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Faculty of Medicine’s  second common HSE-day is held digitally Wednesday 23rd of February at 12:00. Save the time! (the day was scheduled 3rd of November, but was moved to spring 2022)

Program for the day will come later.

Kindly regards,

Dekan Per Bakke, fakultetsdirektør Heidi A. Espedal, verneombud Lise Skålvik og HMS-koordinator Gjert Bakkevold, og fakultetets HMS-utvalg:

  • Emil Hausvik, HMS-koordinator ved Institutt for biomedisin
  • Siv Lise Bedringaas, HMS-koordinator ved Klinisk institutt 2
  • Kirsti Nordstrand, HMS-koordinator ved Institutt for global helse og samfunnsmedisin
  • May Britt Kalvenes, HMS-koordinator ved Klinisk institutt 1
  • Signe Solberg, administrasjonssjef Institutt for klinisk odontologi
  • Mathias Ziegler, Instituttleder Institutt for biomedisin

HSE-round 2021 – a mapping of the physical working environment

This year’s HSM rounds are scheduled for November 16 and 17.

16.11 from 13.00: KK and Glass blocks
17.11 from12.00: Laboratory building

Please fill out the relevant form and have it ready, especially important if there is anything you would like to change.

Alternatively, the form can be submitted to

Hoping to see you.

Siv Lise

HSE info

This year’s applications for  HSE fundings have now been processed. K2 received grants for these measures:

  • Noise reduction measures by analytical instrument at Flow Core Facility
  • Point extraction with hood and flexible arm in the laboratory,  Glassblokkene
  • Large first aid / emergency bag with additional gels for burns. Will hang in the common area on the 8th floor, Laboratoriebygget

The next application will be sent out well in advance of the deadline.

Siv Lise, HSE Committee.


The HSE handbook has now been updated with instructions for importing and working with infectious material. Look here.

A committee for biosafety was established in December 2020. The committee shall be an advisory and approving body at UoB for the import and use of biological risk factors, including genetically modified organisms. More information about this will come later.

Have a great HSE weekend 😊 regards to Siv Lise


HSE corner – Workplaces with risk of oxygen depletion or increased levels of carbon dioxide

New instructions have been made to ensure safety in laboratories with CO2 and liquid nitrogen. They should function as a guideline in the compilation of procedures for each research group.

Two handheld O2 monitors are available in the reception or at the 5. Floor. See the instruction for more information.

Link to the instructions:

Regards, Siv Lise


Course in HSE risk assessment and Safe Job Analysis (SJA) for employees

The course will take place digitally in Zoom.

The course consists of:

Part 1 – Theory

  • What is risk assessment?
  • HSE risk assessment
  • Safe Job Analysis (SJA)
  • Tools: use of the different templates

Part 2 – Working with cases and discussion.

The participants are divided into groups (in Zoom) and will carry out an HSE risk assessment and an SJA based on a case.

We discuss the results together.

Target group: English speaking employees who carry out risk assessments and SJA related to HSE for the local work environment and work tasks.

Maximum number of participants per course: 18 participants, you will be invited to the Zoom meeting before the course starts.

Link to registration (Registration deadline 09.11.2020, at 15:00)

Course time: Monday november 16 at 09:00 – 15:00

Language: English

Norwegian: Fakultetets HMS-dag

Hold av datoen 10. desember for fakultetets HMS-dag! Noe usikkert i hvilken form den kommer, mer info vil komme når det nærmer seg.

På dagen skal det deles ut en arbeidsmiljøpris, til den eller de som har gjort en særlig innsats for arbeidsmiljøet i 2020.

Arbeidsmiljøpris på Det medisinske fakultet 

Arbeidsmiljøprisen tildeles årlig til en person eller enhet/gruppe som har gjort en særlig innsats for arbeidsmiljøet. Ut fra en helhetsvurdering skal prisen tildeles den eller dem som har gjennomført eller tatt initiativ til nye og innovative tiltak etter minst ett av følgende kriterier:

1. Bidrar til å øke sikkerheten på arbeidsplassen.

2. Bidrar aktivt til et positivt arbeidsmiljø preget av inkludering og mangfold.

3. Bidrar til å øke forståelsen av og kunnskapen om arbeidet med helse, miljø og sikkerhet.

4. Tiltak som bygger broer på tvers av organisasjonen, og som bidrar til at «vi -følelsen» styrkes.

Nominasjoner sendes inn her, med frist 15. november.

Site managers – fire safety and evacuation representatives

We have now established a great team of site managers to assist with fire evacuation and evacuation from laboratories due to ventilation failure.
In case of fire or evacuation, they will wear yellow vests.

For the safety of everyone, it is important that everyone follows the given instructions when alerting fire or evacuation from alarm or the  site manager.

See the attached link for an overview of space contacts and their tasks.

New escape route in the laboratory building and mustering space

Helse Bergen has changed the escape routes in the laboratory building, so that several floors will evacuate through 1M instead of through 8th Floor. This applies to the stairwell tower towards Ulriken. Changes have been made to the signage in the tower, and floors 7 and downwards will now evacuate through 1M. Please note the arrows in the stairwell.

When exiting through 1M you come out at the post reception, and you shall move away from the building, towards the emergency room.

When construction work starts in the parking lot outside the eighth floor in March, evacuation through the area is taken care of, but the new mustering space will be in the parking lot at Ulriksbanen.

Please take responsibility for your own safety: Familiarize yourself with your nearest escape route.

HSE-corner: Safety inspection rounds 2019

Preparations for this year’s safety inspection rounds are ongoing! The safety representatives and head of administration will go through the physical work environment at Laboratoriebygget on Monday 4th November and BUS and Kvinneklinikken on Wednesday 27th of November.

We kindly ask everyone who has anything to report, to fill out and send in the forms to Julie by email (select the form that fits you). Deadline for sending in the forms is the last Friday prior to the safety rounds, specifically Friday 1st November for Laboratoriebygget and Friday 22nd November for the round on BUS and KK. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. More information and the forms are available on the following website.