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Introduction course for new employees

UoB is holding a new Introduction course for new employees January 16. The Introduction course is an offer for all new employees, independent of the position size or group. The personel and organisation department arranges introduction courses for new employees twice per year.

The course will be held in Norwegian.The University have many foreign employees, and therefore there will be an equivalent course in English. More information about this will be given at a later date.

Time: January 16, at 08:30-15:10
Place: Student Center, seminar room E

Program and registration (both in Norwegian).

Fedmedagen 2014

The Obesity Day (Fedmedagen) is an interdisciplinary seminar for all who do research on obesity and metabolic diseases. This year it will be held on October 2. Program and information will be given on a later date.

Do you wish to hold a presentation? Deadline for sending in abstracts is June 15.
Registration before July 1.
Registration and abstract should be sent to Christine Haugen.
The seminar is free of charge, and lunch will be served to those who have registered.

Go abroad!

Eystein 2University of Bergen, Helse Vest, The Norwegian Research Council, EU and other sources of funding urge Norwegian researchers to work abroad in order to return with valuable experience which may ultimately improve research quality here at home. UiB even funds a 4th year for postdoc year for those who leave the country.

Yet, there are many who obtain a master degree, PhD, and postdoc in the same research group. The reasons are complex, but partner’s job situation and family are factors which may hinder the desire to leave. If it is not possible to travel for one year or several years, an alternative could be short- and possibly repeated stays of 1-3 months at a foreign institution. This could provide access to methods and academic environments that are not available at home. Your research will obtain wider exposure and the new environment could provide valuable input. This will count when your competence and skills are evaluated for future funding and positions down the line.Bratland

Furthermore, it is equally important to stimulate foreign researchers to visit us for shorter or longer periods of time. Another option taken by some groups has been to invite top-notch scientists to evaluate their research on an annual basis.

There are many possibilities. Help K2’s research to achieve an even wider international visibility and impact.

Eystein Husebye
Deputy Head of Department

Language Award – Bokmål


Every year the Norwegian Language Council give an award for outstanding use of Norwegian in nonfiction. The award is given alternate years for bokmål and nynorsk. This year it is bokmål.

The awards are given for individual works or productions from the last five years and may go to persons or groups (institutions, businesses, organisations). Candidates may be from industry, research, education (educational resources), management, the press, technology, culture (e.g. blogger) and so on.

Everyone can nominate candidates for the Language Award (in Norwegian). Send your suggestions, with out without reasons, to Eilov Runnesto by June 20.

Public defences week 21

wernerHenrica Maria Johanna Werner will have her public defence on Tuesday May 20, 2014.
Trial lecture: Tuesday May 20, 2014, 09:15
Topic: «Endometrial carcinoma: areas of translational research after the TCGA reclassification»
Public defence: Tuesday May 20, 2014, 10:30
Place: Auditorium 4, BB-building, Jonas Lies vei 91
Title of dissertation: «Clinical and molecular markers in endometrial cancer. Studying prognostic and predictive biomarkers that can help to individualise therapeutic decisions»
1st opponent: Professor Jaime Prat, Autonomous University, Barcelona, Spain
2nd opponent:
Professor Hans W. Nijman, University Medical Center, Groningen, Netherlands
Poster and Press release (both in Norwegian).

strom_gro_0Gro Elizabeth Ann Strøm will have her public defence on Tuesday May 20, 2014.
Trial lecture: Tuesday May 20, 2014, 09:15
Topic: «Is elimination of malaria in Tanzania feasible?»
Public defence: Tuesday May 20, 2014, 11:15
Place: Stort Auditorium, Haukeland University Hospital
Title of dissertation: «Diagnosing pediatric malaria in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Clinical and laboratorial perspectives»
1st opponent: Associate Professor Michael Alifrangis, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
2nd opponent:
Professor Jan Kristian Damås, NTNU, Norway
Poster and Press release (both in Norwegian).

manhenke_3Cord Arend Manhenke will have his public defence on Tuesday May 22, 2014.
Trial lecture: Thursday May 22, 2014, 09:15
Topic: «Cardiac extracellular matrix: Constituents and function»
Public defence: Thursday May 22, 2014, 10:30
Place: Aula 2nd floor, Sydbygg, Stavanger University Hospital
Title of dissertation: «Circulating markers of extracellular cardiac matrix turnover in patients following acute myocardial infarction»
1st opponent: Professor Christian Hall, Ringerike Hospital
2nd opponent:
Professor Petar M. Seferovic, University of Beograd, Serbia
Poster and Press release (both in Norwegian).

helland_yystein_svhvØystein Helland will have his public defence on Friday May 23, 2014.
Trial lecture: Friday May 23, 2014, 11:15
Topic: «Immune response failure as a predisposing factor for developing cancer»
Public defence: Friday May 23, 2014, 13:15
Place: Auditorium, Kvinneklinikken, Jonas Lies vei 72
Title of dissertation: «Ovarian Cancer: A clinical challenge requiring basic answers. Development of an orthotopic ovarian xenograft model accessible to surgical intervention and exploring the role of Treg in evasion of immune destruction»
1st opponent: Professor A.G.J. van der Zee, University Medical Center, Groningen, Netherlands
2nd opponent: 
Associate Professor Ben Davidson, University of Oslo, Norway
Poster and Press release (both in Norwegian).

Midway evaluations week 21

Hilde Mjell Donkor
Friday May 23, at 09:00-10:00.
For more information.

Kristoffer Sand
Friday May 23, at 10:00-11:00.
For more information.

Bente Brannsether-Ellingsen
Friday May 23, at. 11:00-12:00.
For more information.

Henriette Hellebust
Friday May 23, at 14:45-15:45.
For more information.

All the evaluations are held in the seminar room on the 7nd floor of the Lab-building.