A farewell letter from Marius Alvheim

After 2 fantastic years as an apprentice at K2, with a diploma in hand, I set off for uncharted waters. I have met many wonderful people and learned a lot of useful things that I now carry with me in life. It’s hard to say goodbye to a job I’ve enjoyed so much, but sometimes in life, goodbye is something you have to say and change is not something you can prevent. So thank you for my time here everyone, and thanks for 2 amazing years. I’m going to miss K2 in its entirety and all the wonderful people here. With UiB mail disabled and phone delivered to K2’s new apprentice Tonje whom I hope you take good care of, I leave you with one quote from my favorite CEO Elon Musk.
“Some people don’t like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster.”

I also leave my private email address if anyone needs it.

Thanks for the time K2. You’re going to be missed.

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