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RCN self-evaluation has been submitted

On Wednesday, K2’s self-evaluation was sent to the Research Council of Norway. It turned out to be a document of 268 pages. As with previous evaluations, this has taken a significant focus for the institute administration and those of you who contributed to the self-evaluation. In addition to the institute’s overall self-evaluation, the following research groups participated with their own self-evaluation:

  • Bergen Respiratory Research Group by Tomas Mikal Lind Eagan
  • Broegelmann by Helena Erlandsson Harris
  • Endocrine Medicine by Eystein S. Husebye
  • Research Group for Infection and Microbiology by Rebecca Jane Cox
  • Drug Group by Lars Herfindal
  • Mohn Center for Diabetes Precision Medicine by Pål R. Njølstad
  • Oncology by Stian Knappskog
  • Paediatric Follow-up Group by Camilla Tøndel
  • Precision Oncology by Ola Myklebost

In addition, the following impact cases participated:

  • Catching the rhythms by Eystein S. Husebye
  • Changing clinical practice in childhood diabetes by precision medicine by Pål R. Njølstad
  • Heart disease in women by Eva Gerdts
  • Pandemic preparedness: the COVID-19 case by Rebecca Cox

The process ahead is a three-step evaluation. First, research groups are evaluated in expert panels categorized by field/discipline across sectors. Then, administrative units are evaluated in evaluation committees that are sector-specific. The third step is the national level, which includes all medical research in Norway. A selection of experts from the evaluation is used here.

The administrative units are the main object of the evaluation. Evaluation results for the research groups will be included in the evaluation report for the administrative unit to which they belong.

Many thanks to everyone who participated – especially Susanne and Silke – for great effort over a long period. Now we can enjoy the weekend with a clear conscience and hope for a good result!


Mobility seminar for researchers

Are you planning a research stay abroad? This seminar will help you with the planning.

Seminar 22.02.2024 – 09.00–12.00 Zoom

Registration link

International Centre together with the Occupational Health services, IT-department, and the division of Research and Innovation is hosting a mobility seminar for you who are planning a research stay abroad.

The topics that will be covered:

  • Health and vaccinations
  • IT security
  • Social security affiliation outside
  • Norway Health rights abroad
  • Taxation Insurance
  • Change of address
  • Personal security
  • Are you traveling with family?
  • Financing possibilities


Annual Research Presentations 2024

The Research School in Clinical Medicine at Department of Clinical Medicine, Department of Clinical Science and Haukeland University Hospital organizes an annual gathering where PhD candidates present their research to their doctoral colleagues.

The event consists of two parts: a poster presentation with posters hanging in the lobby of Haukeland University Hospital, and a gathering with oral presentations.

prisvinnere forskerskolen 2024

Award winners from left to right: Prisvinnere for 2024, fra venstre til høyre: Solveig Løkhammer, Hilde Eide Lien, Rasmus Bach Sindre, May Gjerstad, Lise Skarstein Jakobsen og Urszula Kalucka. Rammah Elnour og Grete Ueland was not present.
Photo:Ingrid Hagerup



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Seminar – Myelogene blodkreftsykdommer

Only in Norwegian

Kronisk myelogen leukemi (KML), Akutt myelogen leukemi (AML), Myelodysplastisk syndrom (MDS) og Myeloproliferative sykdommer (MPN) er eksempler på myelogene blodkreftsykdommer som har slektskap med hverandre.

Torsdag 8. februar inviterer Blodkreftforeningen til seminar om temaet på Radisson Blu Royal Bryggen hotell i Bergen. Seminaret blir også streamet og mulig å følge fra hele landet.

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