Prizes to K2

The faculty day focus on employees who have distinguished themselves in various ways. The department leadership takes this opportunity to congratulate all the award winners this year, in particular K2’s prize winners. Birgitta Åsjö became the first woman to receive Falch’s senior prize for her AIDS research. Bergithe Oftedal won the Falch Prize for younger researchers and illustrated in an exemplary manner how research stays abroad can be used in building research networks and career. More people should takes such opportunities. Per Eystein Lønning received the award for this year’s research group on behalf of the breast cancer research group – a very well deserved prize.

Joint events such as the faculty day are not always prioritized by the researchers, but are very important for getting to know what is happening at the faculty. Maybe you don’t have to travel to Seatlle or Boston to learn a technique that is already running on campus. Such meetings stimulate new ideas and exchange of concepts that can benefit everyone. We need to establish more such arenas, not only within the faculty but also in collaboration with departments at the hospital. Instead of the university and the hospital being competitors, we should collaborate more on research so that we are better equipped in the competition against other environments in Norway and internationally.

Have a nice weekend

Eystein Husebye

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