Exams and so forth …

When Christmas is approaching, the exams are coming too.

Thank you for all the effort you have contributed in creating MCQs, preparing tasks for short essays, finding anatomic models  to be explored, organizing electronic exam databases and finding examination rooms and proper guards. After this we may leave for Christmas holiday with a good conscience (except those of us who have to complete the correcting /censorship before the New Year is emerging..)

Into the New Year: January 17th, the first test-OSKE for the 12th semester will be arranged. We have found assignments for this exam but need people to assemble the stations during the 16th and that those who have prepared the specific tasks have two teachers ready for censoring at each station (two loops).  Similar as the MCQ database: We need OSKE-tasks for the next full-scale exam in June 6th. Thank you to those of you who have actually delivered assignments/tasks. For the rest of You: it is important to think about how you want the students to be tested for clinical activity in your field of study. Students will no longer be tested using a patient from “your” department to question/ examine. So for the clinical skills you mean are IMPORTANT that students should be able to master; make an exam assignment. Students practice and learn what they know they are being tested on!

One more thing with MCQ questions: some of us teach in English and we have to make English assignments. For the Norwegian terms the questions are in Norwegian, and since we have two official Norwegian language forms, tasks must be prepared in both (bokmål and nynorsk). It is the responsibility of the one preparing tasks/questions to prepare in both Norwegian languages and add these to the MCQ database. We cannot use any question for an exam without it being available in both language forms. Do you have people affiliated with your group/ students you supervise/ junior doctors in your department that master the other language form (or perhaps English) better than you? They can help in translating and at the same time also be used to ensure that the assignment is relevant and understandable.

Have a nice advent!


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