Small research funds 2019

It is time for the allocation of small research funds (SMÅFORSK). The funds are available due to a joint event between RCN and UiB. The intention of these funds is that funds will be awarded research groups that have not been endowed large allocations so that they can start new projects. Applicants can ask for means to cover expenses for travel, seminars, courses, materials, technical-administrative assistance and other operating expenses. It is a requirement that the applicant should hold a permanent position, be an active researcher at K2, and that the applicant can document that he/she has applied for funds from other external sources during the last two years.

Requirements for application and criteria for allocation:
·         The research group leader shall be applicant
·         The purpose of the use of funds must be justified and should be discussed and prioritized within the research group
·         It must be documented that the group in 2017 or 2018 has applied other external sources for research funds covering the present purpose
·         The funds must be used this year and can therefore not be transferred to next year
·         Benefits go to research groups that do not already have large assets

 The deadline is Monday 4 March at. 13:00. Apply here.



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