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Career Day for all PhD candidates and postdocs at The Faculty of Medicine – Wednesday October 19th

Dear all

Welcome to the career day for all PhD candidates at the Faculty of Medicine! It will take place on October 19th from 09.30 to 16.00 in auditorium 1, in the BB building at Haukeland. In addition to internal and external presenters, some of our earlier PhD candidates will update us on what they have done after graduating. Furthermore, there will be held several relevant workshops at the end of the day. The career day will be held in English.

Participation is free, and coffee and lunch will be served. There will be good opportunities for mingling with your fellow candidates.

See our detailed program here.

Registration for the career day here. Deadline October 12th.

Hope to see you there!


The PhD coordinator team

Dissertation Kjerstil E. Hestetun – June 23nd 2022

Prøveforelesning:      Torsdag 23. juni 2022 kl. 10.15

Sted:                              Auditorium, AHH, Haukelandsveien 28

Oppgitt emne:                «The role of immunotherapy in upper and lower GI cancer»

Disputas:                    Torsdag 23. juni 2022 kl. 12.15

Sted:                              Auditorium, AHH, Haukelandsveien 28

Avhandlingens tittel:      “Predictive and prognostic markers in localized colon cancer. With emphasis on the biomarkers maspin, mismatch repair deficiency, CDX2, tumor grade, PD-L1, and tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes”

  1. opponent: Professor Mef Nilbert, Lund universitet, Sverige
  2. opponent: Ph.d. Kjetil Boye, Oslo universitetssykehus
  3. medlem av komiteen: Forsker Bergithe Oftedal, Universitetet i Bergen

Disputasen blir ledet av professor Silke Appel.

Åpent for alle interesserte

Editorial K2 News week 23 2022

As of this writing, the OSKE12 exam is just finished. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your great efforts in planning and implementing this. Many have been involved, and I would especially like to highlight all administrative staff who have participated in time-consuming preparations and implementation of the day. As in previous years, I participated as an examiner in pediatrics. In addition to the fact that it is exciting to see how the students solve the assignments, it is inspiring to learn that they like this form of exam. Furthermore, it is fun to be part of such an event. You also get to meet staff at the faculty across departments and employment relationships in an exciting setting. Lunch and plenty of coffee help to keep the conversation going and the atmosphere is nice. However, it is a resource-intensive form of examination and with the challenges we now have financially, I doubt that we can spend more resources on this form of examination.

Summer holidays are approaching, and I would like to remind you that everyone must register their holiday wishes in the self-service portal. The deadline was May 1 and there are still many who have not registered the holidays for 2022. In addition to the fact that this is something we as an employer should have an overview of, there is another reason why we stress this. If you do not register the holiday, it will affect our finances. Unfinished vacation will be a debt to the employees at the turn of the year and increase the deficit in our budget. This may mean that we must freeze positions or something else in order to achieve budget balance. SO RUN AND REGISTER YOUR HOLIDAY NOW !!!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Head of Department

More about research funding

We have previously written that the Faculty and the departments must cut costs. Now it’s The Research Council’s turn. In Khrono (, Nobel Prize winners Moser and Moser warn for the effects of funding cuts. They are shocked and they are not alone. Khrono writes: In order to save NOK 842 million this year and next year, it is proposed, among other things, to reduce the allocations this year by 20 per cent, not to announce funds for ground breaking research (Fripro) next year and postpone the start of new Centers of excellence”. In addition, there are proposals to postpone the funding of research infrastructure.

How should we handle this as a department? I think it is important to apply for funding from the Research Council even if the “eye of the needle” is even narrower than before. Furthermore, we must look for alternative sources of funding. Here, Horizon Europe stands out as a great opportunity. While Norway cuts research funding, the EU will invest 95.5 billion Euros in Horizon Europe (2021-2027)!

The research department arranged an information day on 13 May where the application possibilities were explained, and they are many and organized in 3 pillars

  1. Excellent science (ERC scholarship, Marie Sklodowska-Curie mobility program)
  2. Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness, where, among other things, Health is one of the programs
  3. Innovative Europe

Horizon Europe has a special focus on adaptation to climate change, cancer, climate-neutral smart cities, healthy seas and lakes, soil health and food

Here are opportunities to apply that we pursue. The Research Department at UiB and our research advisers are ready to help.

I’ll make Nike’s slogan my own: just do it!


Eystein Husebye

Vice Head, K2

Springtime for teaching & learning

At K2, we take pride in providing excellent education. The teaching and learning activities that we contribute to are important for the educational programmes for Medicine, Pharmacy, Odontology, Nutrition and some others. In order to enable continuation of the excellence in education for which we are known, we need good teachers with up-to-date knowledge within their field – but also within the field of teaching and learning. Therefore, we wish to see as many as possible of you at the Teaching Day on Wednesday May 18th at Auditorium AHH (half-day from lunch). Register and meet up for lunch with good colleagues, inspirational talks and discussion about teaching and learning – and meet the winner of the K2 Teaching Award!

It is time for rotation of the UGLE positions. All teaching groups should propose their UGLE and vice UGLE by the UGLE meeting Tuesday May 3rd at 08-09 am. UGLEs will be invited by email.

UiB will support projects intended to strengthen research and education associated with digitalization by 1 million NOK. Project proposals must be signed by Eystein Husebye and delivered to MED by April 27th.

NBS Science and Social of April 2022

Join us for the NBS Science and Social of April 2022! The NBS S&S series is bimonthly event that combines a lecture held by researchers from Bergen, with a social event for NBS members. This month the Science part will be an online lecture by Prof. Charalampos Tzoulis, Dep. of Neurology, UiB, and the social part will be a game night (everyone is invited!) at Gimmikk in skostredet in Bergen. See below for more information. Hope to see you there!

NBS Science (Zoom webinar):

Title: NAD replenishment therapy for Parkinson’s disease: from the bench to the bedside

Speaker: Charalampos Tzoulis, Department of Neurology, UiB

Tuesday April 26th at 14.30 (Open for all!)

Zoom Meeting ID: 662 5637 2254

Passcode: 39692239

A link to the zoom meeting will also be posted on out web page at the day of the event:

NBS Social (Open for all – bring a friend!):

Get to know us! Game night, 19:00 @ Gimmikk Bar & Arkade (Østre Skostredet 12, Bergen)

Join us at Gimmikk to socialize with other NBS-members! You don’t have to be a NBS member to join this event, bring a friend for some drinks, games and fun! For more information about the event, visit the NBS Bergen facebook page or group, or our webpage:


Finally – the Solstrand Strategy Seminar

Right now, many of us are assembled at what has been a highly successful seminar. Vice dean Marit Bakke and hospital director Eivind Hansen met a well-prepared panel for a debate regarding collaboration between the university and the hospital. We have also learnt how we can improve our presentation of our research in the media – another important arena. Not least, we have just plainly had a nice time together, those of us who are here. Having a nice time together is also important: Friendship fosters trust and collaboration and lead to improved research and education.








The library – more than just articles

The University library  offers several useful services in addition to retrieving and printing papers that we do not get hold of ourselves. They offer guidance in literature searching for systematic reviews and PhD theses as well as how to handle references (including individual guidance for master- and bachelorstudents), contact In addition, they can help you on the way to making your research accessible in line with Open Science requirements. They may help you in developing a Data Management Plan (contact Open Science is becoming a more frequent requirement and the library offers courses in how to publish open access (contact


Your face outward needs a touch-up

We are announcing a competition among the research groups for the best website (see details in this week’s K2-nes). The winners will be announced at the strategy seminar at Solstrand. Researchers, journalists, patients and others use our websites to find out about research, teaching and innovation at our department.

What do they find if they look us up today? Overall, pages with major shortcomings. People who no longer work here are posted in group photos, projects are not up to date, there is no English translation, and many items are missing.

We have an enormous potential for improvement – to show a “better face” to the outside world. You and your research group now have the opportunity for a “kick start” and competition against the others. Websites are like vegetables and fruit – they need to be fresh. Former employees must be taken “off the poster”, new ones must appear, news must be published and disseminated.

We simply have to interact with the outside world in a better way

Grap the chance, gather your group and update your pages!

Good weekend, when the time comes

Eystein Husebye
Deputy Director

Interested in innovation? Get up to NOK 500 000 and help to develop your idea

Good ideas occur everywhere at the University of Bergen, and with UiB idé students and researchers  can test and develop their innovation ideas. Students can get up to NOK 100 000, and researchers NOK 500 000. You will also get advice from professional advisers. The application deadline is March 15th. Read more about the program at and join the information webinar on February 7th. Students can also register for the UiB idé vors on February 14th. This year you can also apply for a maximum of NOK 25 000 through UiB tidleg idé, and applications are received all year.

Invitation to seminar: UiB AI #1 How AI helped solve Protein Folding – and why it matters

The UiB AI Steering Group welcomes you to a seminar on February 24th at 10am in the University Aula.  The seminar lasts until 11:30 and there will be lunch and discussions 11:30-12:00.

This is the first in a series of seminars on artificial intelligence at UiB. The seminars will be a meeting point across departments and fields of research, where different examples on the use of AI in research will be presented.

On February 24th, Inge Jonassen (Department of informatics) and Nathalie Reuter (Department of Chemistry) will speak to us on how AI helped solve Protein Folding – and why it matters.

Since participation is physical and we will order food, we ask all participants to register via the link on the seminar web page. You will find more information about the seminar and registration link here:

How AI helped solve Protein Folding – and why it matters | UiB AI | UiB


TMS Starting Grant

Trond Mohn Research Foundation (TMS) has announced a new round of TMS Starting Grant with final deadline 8. March (more info here). Since there are restrictions in the number of candidates each department can nominate, we kindly ask interested applicants to send a 1-2 page sketch describing the candidate, the project and the research environment in addition to the candidate’s CV (TMS asks for a maximum 3-page CV listing the most important and relevant publications).

The internal deadline is 18 February. You can send the sketch and CV to with Pål Njølstad, Silke Appel and Mia Holmaas on copy.

Please note that this fellowship provides an opportunity to recruit external candidates something the foundation and the Faculty of Medicine strongly encourage.