Vestlandslegen Colleagues – Tore Grimstad

Hello dear colleagues at Clinical Science and project Vestlandslegen,

My name is Tore Grimstad, and I am an internist and gastroenterologist, as well as an Associate Professor II affiliated with K2, based in Stavanger.

Clinically, I work at the gastroenterology outpatient clinic. In addition to my clinical work, my research primarily focuses on inflammatory bowel disease, and I am involved in both clinical, basic research, and microbiome-related projects.

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Since spring 2018, I have been teaching medical students during placement practice from UiB MED8, and additionally, Vestlandslege students since the fall of 2023. I find it exciting and inspiring to teach students, the future doctors, especially contributing to clinically oriented and hopefully educational discussions with students in an activating environment. I believe that special visits with small groups of students provide an exciting and developing teaching arena, aiming to engage students and facilitate effective learning within a secure framework. This also places important demands on us as teachers as clinical role models.

I also find it rewarding to work together with others towards a common goal and to have the opportunity to follow and guide PhD candidates in the scientific process from project improvement to a completed thesis. I want to contribute to building a scientific environment and mentoring other researchers in a section that has always focused on patient care and conducted extensive and intensive clinical operations. I am delighted by the increasing scientific activity at the gastroenterology section in Stavanger.

Vestlandslegen is in its early stages; the start has been challenging but also exciting. We have a unique opportunity to further develop professional, teaching, and research competence in the coming years, which will benefit patients, students, and staff. I hope my commitment to UiB will allow me to contribute significantly in these areas.

We truly have exciting years ahead!

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