Vestlandslegen Colleagues – Målfrid Holmaas Bjørgaas

Hello dear colleagues at Clinical Science,

Quick information about me:
Målfrid Holmaas Bjørgaas
Palliative Medicine
University Lecturer for Vestlandslegen, 5% position
Senior Consultant at the Palliative Center, Stavanger University Hospital

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I teach students in Vestlandslegen in palliative care during their 7th semester. Palliative care is grouped with oncology and hematology, and in November, we had the first batch of 8 students. I conducted a two-day palliative care seminar with lectures, discussions, group tasks, and reflection, emphasizing the interdisciplinary perspective essential in palliative care. Students had the opportunity to meet various professionals, including doctors, physiotherapists, and hospital chaplains. We also visited the Boganes Palliative Care Unit operated by the Stavanger municipality.

In November 2024, the second batch is expected with nearly 20 students. It will be exciting.

I have always enjoyed teaching, and I do it extensively in my role as a senior consultant, both within SUS and in associated municipalities. I find it very meaningful to share my experience as both a general practitioner and a palliative care physician with young doctors, and I hope to provide insights into how we can approach patients and their families as whole individuals. I also hope to convey the importance of refraining from unnecessary treatment in the final stages of life and emphasize that providing effective relief is valuable in itself, even if patients do not recover.

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