Dr Einar Martens’ Lecture 2018

“Dissecting Amygdala Cell and Circuit Function: Translation to Anxiety and Fear-Related Disorders”

Prof. Kerry RESSLER, Chief Scientific Officer, McLean Hospital Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

Where: Audit.2, BBB, Haukeland University Hospital

When: Thursday 27 September 2018 14:15-15:15

Dr. Ressler’s research focuses on fear and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). His group uses well-established mouse models to examine different aspects of fear learning and investigate the role of different brain regions, in particular the amygdala, in fear processing. Furthermore, the lab examines how these mechanisms may be involved in the development of fear-based disorders, such as PTSD, phobic disorders, and panic disorder. Utilizing data collected from human clinical populations, Dr. Ressler and his team identify genetic traits and neural processes that may contribute to the underlying causes of these illnesses and provide novel targets for animal models research. Dr Ressler research is pioneering in explaining biological mechanisms in psychiatric disorders which are relevant for the Biological Psychiatry field.

Refreshments (coffee, tea and cakes) will be served at the lecture!

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