the only one from K2 who can be congratulated: At the annual conference of the Scandinavian Society for Immunology (SSI) last week in Aarhus, Kate Frøland from Broegelmann Research Laboratory was appointed as an honorary member. For decades, she has been indispensable to the editorial board of the journal “Scandinavian Journal of Immunology”, which is the journal affiliated with SSI. Congratulations!

Otherwise, I would like to thank all of you who have helped and supported me as acting head of department in recent months. It has been very nice to be the leader of so many clever and enthusiastic (and sometimes a little demanding 😉) people! From Monday (1 November) Pål is back as leader, welcome again!

Have a really good Halloween weekend!

Falch Lecture 2021: Professor Robert S. Langer

Professor Robert S. Langer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “The Edison of Medicine”, will present the Falch Lecture entitled “Creating and implementing breakthrough technologies in biotechnology and nanotechnology”. Social event at Eitri lab after the lecture.

The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering, London, U.K. Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015. Photographer: Jason Alden
Photographer: Jason Alden
0781 063 1642

Read more here.

Norwegian: Nytt om navn: Thea Midtun

Jeg heter Thea Midtun, og er ny semesterkoordinator for MED9.

Jeg er 27 år og kommer fra en liten bygd i Hardanger, men har bodd i Bergen de siste 7 årene. Siden 2018 har jeg jobbet på UiB i Studieavdelingen og ved det samfunnsvitenskapelige fakultet. På SA arbeidet jeg med studentinformasjon og studentmobilitet inn, og på SV var jeg fast ansatt i informasjonssenteret og var gruppekoordinator for studentmottaket høsten 2020.

Jeg har aldri jobbet på institutt før, så jeg gleder meg veldig til å komme ordentlig inn i det og ikke minst bli kjent med mange nye kollegaer!

New name

My name is Jonelle Dickow Villar and I am delighted to join the wonderful group of people at K2. My professional experience in Norway has focused on psychiatric nursing.  Last year I was fortunate to complete my master’s degree in the Epigenetics and Multiomics group with Stéphanie Le Hellard and the Martins group with Vidar Steen.  On July 1st this year I returned as a PhD student and will be continuing the work on identifying epigenetic modifications following different environmental exposures, including the antipsychotic drug olanzapine. You can find me on the 2nd floor or by email



New name – Håkon Reikvam

Håkon Reikvam is associate professor at K2. He has been associated to the Leukemia Research Group (Bruserudgruppa) since 2008, with major research interest in malignant hematology, stem cell transplantation and transfusion medicine. He is a consultant in internal medicine and hematology, and he also work as a physician at the hematology section, medical department, HUS. He is also responsible for the teaching in hematology, leader for semester board for 12th semester and member of the program committee medicine (PUM). He has an office at Armauer Hansen’s House.

New name: Cathrine Ebbing

Cathrine Ebbing started working 1.9 2019 in a 50% position as associate professor at K2. I am a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology and have been working at the Women’s Clinic in Bergen since 1999. My specialty is fetal medicine and ultrasound. My research area is both clinical research in fetal and perinatal medicine, but also epidemiological research with data from the Medical Birth Register of Norway. I have been assigned the task of leading the research group “Pregnancy, fetal development and childbirth” under K2 in my position as 50% amanuensis. I am looking forward to that, and to teaching medicine students. She can be contacted on email: