Researcher Grand Prix

Enrollment deadline for the Researcher Grand Prix is approaching. The Researcher Grand Prix is a Norwegian championship in research dissemination. As a participant, you get a great opportunity to learn more about how to reach your message to a large audience. In addition, if you are a PhD fellow at UiB, you will receive ECTS-credits. Do not miss this great opportunity to improve your presentation skills!

Information and registration

Deadline for registration: 12 May.

Here are several benefits you can achieve by participating in the Researcher Grand Prix:

  • Coaching, 2 community collections and 3 individual sessions
  • Help for storytelling, communication of messages, camera training, handling of press
  • Being attractive in the labor market; we have graduates who got a job due to the Researcher Grand Prix
  • Network in The Research Council of Norway and in other academic environments
  • Interdisciplinary networks

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