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Eystein 2

In this last editorial of the year I wish to, on behalf of the K2 leadership, to thank everyone for their efforts in 2014. A lot of great work has been accomplished in teaching, research, research education and HSE. The administration has done a great job with systematizing and simplifying various administrative procedures.

The 2015 budget has now been approved by the Faculty board. Unfortunately, it seems impossible to avoid using a big chuck of the PhD and Postdocs’ operational funds to balance the 3 million kroner budget deficit. This something which we strongly dislike! To ensure that at least some funds will be available to PhD-Candidates, we will consider transferring the funds we normally reserve for public defense expenses to the various research groups. However, this means that the research groups themselves must cover these expenses. Another important change is that, starting next year, the faculty will only cover 70% of the overhead for external projects without overhead (Except The Norwegian Cancer society Funds). This will not affect ongoing projects, but those starting after 1 January 2015. This means that the groups receiving such funding must cover the remaining 30%.

Next year The Faculty will finalise the New Medical School curriculum, starting up for first year students in 2015, and for 1st, 2nd and forth year students in 2016. The various leaders of the semester boards will, together with those responsible for the different subjects, work out the details. The recent funding obtained by many of K2’s groups will hopefully be translated into good research in the year to come. This year we have had a total of 21 public defenses at K2 (unfortunately K1 beat us with 1), but we have the highest number of new recruits to the PhD program. We will continue working on creating good meeting places in order to facilitate interaction between K2’s research groups. Last, but not least, a new Head of Department will start his or her term early next year. I am confident that this person will continue to develop K2 in a positive direction..

Now, however, it is soon Christmas and time for a well-deserved break. On behalf of the institute leadership we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Head of Department


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