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Funds for collaborative projects and professional forums within Global challenges 2024.

Global challenges (GSU) is one of three priority areas where UiB aims to utilize and develop the unique opportunities of the comprehensive university for academic mobilization, deepening, and collaboration across disciplinary boundaries. GSU seeks to stimulate professional forums and collaboration across faculties and announces seed funding for this purpose. A minimum of two faculties should be involved in the collaboration, and the activities should be linked to the highlighted themes for the period 2023-2025: democracy and human rights, global health, migration, diversity, and resources.

Funding is allocated for meetings, seminars, or travel. The supported activities should develop interdisciplinary research projects, and the projects should include concrete plans for applications to external funding sources and further research collaboration. The call targets scientific staff at the postdoc, researcher, associate professor, and professor levels with a main position at UiB. Early career researchers are encouraged to apply.

The total budget for the 2024 call is NOK 400,000. A maximum of NOK 100,000 per project is allocated. The funds must be utilized by the end of 2025. Feedback on the work should be provided upon completion of the activity using a designated form.

A digital application form must be used (only in Norwegian). The applicant’s department/faculty should confirm  support for the application – this is sent via ePhorte from the main applicant’s department/faculty.

Application deadline: April 30, 2024

Assessment criteria:
·  Academic quality and relevance to global societal challenges
·  Innovative interdisciplinary collaboration
·      Contribution of the activity to the applicant’s career development or the development of the           academic community

NORPART – Call for proposals 2024

HK-Dir has once again announced the NORPART program for the period 2024-2028. For this period, there will be 35 million NOK available for partnership projects per year. The NORPART program provides support for educational collaboration in 40 countries for a period of five years. The typical grant size is 5 million NOK per project. The application deadline is June 3, 2024.

With the application, a signed Declaration of Participation by the administrative responsible for the project must be uploaded. This can be signed at the institute, center, or faculty level. The application support team at SA offers administrative support to interested academic environments/departments and invites to a webinar about the program and its further follow-up at UiB on April 10th from 09:00 to 10:30.  Registartion

For those seeking application support, the deadline for submitting the Concept note (1 page) to SA is April 22nd, and for submitting the project description to SA, the deadline is May 21st.

Reference is also made to SA’s resource pages NORPART | Ansattsider | UiB (only in Norwegian)

The announcement and information about the program can be found here: NORPART – Call for proposals 2024 | HK-dir (hkdir.no).

Interested parties can also contact helge.bjorlo@uib.no.

Nordic Developmental Biology Societies & Michael Sars Symposium Joint Meeting

We would like to cordially invite you to our upcoming Nordic Developmental Biology Societies & Michael Sars Symposium Joint Meeting, for which we have invited an exciting list of speakers.

The event will kick off on May 28 with a joint keynote lecture by Prof. Mike Levine in the evening, followed by the Michael Sars Symposium on May 29 and the Developmental Biology Societies conference until May 31.

More information as well as the registration link can be found on our website:www.tinyurl.com/NDEVMSS24

Project grants in Endocrinology and Metabolism – Nordic Region

The Novo Nordisk Foundation calls for applications within basic and clinical research within the endocrine system and metabolism relating to cellular energy homeostasis. The objective is to promote Nordic research at the highest international level to carry out research projects of 1-3 years duration.

Amount: Up to DKK 3 million per grant
Location: Nordic region
Research area focus: Endocrinology and Metabolism
Call closes: 28 May


Successful seminar for PhD supervisors at Eitri Medical Incubator.

Foto: Havjin Jacob

The Faculty of Medicine (PhD Administration -MED) recently held a seminar for PhD supervisors at Eitri Medical Incubator.  Associate Professor of University Pedagogy (UPED) in the Department of Education, Robert Morris Gray Jr.was invited to give his professional insight on “How to give written feedback to PhD candidates”, a topic of great importance in the academic journey of a PhD student. A PhD candidate, MD Gard Johanson was also invited to share experiences and challenges in receiving feedback from a PhD candidate’s viewpoint.
The seminar was engaging and packed with research-based presentation about among other, principles of effective feedback, what PhD supervisors should avoid when giving feedback, and much more. One of the unique aspects of this seminar was the opportunity for PhD supervisors to bring along sample texts on which they had struggled to provide feedback. During the seminar, they could work on these text samples and receive constructive advice from their colleagues.
This topic was a request from the supervisors themselves, something they had mentioned in previous seminars we have held. Even experienced PhD supervisors found the seminar beneficial, which speaks volume about the quality and relevance of the content presented. Unfortunately, the turnout was lower than expected, with only 17 supervisors in attendance out of 31 registered. However, the feedback from those who attended was strongly positive, indicating that the seminar was indeed a success. We hope to see more supervisors at future seminar, benefiting from informative sessions.