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MRCRM’s seminar series – February 2024

What does it take to obtain a manufacturing license for producing advanced therapies such as gene therapy, cell therapy and tissue engineering products?

Welcome to this year’s first MRCRM seminar, where the key personnel from the Section for Cell-based Medicinal Products (CMP) at Helse Bergen HF will present the Ex vivo clean room facility at Helse Bergen HF. Delve into the process, milestones achieved, and the final steps needed to secure a manufacturing license for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs).

Enjoy the insights over coffee, tea and cookies with your peers in Aud. 4 at BBB this Tuesday afternoon. The seminar is free and open to all.

Title:  How to obtain a manufacturing license according to current good manufacturing practice (GMP) regulations.

Speakers: Elin Strand, Kimberley J. Hatfield and Petra Vogelsang

Time: February 20, 2024, from 14:30-15:30

Where:  BBB, Auditorium 4

MRCRM’s 2nd International Meeting on Regenerative Medicine

Logo: Mohn Research Centre for Regenerative Medicine

Mohn Research Center for Regenerative Medicine (MRCRM) invites you to join our 2nd International Meeting on Regenerative Medicine at Grand Hotel Terminus on April 15th and 16th, 2024.

The scientific program features renowned speakers presenting the latest advancements in regenerative medicine, including the development of advanced therapies and insights from clinical studies. We also invite master’s and PhD students to showcase their research during the Lightning Talk Session (see the link below for more information). Following the conclusion of the scientific program on day 1, we extend an invitation to a delightful networking dinner at the hotel.

Date and time: April 15, 12.00 – 19.00, April 16, 09.00 – 16.00

Venue: Grand Hotel Terminus

Registration deadline: March 22

Visit the conference website for the program and registration details!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Nominations accepted for the Signe and Ane Gyllenberg Foundation’s 75th Anniversary Prize

The Signe and Ane Gyllenberg Foundation’s 75th anniversary prize is awarded for significant contributions to psychosomatic research.

In this context, psychosomatic research refers to research that studies the impact of psychological factors on physical health, not research that focuses on how physical illnesses affect mental health.

The prize can be awarded to an individual scientist, a research group or a research community. Continue reading

Invitation to showcase your work at the SDG Conference 2024

Dear PhDs and postdoctoral researchers, It is our pleasure to invite you to present your work at the upcoming SDG Conference 2024!

The sixth SDG Conference in Bergen will take place 7-9 February 2024 with the theme “The role of universities in transformative change” (see SDG Conference Bergen | University of Bergen (uib.no) for details). This digital conference provides new opportunities to present emerging and important research by motivated PhD students and postdoctoral researchers addressing the conference themes. We therefore invite all PhDs and postdoctoral researchers that are interested to present a digital videorecorded poster on your research and how it relates to the theme of the upcoming conference.

The deadline for submitting a two-minute videorecorded poster is 2 February, 2024.

For more information on details on how to record your contribution and practical information regarding submitting, please see attached pdf flyer with information or visit the call for posters website. Your videorecorded poster videos will be showcased in the conference platform and available for all digital participants to view.  

This is a great opportunity to share your research with a global audience and we hope to see your presentation at the conference!

Link for more information

Vestlandslegen Colleagues – Tore Grimstad

Hello dear colleagues at Clinical Science and project Vestlandslegen,

My name is Tore Grimstad, and I am an internist and gastroenterologist, as well as an Associate Professor II affiliated with K2, based in Stavanger.

Clinically, I work at the gastroenterology outpatient clinic. In addition to my clinical work, my research primarily focuses on inflammatory bowel disease, and I am involved in both clinical, basic research, and microbiome-related projects.

Photo.:/ill Private

Since spring 2018, I have been teaching medical students during placement practice from UiB MED8, and additionally, Vestlandslege students since the fall of 2023. I find it exciting and inspiring to teach students, the future doctors, especially contributing to clinically oriented and hopefully educational discussions with students in an activating environment. I believe that special visits with small groups of students provide an exciting and developing teaching arena, aiming to engage students and facilitate effective learning within a secure framework. This also places important demands on us as teachers as clinical role models.

I also find it rewarding to work together with others towards a common goal and to have the opportunity to follow and guide PhD candidates in the scientific process from project improvement to a completed thesis. I want to contribute to building a scientific environment and mentoring other researchers in a section that has always focused on patient care and conducted extensive and intensive clinical operations. I am delighted by the increasing scientific activity at the gastroenterology section in Stavanger.

Vestlandslegen is in its early stages; the start has been challenging but also exciting. We have a unique opportunity to further develop professional, teaching, and research competence in the coming years, which will benefit patients, students, and staff. I hope my commitment to UiB will allow me to contribute significantly in these areas.

We truly have exciting years ahead!

Vestlandslegen Colleagues – Målfrid Holmaas Bjørgaas

Hello dear colleagues at Clinical Science,

Quick information about me:
Målfrid Holmaas Bjørgaas
Palliative Medicine
University Lecturer for Vestlandslegen, 5% position
Senior Consultant at the Palliative Center, Stavanger University Hospital

Photo:./ill Private

I teach students in Vestlandslegen in palliative care during their 7th semester. Palliative care is grouped with oncology and hematology, and in November, we had the first batch of 8 students. I conducted a two-day palliative care seminar with lectures, discussions, group tasks, and reflection, emphasizing the interdisciplinary perspective essential in palliative care. Students had the opportunity to meet various professionals, including doctors, physiotherapists, and hospital chaplains. We also visited the Boganes Palliative Care Unit operated by the Stavanger municipality.

In November 2024, the second batch is expected with nearly 20 students. It will be exciting.

I have always enjoyed teaching, and I do it extensively in my role as a senior consultant, both within SUS and in associated municipalities. I find it very meaningful to share my experience as both a general practitioner and a palliative care physician with young doctors, and I hope to provide insights into how we can approach patients and their families as whole individuals. I also hope to convey the importance of refraining from unnecessary treatment in the final stages of life and emphasize that providing effective relief is valuable in itself, even if patients do not recover.

SDG Conference in Bergen 2024

Remember to register for 

SDG Conference in Bergen 2024:

The role of universities in transformative change 

7–9 February 2024

The climate and nature crises indicate a code red for humanity. There is a huge gap between political leadership, knowledge, resources and technology. This reflects an urgent need for transformative change. How can universities and the academic professions engage in these changes in new and more radical ways?

We are delighted to invite you to the 7th annual SDG Conference taking place from 7 to 9 February 2024. This digital conference brings together participants from around the world and includes speakers from academia, government, innovation hubs, industry, and more.

The programme is now available online

The conference is digital. Participation is free of charge and open to all!

Register now!


Introduction to Research Ethics

The University of Bergen (UiB) has created the e-learning course “Introduction to Research Ethics,” which is recommended for all employees in scientific positions: https://mitt.uib.no/enroll/L4P4DJ. The course aims to ensure a good understanding of fundamental research ethical norms and guidelines. It is available in both Norwegian and English and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Sound research ethics are crucial for both the quality and integrity of research. Research ethics not only form the foundation but also serve as a key to maintaining trust in research, both for individual researchers and for UiB as an institution.