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A farewell letter from Marius Alvheim

After 2 fantastic years as an apprentice at K2, with a diploma in hand, I set off for uncharted waters. I have met many wonderful people and learned a lot of useful things that I now carry with me in life. It’s hard to say goodbye to a job I’ve enjoyed so much, but sometimes in life, goodbye is something you have to say and change is not something you can prevent. So thank you for my time here everyone, and thanks for 2 amazing years. I’m going to miss K2 in its entirety and all the wonderful people here. With UiB mail disabled and phone delivered to K2’s new apprentice Tonje whom I hope you take good care of, I leave you with one quote from my favorite CEO Elon Musk.
“Some people don’t like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster.”

I also leave my private email address if anyone needs it.

Thanks for the time K2. You’re going to be missed.

Prizes to K2

The faculty day focus on employees who have distinguished themselves in various ways. The department leadership takes this opportunity to congratulate all the award winners this year, in particular K2’s prize winners. Birgitta Åsjö became the first woman to receive Falch’s senior prize for her AIDS research. Bergithe Oftedal won the Falch Prize for younger researchers and illustrated in an exemplary manner how research stays abroad can be used in building research networks and career. More people should takes such opportunities. Per Eystein Lønning received the award for this year’s research group on behalf of the breast cancer research group – a very well deserved prize.

Joint events such as the faculty day are not always prioritized by the researchers, but are very important for getting to know what is happening at the faculty. Maybe you don’t have to travel to Seatlle or Boston to learn a technique that is already running on campus. Such meetings stimulate new ideas and exchange of concepts that can benefit everyone. We need to establish more such arenas, not only within the faculty but also in collaboration with departments at the hospital. Instead of the university and the hospital being competitors, we should collaborate more on research so that we are better equipped in the competition against other environments in Norway and internationally.

Have a nice weekend

Eystein Husebye

New names

Benedicte Sjo Tiselvoll is a PhD fellow at K2. She started in the fall of 2018 and was before this a research line student and completed her medical studies in the spring of 2018. She works at Bjørn Tore Gjertsen’s research group (Ths signaling-targeted therapy group), focusing on early treatment response in acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) using mass cytometry (CyTOF) ). If you want to say hello, she can be contacted by email:

New names

Ingvild Vistad

Ingvild Vistad has been employed as part-time professor since March 2019. Her main workplace is Sørlandet Hospital Kristiansand. She is a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, and her research fields are primarily quality of life and follow-up after gynecological cancer. Her e-mail address is:

New names

Olivera Bozickovic started working in April as a biobank engineer in the Bergen Gynecological Cancer Research Group at the Women’s Clinic. She is a part of an exciting multinational study MoMaTEC2 on gynecologic cancer biology and the life quality of patients. Her office is situated on the 4th floor of the Women’s clinic or you can contact her on the following e-mail address:

New Names

Synnøve Yndestad started as a Postdoc at K2, at the KG Jebsen Center for Genome-Directed Cancer therapy in desember 2018. She works in the Mohn Cancer Research Laboratory located in 1M in the laboratory building. There she focuses on triple negative breast cancer, and how the cancer cells ability to repair DNA affects treatment outcome. Fell free to stop by, or email: Synnø

New Names

Rebecca Wangen started as a chief engineer for the Precision Oncology Research Group 01.02.19, with focus on leukemia. She has a BSc and MSc in molecular biology from UoB, and her special field is proteomics. Her office is located at third floor in the Lab building, room 3160. You can get in touch with her on mail:


Important changes regarding parking outside the lab building

From April 1st, Q-park took over responsibility for control of unauthorized parking at UiB’s parking Spaces at the parking deck outside the lab building. This means a major change. Q-park controls the spaces almost daily and find those who are not electronically registered in their systems. This means that the registration number, name, telephone number and e-mail must be registered electronically at Q-park. This must be done by the reception or Irene Hjelmaas. Parking on the parking deck without confirmation that you have been registered is at your own risk no matter when during the day/week you are considering parking on the parking deck.

A BIG thank you…

To everyone who has contributed to our conference at Solstrand these two days. By contribution I not only mean the people who has organized the conference, or prepared a presentation, or made an amazing K2 conference song. By contribution I mean everybody who has been present and contributed to the amazing atmosphere we have had here. It is undoubtedly hard not to be at ease at Solstrand, but this amazing hotel would be an empty shell without us and the positive atmosphere we have made together. Thank you for good talks, swims in the pool, lunches and time together; I believe it has been good for all of us and for the K2-feel to take this time to get to know each other better. Your feedbacks throughout the stay has been so many and so positive that the leader groups definitely must look for funds to repeat this success next year.

Thank you for creating the K2 spirit.


New names

Hi! My name is Elise Orvedal Leiten. I started as a PhD student in September 2018.
In medical school, I took part in the Medical Student Research Programme, and became involved in the Micro COPD study where I have
investigated the complications and discomfort associated with bronchoscopy.
Now my work is focused on the microbiome of the lung, and its relation to exacerbations of COPD.
I can be contacted at my office in BUS1, or you can email me:

New names

Burhan began as a substitute in the fall of 2018 as senior executive in the finance department of K2. Now we can finally present him as a permanent employee at the department in the same position.

K2 welcomes him as a permanent adition to the administration team.

If you want to  contact Burhan he can be found at the 8th floor in the lab building or by mail: 

Small research funds 2019

It is time for the allocation of small research funds (SMÅFORSK). The funds are available due to a joint event between RCN and UiB. The intention of these funds is that funds will be awarded research groups that have not been endowed large allocations so that they can start new projects. Applicants can ask for means to cover expenses for travel, seminars, courses, materials, technical-administrative assistance and other operating expenses. It is a requirement that the applicant should hold a permanent position, be an active researcher at K2, and that the applicant can document that he/she has applied for funds from other external sources during the last two years.

Requirements for application and criteria for allocation:
·         The research group leader shall be applicant
·         The purpose of the use of funds must be justified and should be discussed and prioritized within the research group
·         It must be documented that the group in 2017 or 2018 has applied other external sources for research funds covering the present purpose
·         The funds must be used this year and can therefore not be transferred to next year
·         Benefits go to research groups that do not already have large assets

 The deadline is Monday 4 March at. 13:00. Apply here.



New names

My name is David Forsse, I started as a PhD candidate in the Bergen Gynecologic Cancer Research Group in September 2017. I’m a Gynecologist and currently on leave from my clinical employment. It’s exciting to learn new research methods and explore different facets of my field.

New names

My name is Einar Marius Hjellestad Martinsen. I started as a ph.d. student at the Clinical Respiratory Research Group at Department of Clinical Science (K2) in September 2018. My ph.d. project aims to characterize the fungal community (mycobiome) in the lungs of healthy people and COPD patients, and to report motives for participation in our project. My office is located at fifth floor in the Lab building (Laboratoriebygget). You are welcome to meet me there for a (scientific) chat, or you can send me an e-mail to

LUNCH AND LEARNING: Crash course in Tableau

20 minutes crash course in Tableau, the reporting tool for project leaders, 19th Febrauary. 

Do you want better control of your project funds and easy access to your own project accounts? Then Tableau is the tool for you!

Tableau is an online reporting tool which provides easy access and overview of the economy in your externally financed projects.

Do you want to know more? Sign up for a short crash course on 19th February, 1130-1200, in auditorium 4 in the BB-building.

Lunch will be served to all registered participants.
Welcome to lunch and learning!

Sign up here:


New names

K2 presents Amund Holte Berger.
Amund is a Phd-student at K2 and started 01.09.18.
He has a BSc in Biotechnology from NMBU and a MSc in Biomedicine from UiB where the master-project was performed at K2
In his phd-project Amund will look at the gene expression of APS-1 and Addison’s disease using bulk and single cell RNAseq with his supervisors Stefan Johansson, Eirik Bratland and Per Knappskog.
Amund is a part of the K.G. Jebsen Center for autoimmune diseases and the Genomics Group at the MGM.
He is currently located at the 2nd floor of the lab-building in office 2254.
If you would like to contact him his email is:

New names

We present Øyvind Byrkjedal-Bendiksen who is our new administrative contact for the 12th semester in medicine. His office is at the seventh floor in the Laboratory Building.

Øyvind tries to have an open-door philosophy. You are welcome to drop by if you have any questions. You can also get in touch with Øyvind by email:

K2 congratulates FHU

K2 congratulates FHU, head and Professor Francisco Real and his entire team, with the opening of the new, beautiful premises at Overlege Danielsens Hus. The opening was marked Friday 11th of January. The picture shows Dean Per Bakke and Professor Francisco Real.

Exams and so forth …

When Christmas is approaching, the exams are coming too.

Thank you for all the effort you have contributed in creating MCQs, preparing tasks for short essays, finding anatomic models  to be explored, organizing electronic exam databases and finding examination rooms and proper guards. After this we may leave for Christmas holiday with a good conscience (except those of us who have to complete the correcting /censorship before the New Year is emerging..)

Into the New Year: January 17th, the first test-OSKE for the 12th semester will be arranged. We have found assignments for this exam but need people to assemble the stations during the 16th and that those who have prepared the specific tasks have two teachers ready for censoring at each station (two loops).  Similar as the MCQ database: We need OSKE-tasks for the next full-scale exam in June 6th. Thank you to those of you who have actually delivered assignments/tasks. For the rest of You: it is important to think about how you want the students to be tested for clinical activity in your field of study. Students will no longer be tested using a patient from “your” department to question/ examine. So for the clinical skills you mean are IMPORTANT that students should be able to master; make an exam assignment. Students practice and learn what they know they are being tested on!

One more thing with MCQ questions: some of us teach in English and we have to make English assignments. For the Norwegian terms the questions are in Norwegian, and since we have two official Norwegian language forms, tasks must be prepared in both (bokmål and nynorsk). It is the responsibility of the one preparing tasks/questions to prepare in both Norwegian languages and add these to the MCQ database. We cannot use any question for an exam without it being available in both language forms. Do you have people affiliated with your group/ students you supervise/ junior doctors in your department that master the other language form (or perhaps English) better than you? They can help in translating and at the same time also be used to ensure that the assignment is relevant and understandable.

Have a nice advent!


Congratulations Nebeyaet

Nebeyaet Gebreslase has been an apprentice at the Core Facility for metabolomics from August 2016 and graduated in subject of laboratory with best grade July 5th this year. She tells us that she has had a good time here at K2 and in the laboratory. She has been looking forward to go to work every day. She has grown both personally and professionally, and has been involved in method development for several projects. She feels attached to everyone she has collaborated with and will miss the community. Fortunately, she is not far away as she starts working at Bevital on the 9th floor in the Laboratory building in August. 

Funding for proposal preparation

The faculty has extended the deadline for Positioning Funding (POS). POS funding can be used to cover expenses related to competence development for researchers and the supporting staff and for networking towards future Horizon 2020 proposals. You can apply for a maximum of NOK 75 000. More information about the funding and the templates can be found here. 

If this is of interest, please submit the form to Amra Grudic-Feta (8thfloor or e-mail) and feel free to contact her if you have any questions. The internal deadline is 28 August.

In addition to POS funding, Project Establishment Support (PES) is also available for all applications to Horizon2020, whether you are planning to apply as a partner or a coordinator. There are no deadlines but the funding is to be spent before the application deadline. Please contact Amra if this is of interest.