Colleagues Vestlandslegen – Jostein Førsvoll

Hello dear colleagues at K2,

I am Jostein Andersen Førsvoll and work at Stavanger University Hospital. Here, I serve as a senior consultant at the Department of Pediatrics with expertise in pediatric endocrinology.

On February 1st, I will assume the position of associate professor and academic coordinator for the 5th year at Vestlandslegen.

Foto:./ill: Privat

I have worked as a university lecturer for many years and have been involved in teaching medical students who have had decentralized pediatric practice in Stavanger. I enjoy teaching and find this work rewarding. I see Vestlandslegen as a natural continuation of the collaboration between our hospital and the University of Bergen. I want to contribute to creating a positive learning environment for students and educators in the 5th year, and I look forward to the start this fall.

In the long run, I hope that this position will also provide opportunities for research, and that I can contribute to projects that foster academic and research collaboration among the pediatric departments in the West of Norway.

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