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Lauritz Meltzer´s Research Awards to Ellen Christine Rørvik and Nina Langeland at K2

Lauritz Meltzer, a prominent businessman, generously left his wealth to establish the Meltzer Research Fund at the UiB. The fund’s primary objective is to advance scientific endeavors within UiB and provide support to exceptionally talented students. Each year, on Lauritz Meltzer´s birthday (March 8th), three recipients are honored with an award that includes NOK 200,000 from the fund.

The Value and Impact of Research Prizes and Awards in Medicine

What are the value and importance of research prizes and awards? I think these accolades serve as beacons, illuminating the path toward scientific excellence and inspiring the next generation of researchers. Let us delve into the significance of the 2024 honors, celebrating the remarkable achievements of our esteemed colleagues.

Recognizing Excellence: Ellen Røyrvik, PhD

Dr. Ellen Christine Røyrvik, recipient of the Award for Young Researchers, embodies the spirit of curiosity and innovation. Her work in genetics and population history has been nothing short of groundbreaking. Dr. Røyrvik’s interdisciplinary background—spanning genetics, molecular biology, archaeology, and linguistics—has allowed her to explore fundamental questions about Norwegian and European population history. But her impact extends beyond historical inquiries. By shedding new light on the biology of clinically important diseases, she bridges the gap between scientific discovery and patient care. Her prolific publication record showcases both breadth and depth, underscoring her dedication to advancing medical knowledge.

Pioneering Infection Research: Professor Nina Langeland, MD, PhD

Professor Nina Langeland stands as a beacon of excellence in infection research. Her pioneering efforts, particularly during the corona pandemic, have saved lives and shaped our understanding of infectious diseases. What sets her apart is not just her scientific acumen but also her unwavering commitment to patients. With over 25 years of experience as a senior physician at Haukeland University Hospital, Professor Langeland’s research is deeply rooted in the realities of patient care. She listens to their stories, observes their struggles, and translates these insights into meaningful scientific investigations.

Translational Research: Bridging Disciplines

Professor Langeland’s approach exemplifies the essence of translational research. By seamlessly integrating clinical experience with advanced laboratory methods, she unravels the complexities of diseases. Her work transcends disciplinary boundaries, collaborating with experts across institutions. Through this interdisciplinary synergy, she not only solves clinical puzzles but also contributes to the broader scientific community.

A Call to Celebrate

Research prizes and awards are more than mere accolades; they symbolize dedication, perseverance, and collaboration. As we honor Dr. Røyrvik and Professor Langeland, we celebrate the spirit of inquiry—the driving force that propels medicine forward. Let us continue to champion our many very good researchers, encourage curiosity, and foster an environment where excellence thrives.

Congratulations to our distinguished awardees, and may their passion continue to illuminate the path toward better health and a brighter future.

Reidun Lisbet Kjome appointed Bergen Ambassadør

The head of the Center for Pharmacy, associate professor Reidun Lisbet Kjome, was appointed official Bergen Ambassadør on March 11, 2024 for her efforts in organizing the yearly conference of the European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy in Bergen. This year’s conference topic is Optimizing pharmacy workforce: Relevance, Active and Lifelong Learning (

At the official ceremony in Håkonshallen Reidun got a diploma by Bergen mayor Marit Warncke. Congratulations!

Professor Jutta Dierkes from the Department of Clinical Medicine was awarded for her organization of the Nordic Nutrition Conference in Bergen (, congratulations!

Project Management for Academics

Are you curious about the intricacies of project management and how it is applied in academia? This course will delve into the nuances of project management within academic settings and explore how it differs from other sectors. While examining the unique characteristics of research projects, we will also consider whether external perspectives and strategies could be beneficial in improving project management in academia.

30.05.2024 – 09.00–11.30

Nygårdsgaten 5 (NG5) – Meeting room 301 (“Sydneshaugen”)


Transfers of personal data outside of EEA; What is the status today?

Foto/ill.: Mongta Studio

04.04.2024 – 14.15–16.00

Auditorium in JUSSII

Ane Rode will be giving a guest lecture on transfers of personal data outside of EEA as part of the courses JUS2303 and JUS3503 Privacy and data protection – GDPR.

Transfers of personal data outside of EEA; What is the status today?

In principle, transfer of personal data to a third country is prohibited. However, there are some exceptions from this rule. A transfer can take place if the conditions laid down in the provisions of the GDPR relating to the transfer of personal data to third countries are complied with by the controller or the processor. The GDPR provides different transfer mechanisms for transfers of personal data from the EEA to a third country. In the Schrems II judgement handed down by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) on 16 July 2020 , the CJEU declared that the transfer mechanism Privacy Shield for transfers between the EEA and the U.S was no longer lawful.

Seminar series Centre for Nutrition

The  Centre for nutrition is pleased to invite you to a new seminar in our seminar series this spring. The series addresses key challenges in nutrition and health.

Inge Tetens from the Department of Nutrition and Exercise, University of Copenhagen, will present his research to us.

Time: Thursday April 11th  2024 kl. 14.30-15.30

Place: Aud. 2, BB-bygget

Professor Inge Tetens from the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports at the University of Copenhagen. Her primary goal is to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the scientific basis for optimal health and well-being through healthy diets.

One of her research areas is healthy aging. Her research in this area focuses on identifying dietary and lifestyle factors that can help older adults maintain independence, and quality of life, and prevent age-related health problems. Her current research activities relate to bone and muscle health during aging, with a focus on dietary intake of calcium, protein quantity, and quality.

Light refreshments will be provided.


Show off your science in Nature’s photo competition

The 2024 Working Scientist photo competition is open for entries. Capture your science on camera for a chance to appear in Nature.

Nature’s 2024 photo competition is now live, providing a chance to celebrate the diverse, interesting, challenging, striking and colourful work that scientists do around the world.

Conditions for the competition

Disputas: Marianne Catharina Astor – 19.03.2024

Lecture Trial: Tuesday, March 19, 2024, at 10:15 AM
Location: Auditorium 4, BB Building, Jonas Lies vei 91 Assigned
Topic: “Effects of Vitamin D on Bone and Muscles”

Foto/ill.: Ingrid Hagerup

Dissertation Defense: Tuesday, March 19, 2024, at 12:15 PM
Location: Auditorium 4, BB Building, Jonas Lies vei 91 Dissertation
Title: “Hypoparathyroidism in Norway”

  1. Opponent: Professor Lars Rejnmark, Aarhus University
  2. Opponent: Professor Kerstin Landin-Wilhelmsen, University of Gothenburg
  3. Committee Member: Associate Professor Hildegunn Aarsetøy, University of Bergen

The defense will be chaired by Professor Tomas Eagan.

Open to all interested parties

Press Release (Only Norwegian)