Recently employed – Sabrina Moyo

I’m Sabrina John Moyo and I work on the Fifth floor at Clinical Institute 2 (K2).

From January 2023, I started working as a Researcher, but I worked previously from 2010 to 2014 as a Research Fellow followed up by a post-Doctoral position here at UiB.

My work involves conducting research on various infectious diseases with emphasis on Antimicrobial Resistance, overseeing and supervising our ongoing research projects in developing countries, publications of our research results, writing grant applications and supervising PhD students.

What I like most about my job is the flexibility and the ability of doing a variety of tasks with good collaboration from colleagues.

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My work involves different things therefore how I spend most of my day at work will depend on the task at that time e.g., writing or reviewing manuscripts for publications, virtual or physical meetings of our research projects with all collaborators, performing or supervising laboratory work when needed as well as applications for ethical approval for our research projects.

I have been enjoying all the years that I have worked at K2. I like my job because first of good colleagues, teamwork and collaboration within the research group which allows us to achieve our goals. And the goals of the institute in general.  Secondly, is positive and safe working environment at K2.

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