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Day of Immunology 2021

Day of Immunology is a worldwide campaign to increase common knowledge and awareness about the importance of the immune system.

For COVID-19 reasons, the Norwegian Society of Immunology has organized a digital version of the annual popular science meeting this year. Rebecca Cox from our department will have a presentation and participate in the panel discussion.

This year’s theme is COVID-19 and will be hosted in Norwegian.

Torsdag 29. april 2021, kl. 13:00 til kl. 15:30

Registration is free.


Meeting ID: 675 1962 5611
Passcode: 702377

Please click here and here for more information.

Workshop “Communicating animal research – why and how”

Learning outcomes for participants:

Increased awareness of the importance of clear, transparent and open communication and proactive engagement with the public on matters relating to animal research. Improved understanding of how to communicate about animal research (e.g. where, what and how). Improved communication skills (including oral, visual and written)



Workshop; Data Management Planning workshop for Life Science Projects

ELIXIR Norway, the Centre for Digital Life Norway and the University Library Bergen are organizing a joint workshop on Data Management  Planning for Life Science Projects on **April 21/22**, including a practical part with hands on help on the Data Stewardship Wizard.

The full program can be found here:

The number of participants is limited to 40 – first come first serve.


Know-how seminars – Center for digital life Norway

The webinars cover basic topics in regulatory affairs and topics in intellectual property rights specific to digital biotech that should be considered early in projects. The webinars are tailored to the centre’s biotechnology projects, but are free and open to all researchers. See the programmes and sign up.

CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium (JUSS) November 26, 2020

We have the pleasure of inviting you to our CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium (JUSS) November 26, 2020! This is an online event in Zoom.

Our keynote speaker Yamila Cleuren (research advisor at CCBIO and Neuro-SysMed) has a very international career and a successful track record of securing international research grants. Surely, her talk on “Money and careers in science: where to start?” will apply to PhD and postdoctoral fellows. In addition, local junior researchers will present exciting findings in malignant melanoma, breast, prostate and endometrial cancer.

Join us for a perfect occasion for professional input and digital networking!

When: Thursday November 26, 2020 at 09:00 – 12:15 (Norwegian time)

Where: Digital event in Zoom (logon details will be sent to registered participants)

Program: can be found here.

Registration: At

General information: More information about the Junior Scientist Symposia can be found here.

Any questions can be addressed to Cornelia or Maria

The 15th Annual Research Presentations by the Research School in Clinical Medicine

Dear Researchers of the Department of Clinical Medicine (K1), Department of Clinical Science (K2) and Helse-Vest,

On behalf of the organizing committee, it is our pleasure to invite you to present your work at the 15th Annual Research Presentations arranged by the Research School in Clinical Medicine.

This is an excellent opportunity to share your research and to get a chance to win a cash award worth between 3000 NOK and 10 000 NOK.

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, it will be held as an online event on 27-29 January 2021.

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Submissions of Organized Sessions are open

It is now possible to submit a proposal of an Organized Session for The 12th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health (ECTMIH) 28th September – 1st October 2021.

The Congress will be virtual, for more information visit our website

Deadline: 15th December 2020

Organized Sessions should have a specific scientific focus and needs to be integrated in and relevant to the overall conference theme and to the scientific tracks in the programme for ECTMIH 2021.

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Norwegian: OSKE-seminar 12.11.

Som tidligere annonsert blir det OSKE-seminar i høst. MERK: datoen for seminaret er endret til torsdag 12. november.

Seminaret blir holdt digitalt i Zoom.

Frist for påmelding er 5. november. Vi sender ut link til Zoom etter at påmeldingsfristen er ute.

Det er et stort behov for flere OSKE-oppgaver. Våren 2020 arrangerte vi derfor et arbeidsseminar for å få inn nye OSKE-oppgaver. Dette ble vellykket, og vi ser at dette er en god måte å gjøre det på videre. Hovedformålet med seminaret er å sørge for å få laget et bredt repertoar av OSKE-oppgaver. Det forventes at alle fagene på medisinstudiet er representert på seminaret. Alle kliniske fag må være representert. Vi trenger til enhver tid flere oppgaver i alle fag til både OSKE 6. semester og OSKE 12. semester.

I arbeidsseminaret i februar kom det inn flest oppgaver til MED12. I MED6 ble det ikke avholdt OSKE denne våren, men våren 2021 planlegges det MED6-OSKE både i februar og i juni. På grunn av dette er det spesielt stort behov for flere oppgaver for OSKE i MED6.

ERC reading day and writing course

Are you curious to find out what a successful ERC application looks like? You now have the opportunity to read granted ERC proposals. ERC projects are also highly relevant for FRIPRO applicants, so this reading day is relevant for those of you who plan to apply for FRIPRO in February.

ERC 2021 (tentative deadline dates):
– Starting Grant: 9 March
Consolidator Grant: 20 April
– Advanced Grant: 31 August

The reading days are open for researchers at all career stages and all research fields. Please note that this is an individual reading session only, and it does not include tutorials about the ERC. Courses on how to write an ERC Grant proposal, and other courses organized by the Research Council of Norway, are announced at the events page.

Online registration to ERC Proposal Reading Day in Bergen:
– Thursday November 19th 2020 at 09:00 to 12:00
– Thursday November 19th 2020 at 13:00 to 16:00

Please note the digital course on how to write ERC proposals arranged by UiB, again, also relevant for FRIPRO applicants. You can register for the course on the event webpage.

NorDoc Summer School 2021

The NorDoc Summer School takes place in Copenhagen on 16-20 August 2021 and this year the topic is:

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Career Development 

The annual NorDoc Summer School brings together PhD students from the Nordic countries for a week of interaction and discussions. The summer School is open to PhD students, faculty and administrators.

Sign up soon! There are only 250 seats available for the conference.

See here for more information and here: Nordoc Summerschool Programme for programme for the upcoming NorDoc Summer School 2021.

Open access week 2020, October 19.-23.

Do you wonder…

…what the open science policies are?
…how to publish openly?
…how you can improve the openess and replicability of your research?
…what the FAIR-principles are and how you can comply with them?
…how you can manage and store your research data?
…how you can retain your intellectual property?

These and more questions will be answered during the Open Access Week taking place 19th-23rd of October. See here for program and registration for the individual workshops.


CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium September 17, in Zoom

We have the pleasure of inviting you to our CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium (JUSS) September 17, 2020! This is an online event in Zoom.

In the keynote lecture, Christine Stansberg (ELEXIR) and Kari Ersland (Digitalt Liv Norge) will talk about how to implement digital tools in your research and inform you how to get help analyzing your biological data. In addition, local junior researchers will present their work on cancer therapy resistance, obesity and cancer, salt-sensitive hypertension, and metabolomic signatures predicting heart failure.

Join us for a perfect occasion for professional input and digital networking!

Open for all – register at for Zoom-link!

When: Thursday September 17, 2020 at 09:00 – 12:10 (Norwegian time)

Where: Digital event in Zoom (logon details will be sent to registered participants)

Program: can be found here.

Registration: At

General information: More information about the Junior Scientist Symposia can be found here.

Any questions can be addressed to Cornelia, Maria or Kenneth.

Save the date: K2 Junior annual retreat

This year’s K2 Junior Retreat will be held on Monday – Tuesday November 16-17 at Solstrand. You will receive an invitation to register and more information about the program in the coming weeks – for now, hold the dates! Please note that we have a limit of 30 participants, so be ready to register soon.

Best wishes,

The K2 JR Organizing Committee

Web based course CCBIO905 Methods in Cancer Biomarker Research, fall 2020

We are happy to invite you to CCBIO’s course CCBIO905 Methods in Cancer Biomarker Research, October 27-29, 2020. This will be run online through Zoom, so you can join from the comfort of your home, or your home universities. Although the course is mainly intended for PhD students and Master students, admission is open for others who find this course interesting.

CCBIO905 is a 5 ECTS course with focus on the full panel of advanced and standard methods with relevance for cancer biomarkers. The intention is a methodological course that also includes components of ethics and economy.

The thematic parts include methods ranging from basic techniques on nucleotides and proteins to more advanced approaches, as well as bioinformatics and bio-banking. The course will focus on methods to study tissue samples, blood samples, urine samples, and other biologic materials, like immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization, PCR-techniques and sequencing, Western blot and ELISA, microarray methods, proteomics, circulating tumor cells and DNA, flow cytometry, bioinformatics and biobanks. Changes in nucleic acids and proteins in different settings will also be covered.

Program: See the preliminary scientific program here. Continue reading

Web based course CCBIO907 Cancer-related vascular biology, fall 2020

We have the pleasure of inviting you to a web based CCBIO course: CCBIO907 Cancer-related vascular biology, September 21 – October 2, 2020

The course will be held through a digital platform (Zoom), also the group assignments, so you can attend even from the comfort of your own home. Although the course is mainly intended for PhD students and Master students, admission is open for others who find this course interesting.

CCBIO907 is a 6 ECTS course that provides broad theoretical and practical understanding of basic aspects of vascular biology, cancer-related vascular biology, and other processes and diseases where vascular biology is relevant. The course presents knowledge about relationships between vascular biology, cancer progression, and diagnostic and treatment options directed towards the vasculature. Applied methods for studying vascular biology and biomarkers reflecting cancer-related vascular biology are taught. Also, the course aims to stimulate to scientific thinking, critical election and professional discussions.

CCBIO907 is part of the CCBIO-Harvard INTPART collaboration, and participants attending this course will have the rear opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of researchers who have been in the frontline of vascular biology research for decades, and who are experienced lecturers at Harvard Medical School. This year, you will get to meet Edward R. Smith, Joyce Bischoff and Hong Cheng in addition to Randy Watnick and Mike Rogers.

Program: See the preliminary scientific program here.

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Nordic Nanopore-Seq Network Meeting in Bergen on 14.09.2020

We are pleased to announce that we will hold the Nordic Nanopore-Seq Network Meeting in Bergen on 14.09.2020 as planned. Norwegian regulations allow to hold conferences in person, and we continuously plan to do so!

We hope that you all have the chance to join this free one-day meeting in September. If you have any further questions regarding the conference, do not hesitate to contact us!

If you have not done so, check out our Nordic Nanopore-Seq Network website with great information about us and the ~60 scientists that joined the network already!

Please find attached the updated Advertisement poster: N3M – 2020

Norwegian: Pedagogisk kompetanseheving – høst 2020

Vi forbereder nå høstsemesteret, og Enhet for læring har et variert tilbud for våre ansatte som ønsker å lære mer om undervisning, veiledning og pedagogikk.

Kurset PHDPED – Introduction to teaching and learning in Higher Education Health Sciences for Phd and Post doctors (5 ects)

Seminarrekken Pedagogisk Påfyll vil i høst ha fokus på digital undervisning og vil være i et digitalt format:  

  • 23/9 TBL goes digital v/Olav Tenstad
  • 14/10 Downsize and digitalize your lecture
  • 11/11 Flipp your classroom – kombinasjoner av synkron og asynkron undervisning
  • 9/12 Læringsstier i MittUiB v/Harald Wiker

Alle dager fra kl. 15-16. Mer info og påmelding via nettsiden:æring/136678/pedagogisk-påfyll-høsten-2020

Workshop i pedagogiske mapper (Zoom): 6/8 (kl. 09:15-12:00)

Det vil settes opp flere workshops ila høsten. Følg med på våre nettsideræring

Som del av vår satsing på ansatte i bistilling har vi tre nye kurstilbud denne høsten, alle tellende som del av utdanningsfaglig kompetanse:

  1. Journal Club – medisinsk og helsefaglig pedagogisk forskning Oppstart 18/9 (kl. 12-15)
  2. Praksisveiledning: 31/8 (kl. 09:15-16:00) + 21/9 (kl. 09:15-12:30)
  3. Kurs i formidling og presentasjonsteknikk: 20/10 (kl. 09:15-16:00)

Mer info her:æring/135895/aktiviteter-ved-enhet-læring-høsten-2020

Course: “Entrepreneurship in healthcare”

The School of Health Innovation has now opened Course 2: “Entrepreneurship in healthcare” that will be arranged this autumn – Application deadline 1st July.

The course is designed for medical, healthcare and life science researchers such as PhDs and postdocs/researchers. In this course the attendees will get experience from Scandinavia´s most advanced support system for healthcare entrepreneurs, combining academic learning, practical cases from healthcare companies, 1-1 mentorship with the aim of further developing a research idea into commercialization, and how to develop a new service for patients in a clinical setting.

The overall aim of this course is that the researcher or clinician will learn from experienced life science entrepreneurs or business development executives, how to develop a research idea into business and to develop a business plan (BI – Norwegian Business School).

Do you know any PhD or a postdoc/researcher that would like to attend, please encourage this person to apply for admission.

There is no course fee.

Invitation to Research Infrastructure Network Meeting

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to our first digital gathering for the informal Research Infrastructure Network at the University of Bergen.

The network is initiated by a core group of three persons at different faculties (Hiwa Målen/SVFA, Susanna Pakkasmaa/MATNAT & Jorunn Viken/PSYKF), to share experiences, information, best practices and the like, and the potential members will be people working hands-on with research infrastructures.

Please see the agenda for our first digital gathering, that will take place on Tuesday 19 May, between 13:00-14:30.

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CCBIO courses as online events: CCBIO904 Biomarkers and Tumor Biology in Clinical Practice May 25-27, and CCBIO908 Scientific Writing June 8-11

Dear all

We are happy to announce that the two courses formerly postponed due to the corona measures, now will take place as web-based courses which you can attend from your home office:

  • CCBIO904 Biomarkers and Tumor Biology in Clinical Practice: May 25-27, 2020 (full days)
  • CCBIO908 Scientific Writing & Communication Seminar, June 8-11, 2020 (4 half days)

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The Nordic Nanopore-Seq Network Meeting September 14.

The Valen Lab at the Computational Biology Unit Bergen is hosting a conference to get to know Oxford Nanopore Sequencing and its applications.
The free-of-charge, one-day meeting aims at bringing together Nanopore experts with interested scientists from various disciplines. Experts from the company as well as experienced scientists will cover a wide range of scientific areas.
Additionally this conference aims at founding a network of Nanopore Sequencing users in the Nordics.

If you are interested, find out more information at the conference website:

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Norwegian: Ønsker du pedagogisk stimuli?

Læringsfestivalen er i år digital, og gratis å være med på, den går 4-5 mai.

Hva er Læringsfestivalen? Festivalen er en nasjonal konferanse med fokus på undervisning og læring i høyere utdanning. Årets tema er:

  • studentaktiv læring
  • læringsarenaer
  • vurdering
  • læring og teknologi

Programmet er tilgjengelig her: