Christina Flornes

I work as a research and education consultant, Ph.D.-Coordinator, and study advisor at K2. In practice, this means that I manage most of the work around dissertations and mid-term evaluations. In addition, I have other task in the administration in K2.

What I like best about my job are my colleagues and the good working environment. We are a nice bunch who work for the workplace to bee as good as possible for both candidates and employees at UiB.
Right now I am working on coordinating the semesters final dissertations, so that everyone who is going to defend their thesis before the summer, gets what they need from hotels, dinners, flowers, lunch, auditoriums, robes, folders, messages, signatures etc.

I am lucky to be able to participate in the education of tomorrow`s researchers. It is very fun to collaborate with professionally skilled colleagues and there are always exciting new tasks to get better at!

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