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Stepping down as Department Head: An exciting journey ends and a new chapter begins

Dear colleagues,

It is with a mix of emotions that I pen this editorial. After six years at the helm of the Department of Clinical Science, I have decided to step down from my position as Department Head. This decision has not been taken lightly, but rather with careful consideration of the demands and responsibilities that come with leading such a dynamic and impactful department.

Our department, a hub of research and teaching excellence, has grown significantly during my tenure. With 382 dedicated employees, including 70 full-time professors and associated professors, 80 part-time professors and associated professors, over 180 researchers, podt docs and PhD students as well as 50 technicians and administrative staff , we have made significant strides in advancing clinical and translational medical research. This means that in 2023, we had publications in top-tier journals and set a record for external funding121 million NOK. You teach a variety of clinical specialties in addition to pharmacy and nutrition in an exemplary manner. And you have excelled in the competition to establish several new and robust research centers.

However, as the demands of leadership have intensified, I find myself at a crossroads. Balancing the responsibilities of both Department Head and Director of the Mohn Center of Diabetes Precision Medicine has been challenging. The pursuit of excellence requires focus, and I believe it is time to pass the torch to a new leader who can continue to push our department forward.

I am immensely proud of what we have achieved together. Our collaborative spirit, dedication to patient care, and groundbreaking research have left an indelible mark. As I step down, I am confident that the department will continue to thrive under new leadership.

I will be stepping down on April 30, 2024, and in the coming period, I will gradually transfer my responsibilities to Eystein Husebye, who will serve as the Acting Department Head. Rest assured, I remain committed to our shared mission, and I look forward to contributing to the department in new ways. My decision is not a farewell but rather a shift in roles—one that allows me to focus on the exciting work happening at the Mohn Center.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to each of you for your unwavering support and dedication. Together, we have made a difference in the lives of patients and the future of medicine. Let us continue to collaborate, innovate, and inspire.

Thank you for being part of this remarkable journey.

As we embark on a new chapter at the Department of Clinical Science, I am thrilled to announce two additions to our leadership team:

Professor Svein Skeie, MD, PhD: An accomplished endocrinologist and Head of Research at Stavanger University Hospital, Svein Skeie will assume the role of Leader of Stavanger Relations. His deep understanding of leadership, clinical practice, and research will serve as a valuable link between our institutions. The collaboration with Stavanger University Hospital promises to strengthen our ties and foster innovative initiatives.

Professor Silje Skrede, MD, PhD: With a background in pharmacology and administrative work in teaching, Skrede joins us as Leader of Innovation which will strengthen our focus on this important field. Skrede will temporary act as Leader of Teaching while Mette Vesterhus is away.

Enjoy the week-end!


Announcement of postdoctoral positions within LEAD AI

During the month of March, 10 postdoctoral positions will be announced at UiB within the framework of the research and career development program LEAD AI. The Faculty of Medicine will advertise 3 of these positions. LEAD AI is jointly funded by the faculties and the EU through the co-financing scheme COFUND Postdoctoral Programmes under Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions. The total budget is NOK 130 million over five years. Research opportunities range from basic AI research to applied research in the natural sciences, medicine, and social sciences. It is desirable to recruit both local and international researchers. Mobility, internationally and across disciplines and sectors is an important element of the programme. All applicants will be evaluated by an international committee and it is open to both inbound and outbound mobility.

We ask relevant academic communities to report their interest in the postdoctoral positions by March 1st to  Attach a 1/2 page project description with name and affiliation


  • If you submit a project description, you will act as a mentor for the postdoctoral fellow.
  • You shall not provide the name of the candidate; This is an open international call for proposals.
  • The topic is artificial intelligence
  • If we receive many outlines, we will select which projects best fit into the topic of the call.
  • If your project is among those moving forward, you will be contacted for further information.

CodeRefinery workshop

March 12-14 and 19-21, 2024

  • This time we plan to start Git and GitHub from the web interface and only later move to the command line.
  • We offer the two workshop weeks as two blocks but you can sign up for both or just one.
  • Week 1 is tuned for exercises and group work. Week 2 will focus on demonstrations and discussions.
  • We are updating and simplifying the install instructions. We recommend to only go through them in the week before the workshop starts, but not earlier.
  • Watch the stream at (shareable)
  • Lesson material is linked in the schedule below (shareable)
  • Collaborative document for questions and notes (please register to receive it)
  • Q&A of each day is archived on this page (shareable)
  • Archive of past communication to participants (shareable)
  • Videos on Twitch for 7 days and on YouTube later

Upcoming events at the International Centre

Mobility seminar

Are you planning a research stay outside of Norway? Make sure to join our online mobility seminar to learn about practicalities and necessary steps when planning a research stay abroad. It will take place on February 22nd from 09.00 to 12.00 in Zoom. Sign up

Introduction to tax

Sign up and join us for an online informative meeting about how to pay tax in Norway. This is useful if you are moving to Norway, shifting between Norway and other working countries, or working from abroad. We have this seminar 2 Fridays per month, from 11.00 to 11.30. The next seminar will be on February 9 th . In the registration form you can choose which date you want to sign up to. Read more

Introduction course for new employees

This course is step 2 of our introductory seminars for new international employees. The course will take place on March 19 th from 12.00 to 15.00. The doors open a bit in advance, so you have the chance to have a coffee and snacks and get to know each other. You can register

Please complete step 1 (short e-learning course) before attending

Dual career: career advice for partners

If your partner came with you to Norway, and they are looking for a job, this course will be useful for them to get to know the basics about the Norwegian labor market, how to prepare a CV and cover letter, and a bit about Norwegian culture. The seminar is taking place on April 10 th from 09.00 to 12.00 at Rom Aktiv 2, Ulrike Phils hus (Professor Keysersgate 1). You can read more here

The University Library is testing Keenious

Keenious is an example of a new type of academic search tool that utilizes technology based on artificial intelligence to find research articles. The University Library wants to test whether this is a useful supplement to traditional search tools. Therefore, students and staff at UiB will have access to Keenious Plus during the spring semester of 2024. The Plus version provides more features than the free version.
Read more here about how to use the tool and how to get started:

The University Library is testing Keenious | University of Bergen Library | UiB

PhD Grant Writing Workshop

The Faculty of Medicine invites all PhD-candidates to a workshop on «How to write a successful grant proposal».

The workshop will enable PhD-candidates in medicine and sciences to start early with their future research project. Participants will gain insight into the international funding landscape and develop hands-on knowledge by working on their own project proposal.

PhD Grant Writing Workshop (Day 1) | Faculty of Medicine | UiB

Target audience: PhD-candidates enrolled at the Faculty of Medicine who want to kick-start their academic career in the nearest future.

13.05.2024 – 09.0013.00, EITRI Medical Incubator, Haukelandsbakken 31

Introduction to Data Management Plans (DMP)

The Norwegian Research Council and Horizon Europe require projects to submit a data management plan (DMP). A data management plan describes how data in a research project will be collected, processed and made available.

Introduction to Data Management Plans (DMP)

23.02.2024 – 10:15-11:00 ▶ Sign up!

05.04 2024 – 10:15-11:00 ▶ Sign up!

Open call for the 2024-2025 Momentum Programme

Momentum banner

The Momentum Program is a career development program for young, outstanding researchers at UiB. The target audience for the program is young outstanding researchers who aspire to an academic career at a research university. The program is interdisciplinary, aiming to bring together various disciplines and scientific fields. There are 15 spots available for the program, with the Faculty of Medicine being allocated 3 spots.

The purpose of the program is to enhance participants’ career development. The program consists of five gatherings and one shorter webinar scheduled to start in August 2024 and conclude in June 2025. It is mandatory for candidates to participate in all seminars.

Who can apply?
Postdocs, researchers and associate professors employed at UiB can apply to Momentum. Candidates should adhere to the following eligibility criteria:

  • The candidates should normally have a minimum 80 % FTE position at UiB.
  • Employees in fixed-term positions must have at least one year left on their contract at the start of the programme in August 2024.
  • It should be no more than six (6) years since candidates have obtained their PhD from the start of the programme in August 2024. You can subtract time for statutory leaves of absence, compulsory military or civilian service or sick leave.
  • Candidates admitted to the programme must have a plan to apply for external funding in the coming 12-24 months.

The application process and deadlines:

Step 1 – the candidate applies to the faculty.
The deadline for candidates is March 22, 2024. The application is submitted via the program’s website
Step 2 – the faculty nominates its candidates.
The faculty is responsible for the evaluation and selection of its candidates. The deadline for internal evaluation and nomination of candidates by the faculties is April 19, 2024. Offers of placement for candidates accepted into the program will be sent out at the end of April, with an acceptance deadline in early May.”

The announcement of Peder Sather funds for 2024 – 2025

The Peder Sather Center for Advanced Study annually announces funding for collaborative projects between Norwegian educational institutions and UC Berkeley (California). The Peder Sather funds offer a unique opportunity to establish collaborations at one of the top universities in the USA.

The application deadline in 2024 is April 1st.

Read more about the criteria and application process here:

Questions about the program and assistance in getting in touch with relevant individuals at UC Berkeley can be directed to

Essential ERC – A very basic introduction to the European arena for excellent science

13. feb kl 14:00 – 15:00

It is easy to assume that all researchers are familiar with the European Research Council (ERC) grants for excellent researchers at all stages. This is however not entirely true. This is a short, very basic webinar for early stage and mature researchers who wants to know more about the grants offered to excellent researchers at all experience levels. What can you apply for, how do you apply, when and at what stage? After the presentation, there will be a Q&A.

The webinar complements our other activities for applicants to the ERC, such as writing courses, proposal reading days and more.

The webinar is held in English.

ERC web:

ERC Proposal Reading Day at UiB

Dear prospective ERC applicant,

The NFR will travel to Bergen on March 5th to offer an ERC Proposal Reading Day for researchers and support staff. You can sign up for a morning or afternoon session to sit in peace and quiet and read paper copies of successful ERC grants across disciplines from the Starting, Consolidator and Advanced categories (unfortunately no Synergy Grants to date).

  • 5th March
  • Nygårdsgaten 5 – REGISTRATION NOW OPEN!

You can register for a session and choose which applications you would like to read here: Closing date for registration is 27 February.

Grieg Foundation


Grieg Foundation supports
innovative medical research
that can have wide-reaching impact.


We support

  • Research that can have great impact on the development of new treatments.
  • Innovative ideas.
  • Women´s health and safe deliveries.
  • Cardiac disease with a special focus on women.

All projects must be

  • Must be anchored in the SDGs.
  • Have local ownership.
  • Make a difference for people and communities and contribute to a more compassionate society.
  • Our support makes a difference.

We support initiatives that focus on the well-being of women, recognizing that their health is deeply intertwined with the wellness of families and communities.