A BIG thank you…

To everyone who has contributed to our conference at Solstrand these two days. By contribution I not only mean the people who has organized the conference, or prepared a presentation, or made an amazing K2 conference song. By contribution I mean everybody who has been present and contributed to the amazing atmosphere we have had here. It is undoubtedly hard not to be at ease at Solstrand, but this amazing hotel would be an empty shell without us and the positive atmosphere we have made together. Thank you for good talks, swims in the pool, lunches and time together; I believe it has been good for all of us and for the K2-feel to take this time to get to know each other better. Your feedbacks throughout the stay has been so many and so positive that the leader groups definitely must look for funds to repeat this success next year.

Thank you for creating the K2 spirit.


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