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Congratulations to the KG Jebsen Center for Myeloid Leukemia

Dear colleagues and friends,

It is with immense pride and excitement that I announce the establishment of the KG Jebsen Center for Myeloid Leukemia within K2. This momentous occasion marks a significant leap forward in our relentless pursuit of scientific excellence and innovative medical solutions.

Let us reflect on the profound impact that research centers like the KG Jebsen Center have on our academic community and beyond. These centers serve as crucibles of knowledge, where brilliant minds converge, collaborate, and ignite transformative ideas. They are the beating hearts of discovery, pushing the boundaries of human understanding and paving the way for groundbreaking therapies.

What centers does K2 host today?

  • The Broegelmann Research Laboratories (Broegelmann Foundation)
  • The Influensa Center (Directorate for Health and Care)
  • The Center for Pharmacy (UiB, with Department of Chemistry, Mat Nat)
  • The KG Jebsen Center for Genomic Cancer Therapy (Stiftelsen KG Jebsen)
  • The KG Jebsen Senter for Myeloid Leucemia (Stiftelsen KG Jebsen)
  • The Mohn Center for Diabetes Precision Medicine (Trond Mohn Research Foundation)
  • The Nutrition Research Laboratory (Trond Mohn Research Foundation)
  • The Mohn Cancer Research Laboratory (Trond Mohn Research Foundation)
  • The Center for Antibiotics Resistance (Trond Mohn Research Foundation)
  • The Center for Regenerative Medicine (Trond Mohn Research Foundation)
  • The Center for Heart Disease Research in Women (Heart Foundation)

Why are research centers so invaluable?

  1. Interdisciplinary synergy: Our new center exemplifies the spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration. By bringing together experts from diverse fields—hematology, genetics, immunology, and clinical medicine—we create a fertile ground for cross-pollination of ideas. It is at these intersections that breakthroughs occur, where a biologist’s insight meets a clinician’s practical wisdom, and where innovation thrives.
  2. Sustained focus: The KG Jebsen Center’s dedicated focus on myeloid leukemia ensures that we delve deep into the intricacies of this complex disease. With a laser-like precision, our researchers will unravel its molecular underpinnings, identify novel therapeutic targets, and improve patient outcomes. This sustained commitment is our promise to those affected by leukemia—a promise of hope and progress.
  3. Seedbed for future funding: While many centers operate within finite timeframes, their impact reverberates far beyond their initial funding cycles. The seeds they sow germinate into grant proposals, collaborative projects, and industry partnerships. The KG Jebsen Center, like its predecessors, will catalyze external funding, securing our position as a hub of scientific excellence.

Let us extend our warmest congratulations to Professor Bjørn Tore Gjertsen at the helm of the KG Jebsen Center. His unwavering dedication to leukemia research and patient care inspires us all. Under his guidance, I am confident that the center will flourish, yielding discoveries that change lives.

Wishing everyone a nice winter vacation and retuning to K2 with recharged batteries and improved range !

Pål & aiPål

Invitation to a forum – the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza

UiB wants to offer a meeting place for those affected by the war between Israel and
Hamas in Gaza, and who feels the need to come together to share experiences, and
give input to the university management.

In order for employees and students to be able to share concerns and thoughts in a
good way, there will be two gatherings. One gathering for Palestinian employees and
students, or with ties to Palestine, and one gathering for Israeli employees and
students, or with ties to Israel.
Simple serving.

Time: 1. mars 2024 12:00 – 13:00 og 14:00 – 15:00
Place: Musèplass 1, Styrerommet

Best regards,
Margareth Hagen

Link to invitation and registration:https://k2info.w.uib.no/files/2024/02/Invitasjon-dialogmote.pdf