Colleagues at Vestlandslegen – Katrine Brække Norheim

Hello dear colleagues at Clinical Science,

My name is Katrine Brække Norheim. I am the department head at the Rheumatology Department at Stavanger University Hospital.

I am a specialist in internal medicine and rheumatology. I am employed as a 1st associate professor at K2, with my workplace in Stavanger.

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I provide instruction to medical students from UiB MED8 and students in the Vestlandslegen program in rheumatology. It is exciting and educational to be involved in student teaching, and I hope to contribute to making students curious and confident when interacting with patients. I am particularly focused on helping students develop a keen clinical sense and approach patients with respect and dignity. Through my involvement at UiB, I aim to contribute to a medical education that produces competent doctors who prioritize the well-being of patients, colleagues, and themselves.

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