Important changes regarding parking outside the lab building

From April 1st, Q-park took over responsibility for control of unauthorized parking at UiB’s parking Spaces at the parking deck outside the lab building. This means a major change. Q-park controls the spaces almost daily and find those who are not electronically registered in their systems. This means that the registration number, name, telephone number and e-mail must be registered electronically at Q-park. This must be done by the reception or Irene Hjelmaas. Parking on the parking deck without confirmation that you have been registered is at your own risk no matter when during the day/week you are considering parking on the parking deck.

2 thoughts on “Important changes regarding parking outside the lab building

  1. mal054 Post author

    Dette gjelder alle selv om du er registrert i UiB sitt parkeringsregister og har oblat.
    Med mindre du har fått beskjed du er hvite listet er du ikke hvite listet.


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