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Nordic Conference on Future Health

The Nordic biobank and research communities join forces -to explore the future of biobanking and precision health.

This special stakeholder gathering is hosted by Biobank Norway and encompasses two parallel conferences—the 3rd Nordic Society of Human Genetics and Precision Medicine and the 2nd Nordic Biobank Conference—as well as joint plenary sessions for topics of interest to both communities.

Where: Trondheim

When: 10 –12 September, 2024

Early bird registration end on June 10th

Submission deadline for poster abstracts: June 21s

Software awareness workshop

Code, Train, Protect: Essential Strategies for Life Science AI and Software

Join us for a dive into the critical considerations of using open-source tools and ensuring compliance both for academic and commercial applications. Learn about database and data privacy concerns when building AI models and navigate the complexities of software licensing. Discover strategies to protect your software innovations through patenting and IP management.

When:            Thursday 13th of June 11:30 – 13:30 (you are welcome to bring your lunch)
Where:           Eitri Medical Incubator, Haukelandsbakken 31
Tip: take Bybanen or the UiB campus bus!
Who:              Open for everyone interested in life science software

The workshop will begin with an interactive presentation. Following this, participants will break into smaller groups to discuss life science software cases and challenges and receive feedback from business developers from VIS’ technology transfer team. This is also a great opportunity to discuss your own project.
Bring a friend and join us for the DOs and DON’Ts of life science software development!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Questions? Additional topics you would like us to discuss?
Feel free to contact Renate Hvidsten Skoge:

MSCA Doctoral Networks 2024 – webinar

13. juni. kl. 10.00–11.45.

MSCA Doctoral Networks (DN) is a highly sought-after program that funds doctoral candidates from around the world in European research training networks. The networks, or projects, last four to five years and can fund up to 15 PhD students for up to three years.

The call for 2024 opens on May 29 and has a submission deadline of November 27, 2024.–webinar/

CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium

June 6th, 2024 

(Møterom, HBE, Glasblokkene, Blokk 8, U1etg, U364, Auditorium)– register( or

We are happy to welcome you all to the upcoming CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium, June 6th, 2024. This seminar series is a perfect place to meet and interact with other young scientists. We anticipate lively and interesting discussion as always. It is a pleasure to present Geir Olav Løken, Administrative Leader of CCBIO, as the keynote speaker. He will use his decades long experience in mediating between researchers and the administration to elaborate on how to best interact with “the other side” and point out pitfalls and coping strategies. Anna Gorbunova, a new post doc in Carina Strell’s group will present the prognostic impact of mitochondrial proteins in lung cancer. You will also learn more about how to target homology repair deficiency in breast cancer, tissue engineering of bone marrow and precision medicine in children’s cancer. Please register within June 3rd at 11.00.

Program: Continue reading

Webinar about ERC Synergy Grant

7 June 10:00–11:45

Do you have an extraordinary exciting and groundbreaking idea for a research project, but need one or more other PIs to solve the puzzle? ERC Synergy Grants can be the solution for you.

ERC Synergy Grants (SyG) allow two to four outstanding “principal investigators” (PIs) to come together on a problem for a project and provide the opportunity for collaboration for up to six years.

2024 UiB Læringskonferanse

The UiB Læringskonferanse is open to all members of the UiB community and is an opportunity to learn, discuss and celebrate research-based practices that embody Connection, Community, and/or Inclusion in university teaching and learning.

The conference will take place on Thursday, 17. October in NG5 and the day will include keynote speakers and workshops, paper panels and poster presentations. We invite everyone involved in teaching, supervision, assessment, and other teaching related activities at UiB and other local institutions to contribute to and attend the conference.

Submissions/presentations can be in Norwegian or English and the deadline for submissions is 30. June.

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“FRIPRO-løftet”, part 3: Proposal Reading Day

Are you considering applying for FRIPRO funding from the Research Council? This is the third workshop in the “FRIPRO-løftet” series.

27.05.2024 – 09.00–15.00

Workshop for researchers at all career levels, who are considering applying for funding for FRIPRO projects from the Research Council of Norway

Marie Sklodowska-Curie – Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions lie under the Excellent Science pillar of Horizon Europe. The goal of MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships  is to enhance the creative and innovative potential of researchers holding a PhD degree who wish to acquire new skills through advanced training, international, interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral mobility. The scheme supports academic projects but does strongly encourage researchers to include project work in the non-academic sector.

Webinar by the Reserach Council of Norway for MSCA-PF applicants to Norwegian host institutions:

MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships – Webinar (

Online writing class 29.-30. May 2024:

Agenda 2024 MSCA-PF writing class.

Sign up by 28. May via the registration form.

Developing Competitive ERC Starting and Consolidator Grant Proposals

The competition can be daunting, but to date, 50 ERC grants have been won by researchers at UiB. Find out how to prepare a competitive application with this digital workshop for Starting and Consolidator applicants.

04.06.2024 – 09.00–15.00

This course explains how to convey your research concept in a way that convinces both the ERC panel and your expert evaluators, and maximises your chances of success.

Session 1:  9:00-11:30pm

  • ERC instrument basics
  • Pitching for your ERC panel
  • Selecting your evaluators
  • Presenting your research clearly and convincingly

Session 2: 12:30 – 15:00

  • Designing and implementing your research
  • Writing a competitive B1: extended summary
  • How to write a competitive B2: full proposal

Webinar ERC Synergy Grant

Suitable for: Researchers and EU advisors
Registration deadline: June 7, 2024, at 07:00 AM
Digital: The event will be streamed
When: June 7, at 10:00–11:45 AM

The meeting will be conducted in English.

Do you have an incredibly exciting research idea that is truly groundbreaking, but also need the expertise of one or more other PIs to address the challenge? ERC Synergy Grants could be the solution. Join our webinar on the scheme!

Join the FRIPRO workshops!

The University of Bergen (UiB) has launched “FRIPRO-løftet” this spring, which consists of two workshops and an FRIPRO application reading day. The aim is to equip UiB researchers with the necessary tools to enhance their chances of securing funding through FRIPRO from The Research Council of Norway.

These workshops cater to researchers at all career stages who are considering applying for support from FRIPRO. Through interactive sessions, case studies, and practical training, the Division of Research and Innovation, along with local advisors, will provide insights into the concepts of “impact” and “implementation” within the context of FRIPRO.

The FRIPRO-løftet comprises three parts:

From breakthrough technologies to game changing innovations – EIC Opportunities

The programme for the May 7th EIC- seminar has been updated. Please find the updated programme and schedule attached.

Note, the duration of the program has been extended from 12:00 to 14:30.

Where: Digital and The Research Council of Norway, Drammensveien 288, Lysaker
Target group: Researchers, companies, TTO, research leaders, research and innovation administrators, EU advisors and innovation advisors
Registration deadline for in-person participation: Thursday, May 2 at 23:00
Registration deadline for digital participation: Monday, May 6 at 23:00
Digital: Live streaming
7 May 08:30–14:30

Final Program_Updated_EN

From breakthrough technologies to game changing innovation – EIC opportunities

Where: Digital and The Research Council of Norway, Drammensveien 288, Lysaker
Target group: Researchers, companies, TTO, research leaders, research and innovation administrators, EU advisors and innovation advisors
Registration deadline: May 6 at 23:00
Digital: Live streaming
When: 7 May 08:30–12:00

The EIC is Europe’s leading innovation program to identify, develop, and scale up breakthrough technologies and ground-breaking innovations. The EIC wants your breakthrough technology to reach the market and has tools ranging from research, through commercialization, to scaling. Few Norwegian researchers and companies apply for the EIC.—eic-opportunities/

COST Joint-Nordic Information Day

Welcome to an information meeting focusing on informing about the role and impact of the COST program, as well as the benefits of participating in COST. The meeting is aimed at researchers and innovators at all career levels and within all research areas.

The organizers of the webinar are the Swedish Research Council in collaboration with other Nordic COST CNCs.

Date: April 23, 2024
Time: 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Location: Digital via Zoom
Deadline for registration: April 22, at 12:59 PM.

The meeting will be held in English.


Adaptive Immunity All you should know

Bergen Research School in Inflammation and the Broegelmann Research Laboratory presents the advanced immunology course/workshop: HUIMM905 – Advanced Immunology (3 credits ECTS) with leading theme : “Adaptive Immunity, All you should know!”

Targeted audience: Master, PhD students, post docs, clinicians interested in immunology or those looking to update their immunological knowledge. The workshop has a number of international and local experts in adaptive immunity in infection, cancer and autoimmunity, and includes networking lunches and dinners, flash talks and a poster session.

Invited speakers include Carmen Gerlach, Alexander Espinosa, Søren Egedal Degn, Bergithe Eikeland Oftedal, Anette Susanne Bøe Wolff, Salwa Suliman, Sonia Gavasso, Yenan Bryceson, Corelia Schuster and Mai Chi Trieu.

No fee for master and PhD students!

Time and place: 22 – 24 May 2024, VilVite Bergen Science Centre
Registration deadline : April 29th

Nordic Developmental Biology Societies & Michael Sars Symposium Joint Meeting

We would like to cordially invite you to our upcoming Nordic Developmental Biology Societies & Michael Sars Symposium Joint Meeting, for which we have invited an exciting list of speakers.

The event will kick off on May 28 with a joint keynote lecture by Prof. Mike Levine in the evening, followed by the Michael Sars Symposium on May 29 and the Developmental Biology Societies conference until May 31.

More information as well as the registration link can be found on our

Project Management for Academics

Are you curious about the intricacies of project management and how it is applied in academia? This course will delve into the nuances of project management within academic settings and explore how it differs from other sectors. While examining the unique characteristics of research projects, we will also consider whether external perspectives and strategies could be beneficial in improving project management in academia.

30.05.2024 – 09.00–11.30

Nygårdsgaten 5 (NG5) – Meeting room 301 (“Sydneshaugen”)


Seminar series Centre for Nutrition

The  Centre for nutrition is pleased to invite you to a new seminar in our seminar series this spring. The series addresses key challenges in nutrition and health.

Inge Tetens from the Department of Nutrition and Exercise, University of Copenhagen, will present his research to us.

Time: Thursday April 11th  2024 kl. 14.30-15.30

Place: Aud. 2, BB-bygget

Professor Inge Tetens from the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports at the University of Copenhagen. Her primary goal is to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the scientific basis for optimal health and well-being through healthy diets.

One of her research areas is healthy aging. Her research in this area focuses on identifying dietary and lifestyle factors that can help older adults maintain independence, and quality of life, and prevent age-related health problems. Her current research activities relate to bone and muscle health during aging, with a focus on dietary intake of calcium, protein quantity, and quality.

Light refreshments will be provided.