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Happy Sunday!

The Sabbath (from Hebrew (שבת) means ceasing and was first used in bible context for the seventh day of creation. It is a religious day for rest, worship, party and / or activities within several religions. Sabbatical year or more precise named research term, is a good thing for academics. For many years, the universities have had this as a strategic asset because the knowledge society is international. Internationalization and stronger contact with international academic communities contribute to raising the quality of research and education. Research term is possible for permanent employed professors after six years of earning (in 100% position), allowing them to take their families abroad for a year, giving a great opportunity for new knowledge and new networks. The social dimension is also important by the ability to meet a new culture, make new friends, and come closer together as a family.

Research term abroad is strongly recommended for all permanent professors. Because the value of the university is so great, foreign stays should be a requirement for professor competence. There can of course be social reasons why this is difficult to implement. There is actually another interesting opportunity: What about spending the research term at the Center for Advanced Study in Oslo? Here you will find offices, meeting rooms and more for you and researchers you want to associate with you from home and abroad. The Center was created by the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. Every year there are hosts for three research groups. On the basis of proposals received, the groups are selected by the board after group leaders, proposed international partners and the projects have been through international evaluation. The Center will strengthen basic research and provide close collaboration between Norwegian and foreign researchers. The budget for each research group is 3.5 million NOK for project costs, scholarships, free purchases of foreign researchers, as well as housing, travel, conference and seminar expenses. The application deadline is mid-January 2019 for the academic year 2020-21.

I have had a research term in Boston at the Harvard Medical School in Boston and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in addition to being a postdoc at the University of Chicago. These stays have been central to my career as researcher plus that it has actually been very fun. Soon, I will go to Boston for a new stay at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, this time for six months. Eystein Husebye will be Acting Head of Department, thank you very much for that. See you all nest Spring!


Leftover holidays for 2018

The summer is over for most of us and its’s time to plan any leftover holidays for 2018.

Deadline for registering leftover holiday is 01.10.2018, and we remind that taking holidays is a right and a duty. It is important that all employees have cleared their holiday balance in advance of the end of the year. Therefore we request that any application for transferring holidays also be sent in no later than 01.10.2018. Registering holidays and application for any transfer is done in the HR-Portal.

Information about holidays and how to register holidays can be found here.

If you have any questions regarding Holidays and registering please contact HR Consultant:
Elin Myhrvold
Telefon: 55972954

(Norwegian) Satsingsområdet klima og energiomstilling (KE) ved UiB inviterer til temadag

Satsingsområdet klima og energiomstilling (KE) ved UiB inviterer til temadag 5. november 2018 på Realfagbygget, UiB.

Formålet med temadagen er å gjøre satsingsområdet kjent for fagmiljøene og å gi fagmiljøene mulighet til å være med å utforme det faglige innholdet. Spesielt håper vi å mobilisere nye fagmiljøer slik at bredden av fagkompetansen på UiB kan tas i bruk for å møte utfordringene knyttet til klima og energiomstilling.

Temadagen er åpen for alle ansatte ved UiB, men påmelding er obligatorisk.

Her er link til påmeldingsskjema og påmeldingsfrist er 22. oktober.

Program for temadagen

·       Status for satsingsområdet KE

·       Gruppearbeid om de fire tematiske satsingene havvindbærekraftig areal- og ressursbruknullutslippstransport og vannets kretsløp

·       Gruppearbeid om nye, potensielle tematiske satsinger innen KE

·       Oppsummering og planer for vegen videre for KE

CCBIO seminar: What is Scientific Excellence?

Welcome to a CCBIO Special Seminar September 19th with the title “What is Scientific Excellence”.

CCBIO is a Norwegian Centre of Excellence. But what do we understand by excellence? One commonsensical notion is close to circular: “Excellent research is research that can be published in excellent journals”. In this special seminar, we wish to go deeper into the issue of quality and excellence in science. Participants in the debate include Bruce Zetter (Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital) and Merle Jacob (Lund University) as well as Lars A. Akslen and Roger Strand from the CCBIO.

The seminar is organized as part of the CCBIO/Harvard INTPART partnership, in the CCBIO Seminar series as a CCBIO Special Seminar.

When: 19. September 2018, 13:00-16:00 (+ time for pizza-get-together afterwards)

Where: Auditorium 4, BB-building, at Haukeland University Hospital campus.

13.00 Lars Akslen/Roger Strand: Welcome
13.05 Bruce Zetter: Thoughts on Excellence
13.30 Merle Jacob: Thoughts on Excellence
13.55 Lars Akslen: Thoughts on Excellence
14.05-14.30 Intermission with refreshments
14.30 Roger Strand: Introduction to debate
14.40-15.50: Panel debate with questions and comments from the audience
15.50-16.00: Lars Akslen: Concluding words

Open for all: researchers, educators, postdocs, students, technicians and other staff, all over the UiB. No registration.

We know that all great minds also need food, so after the lectures and debate, we invite to a pizza-get-together in the lobby outside of the auditorium where we can continue the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Open research seminar on Cancer-Related Vascular Biology

Open research seminar with speakers Michael Rogers and Bruce Zetter from Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Michael Rogers’ talk: “Validation of Anthrax Toxin Receptor 2 (Antxr2/CMG2) as a Target for Small Molecule Antiangiogenic Therapy.” Bruce Zetter’s talk: “Drug discovery for treating metastatic cancers.”

Welcome to an open research seminar, hosted by CCBIO as part of the CCBIO/Harvard INTPART partnership, in the CCBIO Seminar series as a CCBIO Special Seminar.

The seminar is part of a 3 week course in Cancer-Related Vascular Biology, but as an open research seminar for those who would like to attend the lectures by our Harvard colleagues, but do not wish to follow the entire course. It is open for all, no registration, and no charge.

First speaker is Assistant Professor Michael Rogers from the Vascular Biology Program, Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

Title: “Validation of Anthrax Toxin Receptor 2 (Antxr2/CMG2) as a Target for Small Molecule Antiangiogenic Therapy.”

Second speaker is Professor Bruce Zetter, Boston Children’s Hospital, and Charles Nowiszewski Professor of Cancer Biology, Surgery, Harvard Medical School.

Title: “Drug discovery for treating metastatic cancers.”

When: Thursday September 20th 09:00-12:00:

09:00-10:00 Michael Rogers

10:00-11:00 Coffee and discussion

11:00-12:00 Bruce Zetter

Where: Auditorium 4, BB-building, at Haukeland University Hospital campus.

You are all welcome!

Reminder! CCBIO course: Cancer-Related Vascular Biology

CCBIO is happy to introduce a new course in the CCBIO Research School for Cancer Studies portfolio! We have teamed up with experienced researchers from the Vascular Biology Program at Harvard Medical School, through the CCBIO-INTPART program, for a comprehensive course on Cancer-Related Vascular Biology.

More information about the course is found here.

Course dates:

  • Course week 1: September 17-21 2018. Program is available here.
  • Course week 2: October 1-5 2018
  • Course week 3: Date not set, will be late 2018 or early 2019.


Please use this registration form.

Deadline is September 10th 2018.

Dr Einar Martens’ Lecture 2018

“Dissecting Amygdala Cell and Circuit Function: Translation to Anxiety and Fear-Related Disorders”

Prof. Kerry RESSLER, Chief Scientific Officer, McLean Hospital Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

Where: Audit.2, BBB, Haukeland University Hospital

When: Thursday 27 September 2018 14:15-15:15

Dr. Ressler’s research focuses on fear and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). His group uses well-established mouse models to examine different aspects of fear learning and investigate the role of different brain regions, in particular the amygdala, in fear processing. Furthermore, the lab examines how these mechanisms may be involved in the development of fear-based disorders, such as PTSD, phobic disorders, and panic disorder. Utilizing data collected from human clinical populations, Dr. Ressler and his team identify genetic traits and neural processes that may contribute to the underlying causes of these illnesses and provide novel targets for animal models research. Dr Ressler research is pioneering in explaining biological mechanisms in psychiatric disorders which are relevant for the Biological Psychiatry field.

Refreshments (coffee, tea and cakes) will be served at the lecture!

New publications

Here are recent publications with contributions from K2 based on last week’s search on PubMed (and optionally articles that have not been included in previous lists). This time the list includes in total 18 recent publications. The entries appear in the order they were received from NCBI. If you have publications that are not included in this or previous lists, please send the references to Hege F. Berg.

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