How is the specialist education for medical doctors evolving?

k2nytt_2017_uke-17_lis-konferanseThe Norwegian Hospital and Health Services Association (NSH) and the four regional education centers invite to a conference in Bergen on 2 November. Program comes later, but it is possible to sign up already.

The background for the conference is that the biggest reform of physicians’ specialist education in recent times started on 1 March 2017. Specialist education is modernized and gained a quality boost. Learning goals, common competence modules, ICT solutions for planning and documentation of competence have been introduced, and it is important to focus on supervision in practice. In addition, the distribution of responsibilities, roles and tasks has changed significantly.

The conference is primarily aimed at managers at various levels in hospitals, professional managers, supervisors, specialists, elected representatives and others who want information and discussion about the new Norwegian specialist education model.

Registration (link in Norwegian)
Deadline for registration: 1 October.
Reduced price until 15 September.

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