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Join us for the second “Pandemifrokost” on the 29th of February

Banner Pandemifrokost

The Pandemic Center welcomes you to this year’s second breakfast meeting in Alrek health cluster. This time, we are honored to have Dr. Yana Litins’ka from Lund University (Sweden) as well as Ellen Margrete Iveland Ersfjord and Hege Mari Johnsen from the University of Agder, joining us. Dr. Yana Litins’ka will deliver a presentation on barriers to vaccinating adult immigrants in Sweden during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ellen Margrethe and Hege Mari from UiA will discuss what happened to individuals with intellectual disabilities living in supported housing during the pandemic.



More information about the announcement of postdoctoral positions within LEAD AI.

There has been some feedback stating that there was a bit too little information in last week’s message, so here is some more detailed information:

  • LEAD AI is partially funded by the EU’s Horizon Europe – Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action. The program will facilitate a common career development arena for 19 postdoctoral researchers to be employed at UiB. Research opportunities range from fundamental AI research to more applied research in natural sciences and medicine, addressing issues related to the interaction between AI, humans, and society, including legal and ethical challenges. The program is coordinated by the Department of Informatics (MN). It starts on January 1st, 2024, and lasts for 5 years.
  • Postdoctoral researchers work on their own AI-relevant projects.
  • LEAD AI facilitates common meetings, courses, and training.
  • Recruitment follows mainly UiB’s procedures, but with specific requirements from the EU regarding mobility and the composition of committees.
  • Career development and guidance of the postdoctoral researchers are central to the program.
  • Collaboration with other institutions, academic and non-academic, nationally and internationally, is strongly recommended.

The faculty contributes with three postdoctoral researchers to the project. Six faculties are involved in this, hence the broad scope of the theme. Here is a link; the information will likely be updated over time.

LEAD AI | University of Bergen (uib.no)