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KG Jebsen Center for Diabetes Research

Per BakkeThe KG Jebsen center for diabetes research has moved into new locations within the BUSP building. The event was marked with a symposium last week, and the leader of the Center, Pål Njølstad, should be congratulated. The establishment of the UoB attached KG Jebsen center for diabetic research within the hospital building of BUSP is an example of the good collaboration between the hospital and the university. However, it is also indicative of the strategic skills and entrepreneur ability of Pål.

KG Jebsen center for diabetes research was established based on funding from the Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Foundation. Since then Pål and his team have shown an impressive scientific production with papers in journals like Nature Genetics, New England Journal of Medicine and Cell, just to mention some. As important is the fact that the center has been able to recruit stellar researchers like Valeriya Lyssenko and Simona Chera.

A good collaboration between the hospital and the university is a prerequisite and necessity in order for Bergen to compete with the Oslo dominance within medical research. The future success of the center will not only be measured in high-ranking publications, but also in the ability of the center to promote the next generation researchers.

Good luck in the years to come!


HSE corner: E-learning course for laboratory staff



The HSE section has prepared a small e-learning course for laboratory staff. The course will be an alternative to the course “Laboratory Course for New Employees”, which we arrange annually, and is part of an e-learning project for employees.

The e-learning course is available to anyone who wishes to take the course, whether newly employed, employed for a long time or a student.



The course is now open for registration. There is no deadline for when the course must be completed.

Information and registration (link in Norwegian)

Evaluation of the faculty’s reorganization

Social mediaThe reorganization of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, which was completed in 2013, will be evaluated. More information about this will soon be presented, including through meetings. First of all, the faculty’s management wishes that as many people as possible will answer a questionnaire that will be sent out in mid-May.

Information about the process and the questionnaire can be found on the faculty’s website (link in Norwegian).

New names

dsc_0324We present Camilla Krakstad, MSc, PhD from the University of Bergen. Camilla began in April 2017 as a Professor and Group Leader of the Research Group for Gynecological Cancer at K2 / KK. She will continue the group’s focus on genetic studies and biomarkers for improved treatment of patients with gynecological cancer. If you want to say hi, you can find her in 4th floor at KK. ”

Researcher Grand Prix

Enrollment deadline for the Researcher Grand Prix is approaching. The Researcher Grand Prix is a Norwegian championship in research dissemination. As a participant, you get a great opportunity to learn more about how to reach your message to a large audience. In addition, if you are a PhD fellow at UiB, you will receive ECTS-credits. Do not miss this great opportunity to improve your presentation skills!

Information and registration

Deadline for registration: 12 May.

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Miniseminar with Edvard and May Britt Moser!


On Friday May 5th, will the Honorary Doctorate Moser’s visit and hold a mini seminar in the large auditorium from 10.30 to 11.20. There will be two lectures where Edvard Moser will talk about “Neural Circuits for Space” and May Britt Moser will talk about “Representing the content of space.” These lectures last for about 20 minutes each and there will be 5 minutes for questions after each lecture. if this sound intresting you are welcome to attend.

The Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation’s Johnny Ludvigsson-prize

The Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation would like to remind you that they must receive nominations for the 2017 Johnny Ludvigsson Prize for excellent research in childhood and adolescent diabetes by Monday 15 May at the latest.

Please see here for further details.

If you have any questions, please contact the Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation office by telephone +46 13 105690, or e-mail.

The Postgraduate School of Medical Research’s Network Luncheon

k2nytt_2017_uke-17_ileana-cristeaDear all,

The Postgraduate School of Clinical Medical Research is preparing a new Network Luncheon for all PhD fellows and researchers at K1 and K2 departments. Take a break from your daily lab-routine and enjoy a free lunch, socialize, and hear talks from fellow PhD students, and on top of all that, earn one ECTS point!

The upcoming Network Luncheon will take place on Tuesday 23 May in the Konferanserom of BBB (in front of auditoriums 2 and 4), from 11:30 a.m. to 13:00 p.m.

Now is the time to sign up as a presenter, if you would like to present your latest results, engage in discussion with other PhD students, and practice your presentation skills.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have! Looking forward …

Ileana Cristea, MSc, PhD fellow

How is the specialist education for medical doctors evolving?

k2nytt_2017_uke-17_lis-konferanseThe Norwegian Hospital and Health Services Association (NSH) and the four regional education centers invite to a conference in Bergen on 2 November. Program comes later, but it is possible to sign up already.

The background for the conference is that the biggest reform of physicians’ specialist education in recent times started on 1 March 2017. Specialist education is modernized and gained a quality boost. Learning goals, common competence modules, ICT solutions for planning and documentation of competence have been introduced, and it is important to focus on supervision in practice. In addition, the distribution of responsibilities, roles and tasks has changed significantly.

The conference is primarily aimed at managers at various levels in hospitals, professional managers, supervisors, specialists, elected representatives and others who want information and discussion about the new Norwegian specialist education model.

Registration (link in Norwegian)
Deadline for registration: 1 October.
Reduced price until 15 September.

Guest speaker / Invitation to a seminar on “Alginate in cell transplantation and tissue engineering

We have the pleasure of hosting Prof. Berit L. Strand from the Norwegian university of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. She will present important structure-function relationships of alginates and results from the use of alginate in the fields of islet encapsulation and tissue engineering. Her talk will be entitled: “Alginate in cell transplantation and tissue engineering”.

Alginate, a polysaccharide from seaweed, is known as a biocompatible polymer that form gels at physiological conditions, which makes it a popular material for cell encapsulation and tissue engineering. Alginate based capsules is proposed for immune protection of cells upon transplantation, e.g. insulin producing tissue for the treatment of Type 1 diabetes.

Date:  Thursday 4th of May

Time:  11:30 – 12:00 + discussions

Place:  BUS1: Meeting-room 6132 Aarskogsalen

Well passed Easter!

Jone Trovik, portrett til disputasI hope everyone has had a well-deserved break – be it in the mountains, at the coast or in the city – and have gathered new power for the spring’s application processes and teaching tasks.

The joint lecturing day will take place next week, more specifically on Thursday 27 April. Here, among other things, we will be introduced to ETP (Excellent Teaching Practitioner). This is a merit scheme for outstanding teaching at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Vise-Dean Harald Walderhaug will explain how this works. Perhaps this is something to strive for?

Objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) is relevant to many subject areas. Here, Ketil Grong will give us some practical examples, and afterwards we will have the opportunity to collaborate on proposals for assignments for later exams.

Apropos cooperation. The 12th semester of the medical studies is a great opportunity to present subjects across professional boundaries, where one can go deeper into terms than in previous semesters. Karen Budal has sent a call to relevant groups in the academic community and asked for input. Think wide! What other topics are related to your field of work? “Acute abdomen”; surgeon / urologist / gastromedicine / gynecologist. Diagnostics of almost anything; pathologist, microbiologist, radiologist. Treatment: what about comorbidity? Cardiologist / anaesthesiologist / pulmonologist. Multipharma; pharmacologist / geriatrics. Almost everything should be diagnosed primarily by general practitioners. Get them on the team!

Our vigorous professional efforts – be it research or education – is that what’s needed to have a good life? There is of course research that can say something about this: “The Harward Study of adult development” – a 75-year longitudinal and ongoing study! An excellent TED talk by the fourth leader of the study, Robert Waldinger, is recommended!


HSE corner: Basic course in first aid

A basic course in first aid is organized on Thursday 4 May.

Time: 08:30–11:30 a.m. or 12:30–15:30 p.m.
Location: Museplassen 1, meeting room A + B on the lower floor, entrance from Prof. Keysers gate
Target audience: all employees at UiB


Registration form

If the course is fully booked, you can put your name on a waiting list for later courses during the spring of 2017.

Election announcement and invitation to submit nominations

Members of the Institute Council at the Department of Clinical Science (K2) group A, B and C

Members of the Institute Council at the Department of Clinical Science (K2) are going to be elected. The election is founded on the University’s election rules. The Institute Council shall be elected by and from these groups:

  • Group A: Permanent employees in teaching and research positions (leaders of departments included)
  • Group B: Temporary employees in teaching and research positions
  • Group C: Technical and administrative staff
  • Group D: Students

The deadline for proposing members (group A, B and C) is Tuesday 25 April 2017.

Proposals must be received by the electoral committee’s vicarious secretary, Julie Stavnes, at the department administration, within 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday 25 April 2017.

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Phase IIb trial of a novel TB vaccine

This vaccine represents a paradigm shift in the fact that this is the first pre-exposure vaccine to target prevention of TB infection. The project was recently showcased by EU (EDCTP) on the World TB day. It is funded by RCN-GLOBVAC and the project is coordinated from K2 by Harleen Grewal. It is every reason to congratulate, Harleen!

New names

18052967_1319147584846673_870994871_nWe present Amra Grudic-Feta, a new research adviser at the Department of Clinical Science. Amra has her background from Department of Biomedicine and will be the administrative support in various parts of the research administration. If you want to say hi, you can find her on the 8th floor of the laboratory building

New names


We present Håvard Røkke, who is newly employed from April 1st 2017 as a senior lecturer with a 50% position and is affiliated with the Pharmaceutical Center. He will also teach in pharmacology. His background is MScPharm from the University of Oslo and has also worked at Sjukehusapoteket in Bergen and as a daily director of the Apovest AS pharmacy company.

He currently does not have his own office space, but at any rate, he can be reached at if there is anything or you just want to say hello and welcome to us.


Invitation to guest lecture with Elizabeth Losh: Affect and Digital Pedagogy

k2nytt_2017_uke-16_elisabeth-loshHow can we use mobile platforms in pedagogy? Elizabeth Losh has written books on digital rhetoric and how digital learning platforms may be used at the expense of pedagogy. Here, she will talk about using Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and hashtags in teaching at the university. The lecture will be held in English.

Time: Monday 24 April at 10:15–12:00 am.
Location: Auditorium 129, Christiesgate 12 (Bjørn Christiansen’s house)

More information about the lecture.


Day of Immunology 2017

k2nytt_2017_uke-16_day-of-immunologyThe Day of Immunology is a worldwide project aimed at bringing research news from immunology to an interested audience.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the discovery of immunoglobulin E (IgE) and the crucial impact this has had on understanding, diagnosing and treating allergic diseases, this year’s Day of Immunology is dedicated to the topic of IgE allergy.

Time: Friday 28 April at 10:15–13: 00
Location: Auditorium B302, sentralblokken, Haukeland University Hospital


The program will be held in Norwegian.

Cycling World Championships and the University of Bergen

k2nytt_2017_uke-16_sykkel-vmFrom 16 to 24 September the UCI Road World Championships are being held in Bergen. This will have implications for access to and from places of work and study for staff and students at the University of Bergen.

UiB encourages all staff and students to familiarize themselves with how to get to and from their places of work and study during this period. A general recommendation is to get to and from UiB by using public transport, walking or cycling – and to allow plenty of time!

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