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Political strike 28.01.2015

A political strike against changes in the The Wokring Environment Act will take place on 28.01 at 14:00-16:00.

As per instructions from the Department, enterprises will deduct salary from employees participating in the strike.

 -All UiB employees planning to leave their work place in order to participate in the strike must warn nearest leader and their union representative as soon as possible, an no later than by the end of Friday 23.01.
– Necessary preparedness must be taken into consideration
– Salary will be deducted for participating in the strike
– Faculties and departments will subsequent to the event submit a list of names to the Payroll Office with copy sent to Division of Human Resources.

 For more information click here (in Norwegian)

Public defence week 4

Ingrid Kristin Torsvik will have her Public defence on Friday January 30, 2015

Trial lecture: Friday January 30. 2015, 10.15
Topic: “Svangerskap etter overvekts kirurgi; risiko for mor og det nyfødte barnet”
Place: Barneklinikkens auditorium, Jonas Lies vei 65

Public defence: Friday January 30, 2015, 12.15
Place: Barneklinikkens auditorium, Jonas Lies vei 65 
Title of dissertation: “B vitamin and iron status during infancy”
1st opponent Professor Olle Hernell, Universitetet i Umeå, Sverige 
2st opponent : Professor Claus Klingenberg, Norges arktiske universitet, Tromsø



MIC Course

MiC will arrange a course in Multimodal Imaging on March 16-20, 2015.  The course has limited capacity, so it is important register early.  Click here for course description and link for signing up. Click here for complete course program.

Research presentations 2014

The Bergen Postgraduate School of Clinical Medical Research invites everyone interested to attend the Research Presentations 2014 event which will take place in week 5 (January 26-30). Several of our PhD-Candidates will contribute with posters and oral presentations. Click here for complete program. Click here for list of poster presentations. Click here for list of oral presentations. Click here for program for the rewarding ceremony (in Norwegian).



New Erasmus announcements

We would like to inform everyone that Erasmus has new announcements of funds aimed at mobility. This funding is available for all employees – technical, administrative and scientific. More information about the announcements can be found under the heading “Application deadlines”.



Introduction course for new employees

UoB is holding a new Introduction course for new employees January 16. The Introduction course is an offer for all new employees, independent of the position size or group. The personel and organisation department arranges introduction courses for new employees twice per year.

The course will be held in Norwegian.The University have many foreign employees, and therefore there will be an equivalent course in English. More information about this will be given at a later date.

Time: January 16, at 08:30-15:10
Place: Student Center, seminar room E

Program and registration (both in Norwegian).

At the end of the year

Eystein 2

In this last editorial of the year I wish to, on behalf of the K2 leadership, to thank everyone for their efforts in 2014. A lot of great work has been accomplished in teaching, research, research education and HSE. The administration has done a great job with systematizing and simplifying various administrative procedures.

The 2015 budget has now been approved by the Faculty board. Unfortunately, it seems impossible to avoid using a big chuck of the PhD and Postdocs’ operational funds to balance the 3 million kroner budget deficit. This something which we strongly dislike! To ensure that at least some funds will be available to PhD-Candidates, we will consider transferring the funds we normally reserve for public defense expenses to the various research groups. However, this means that the research groups themselves must cover these expenses. Another important change is that, starting next year, the faculty will only cover 70% of the overhead for external projects without overhead (Except The Norwegian Cancer society Funds). This will not affect ongoing projects, but those starting after 1 January 2015. This means that the groups receiving such funding must cover the remaining 30%.

Next year The Faculty will finalise the New Medical School curriculum, starting up for first year students in 2015, and for 1st, 2nd and forth year students in 2016. The various leaders of the semester boards will, together with those responsible for the different subjects, work out the details. The recent funding obtained by many of K2’s groups will hopefully be translated into good research in the year to come. This year we have had a total of 21 public defenses at K2 (unfortunately K1 beat us with 1), but we have the highest number of new recruits to the PhD program. We will continue working on creating good meeting places in order to facilitate interaction between K2’s research groups. Last, but not least, a new Head of Department will start his or her term early next year. I am confident that this person will continue to develop K2 in a positive direction..

Now, however, it is soon Christmas and time for a well-deserved break. On behalf of the institute leadership we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Head of Department


Meeting – Peder Sather Center

UiB is now administering the Norwegian part of the Peder Sather Center. The center is a collaboration between UC Berkeley and 8 Norwegian research institutions, as well as the Norwegian Research Council. On January 12-13, the center’s Academic Director, Trond Petersen, and Administrative Director, Robert Gleeson, visit UiB. Thus, anyone interested is invited to a presentation of the center, as well as lunch. This is a great way to learn more about center, as well as establish contacts for potential later visits.

Time.: January 12, at 11-12:30. Place. Kollegierommet.

Click here for more information regarding the meeting and how to sign up (in Norwegian).
Click here for more information about Peder Sather Center

Pedagogical training for group leaders, spring 2015

UiB will arrange pedagogical training for group leaders on January 6-8. The course will give you the chance to discuss and plan your own teaching, hence it is an advantage that several group leaders from the same course participate at the same time. That way they can talk with each other about preparations for the course. For more information (in Norwegian) click here.

Library courses spring 2015

The library offers courses in literature searching and handling of references.
The courses are meant for employees and students at the University of Bergen and Haukeland University Hospital.  The courses are free of charge.

The following courses are offered spring 2015:

– PubMed & EMBASE
– Introduction to databases in knowledge-based practice
– Cochrane and systematic overviews
– EndNote – introductory course and refresher course

If you wish other types of seminars or courses at your department, please contact the library.  See course program for more information, dates and deadlines for signing up: (in Norwegian)

Course in the Chemical Register (ECOonline)

The course will give an introduction on how to use ECOonline, the electronic chemical register for UiB.

Target group

Employees responsible for registering chemicals in the chemical register ECOonline.

Course contents

At UiB, the use and storage of all chemical- and biological agents should be risk assessed in the chemical register ECOonline, UiB’s electronical material database.

The course “The Chemical Register (ECOonline)” will give an introduction on how to use ECOonline.  Participants will become familiar with the database, as well as learn how to create a user and location, in addition to registering data sheets in the database. The training will take place in a computer lab.

Time: Wednesday January 28, at 09:00-11:00

Place: Stein Rokkans hus

Sign up electronically  by no later than December 15 via this link:

NB: The course is given in Norwegian


Exam time and pre-Christmas activities

Eva Gerdts

So we are in advent again, and many courses will have exams before the autumn semester comes to an end on 12.12.14. This is a busy time for both students, lecturers, censors and the academic administration.  In addition, detailed planning of new curriculum for the school of medicine is ongoing.  This issue was once again on the agenda at the Faculty Board meeting on 26.11.14.  The framework for teaching and exams was approved.  In the future curriculum there will be at most 19 hours of scheduled teaching activities every week, and there will be exams at the end of each semester covering the multi-disciplinary learning goals.  In addition, at the end of 3rd and 6th year, a practical station exam (OSCE-exam) will take place.  Each semester, a semester council responsible for teaching and exam activities will be established, and K2 will be responsible for three of these semester councils, as well as for final exams on the 6th study year.  In order for the semester councils to have as strong a foundation as possible for its important work, it is now time for the heads of the academic sections, in coordination with people in charge of courses and topics, to gather lecturers and plan when and how teaching will be done of the individual topics in the new curriculum.  A detailed plan for distribution of study credits between courses in different semesters is the starting point for this important work.  The new curriculum will be implemented for first-year students from autumn 2015 and onwards, and in autumn 2016 a new curriculum will also be implemented for fourth-year students.  Thus there will be a 4-year period where teaching will follow both the new and the old curriculum.  I know that several academic sections are already well underway with this work, and it is important to finish our part of the teaching planning as soon as possible.  I kindly ask this to be sent to head of academic affairs within January 31, 2015.  Updated information on the new curriculum is available at (in Norwegian)

Good luck with this important work!