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Congratulations to the KG Jebsen Center for Myeloid Leukemia

Dear colleagues and friends,

It is with immense pride and excitement that I announce the establishment of the KG Jebsen Center for Myeloid Leukemia within K2. This momentous occasion marks a significant leap forward in our relentless pursuit of scientific excellence and innovative medical solutions.

Let us reflect on the profound impact that research centers like the KG Jebsen Center have on our academic community and beyond. These centers serve as crucibles of knowledge, where brilliant minds converge, collaborate, and ignite transformative ideas. They are the beating hearts of discovery, pushing the boundaries of human understanding and paving the way for groundbreaking therapies.

What centers does K2 host today?

  • The Broegelmann Research Laboratories (Broegelmann Foundation)
  • The Influensa Center (Directorate for Health and Care)
  • The Center for Pharmacy (UiB, with Department of Chemistry, Mat Nat)
  • The KG Jebsen Center for Genomic Cancer Therapy (Stiftelsen KG Jebsen)
  • The KG Jebsen Senter for Myeloid Leucemia (Stiftelsen KG Jebsen)
  • The Mohn Center for Diabetes Precision Medicine (Trond Mohn Research Foundation)
  • The Nutrition Research Laboratory (Trond Mohn Research Foundation)
  • The Mohn Cancer Research Laboratory (Trond Mohn Research Foundation)
  • The Center for Antibiotics Resistance (Trond Mohn Research Foundation)
  • The Center for Regenerative Medicine (Trond Mohn Research Foundation)
  • The Center for Heart Disease Research in Women (Heart Foundation)

Why are research centers so invaluable?

  1. Interdisciplinary synergy: Our new center exemplifies the spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration. By bringing together experts from diverse fields—hematology, genetics, immunology, and clinical medicine—we create a fertile ground for cross-pollination of ideas. It is at these intersections that breakthroughs occur, where a biologist’s insight meets a clinician’s practical wisdom, and where innovation thrives.
  2. Sustained focus: The KG Jebsen Center’s dedicated focus on myeloid leukemia ensures that we delve deep into the intricacies of this complex disease. With a laser-like precision, our researchers will unravel its molecular underpinnings, identify novel therapeutic targets, and improve patient outcomes. This sustained commitment is our promise to those affected by leukemia—a promise of hope and progress.
  3. Seedbed for future funding: While many centers operate within finite timeframes, their impact reverberates far beyond their initial funding cycles. The seeds they sow germinate into grant proposals, collaborative projects, and industry partnerships. The KG Jebsen Center, like its predecessors, will catalyze external funding, securing our position as a hub of scientific excellence.

Let us extend our warmest congratulations to Professor Bjørn Tore Gjertsen at the helm of the KG Jebsen Center. His unwavering dedication to leukemia research and patient care inspires us all. Under his guidance, I am confident that the center will flourish, yielding discoveries that change lives.

Wishing everyone a nice winter vacation and retuning to K2 with recharged batteries and improved range !

Pål & aiPål

Invitation to a forum – the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza

UiB wants to offer a meeting place for those affected by the war between Israel and
Hamas in Gaza, and who feels the need to come together to share experiences, and
give input to the university management.

In order for employees and students to be able to share concerns and thoughts in a
good way, there will be two gatherings. One gathering for Palestinian employees and
students, or with ties to Palestine, and one gathering for Israeli employees and
students, or with ties to Israel.
Simple serving.

Time: 1. mars 2024 12:00 – 13:00 og 14:00 – 15:00
Place: Musèplass 1, Styrerommet

Best regards,
Margareth Hagen

Link to invitation and registration:

This year Norwegian Flow Cytometry Meeting



The Norwegian  Society for Flow Cytometry (NFCF) and the University of Tromsø (UiT) warmly welcomes you to th 12th Flow Cytomerty meeting. The event will be held in Tromsø on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th of June 2024.

For registration and further information, please visit our website:

In addition, we are pleased to offer an optional Flow Cytometry course on Wednesday 5th of June lead by Mikkel and Charlotte C. Petersen from Aarhus University Hospital and University of Aarhus.

Please note that an early bird-discount is available until March 1st!

18 new open calls from EU4Health in 2024

There are 200 million euros available in funding for open calls from EU4Health. Seven of the calls are directly targeted towards the field of cancer, covering areas such as personalized medicine, artificial intelligence, and quality of life.

EU4Health is the EU’s fourth health program and will be implemented during the period 2021-2027. The total budget is 5.3 billion euros, making it the largest health program in EU history.

EU4Health aims to protect European citizens from cross-border health threats, improve access to medical equipment, medicines, and other crisis-related supplies, and contribute to strengthening national health systems and the healthcare workforce.

2024 EU4Health Work Programme

UiB Climate Fund

Logoen til UiBs klimafond

Foto/ill.: Margareth Haugen, UiB

UiB has decided to establish a fund to finance actions that will help motivate employees and students in the work to reduce the university climate footprint.

This fund will amount to 2 million NOK in 2024. The fund finance measures that support the work to ensure a more environmentally and climate friendly university. Either through direct reduction of UiB’ s climate footprint, or by motivating students and employees to participate in a joint “environment and climate dugnad”.

Deadline for applications is set to March 17th.

More info here:

Women in Academia: Achieving Our Potential

To celebrate the upcoming International Women’s Day, The Faculty of Medicine invites you to hear Professor Margaret (Mags) C. Watson discuss her new book, “Women in Academia” and join us for an informal discussion afterwards. Bring your lunch!

Read more:

Horizon Europe Course; Available Spots

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, we have Horizon Europe courses that suit you!


We still have available spots in the upcoming courses.

B.2 – Horizon Europe Proposal Writing Focus: Impact (Oslo)
B. 2 (level 2, for advanced): The course provides an introduction to project development in Horizon Europe (work program, topics and calls, application process, characteristics of Horizon Europe applications, the different types of projects, and also application preparation). During the course, we will go through the application process from idea to completed project proposal, and you will have the opportunity to participate in a practical exercise.
27. feb – 28. februar 2024
B.2 – Horizon Europe Proposal Writing Focus: Impact (Oslo) (

B.1 – Horizon Europe Proposal Writing Focus: The first steps (Oslo)
B1: (Level 1, for beginners): The course provides an overview of what characterizes a successful research and innovation project in the EU, what needs to be done in the preparation phase, and explains the responsibilities and tasks of each partner in the project. We delve into how to build a strong consortium, the various stages of the application writing process, and how to effectively lead an application development process until submission.
5. mars 2024
B.1 – Horizon Europe Proposal Writing: the first steps (Oslo) (

C.1 – Project Management and Reporting: the first steps (Oslo)
C.1 (Level 1, for beginners): The course provides an introduction to the lifecycle of an EU project; how to initiate the project, as well as reporting and management along the way. We will go through the Funding and Tenders Portal, and you will receive valuable tips on effective ways to disseminate information about the project and project results throughout the project period. The course also includes a practical exercise in project management, where we discuss how to handle difficult situations that may arise in a project in the best possible way.
6. mars 2024
C.1 – Project Management and Reporting: the first steps (Oslo) (

D.1 – Budgeting in Horizon Europe – step-by-step (Oslo)
Course (Level 1, for beginners): The course is an introduction to funding and budgeting in Horizon Europe, covering the basic principles of EU funding in research and innovation projects. We explain the ways in which budgeting in Horizon Europe differs from Horizon 2020, and teach you how to set up a good resource plan and accompanying budget. The course concludes with a practical workshop where you learn to set up a budget and calculate costs for a hypothetical project.
7. Mars 2024
D.1 – Budgeting in Horizon Europe – step-by-step (Oslo) (

D.2 – Financial rules of Horizon Europe and H2020 (Oslo)
D.2 – The course provides you with a detailed overview of the financial rules in Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe, and we review which costs are eligible and which are not. We discuss various methods of calculating personnel costs, and show which other eligible costs can be included and how these are calculated (e.g., travel expenses, equipment, and internal invoiced costs). At the end of the course, we go through how a project audit is conducted.
11. mars – 12. Mars 2024
D.2 – Financial rules of Horizon Europe and H2020 (Oslo) (

A.3 – Looking for partners and joining consortia (short webinar)
WEBINAR: A.3 – This webinar will assist you in understanding the type of partners to look for in Horizon Europe, whether you are proposing a collaborative project in Horizon Europe or simply seeking a consortium to join. You will learn what characterizes a winning consortium in Horizon Europe, and you will receive practical advice and tools that you can use when searching for project partners.
12. mars 2024
A.3 – Looking for partners and joining consortia (short webinar) (

D.3 – EC Audit workshop (Oslo)
D.3 (levels 2 and 3, for intermediate and advanced): This is the ultimate course for those interested in gaining a comprehensive and detailed overview of all financial aspects of Horizon 2020/Horizon Europe, from budgeting and cost reporting to project audits conducted by the European Commission. To fully benefit from the course, it is a prerequisite to have completed the D.2 course, as the D.3 course builds upon D.2.
13. mars 2024
D.3 – EC Audit workshop (Oslo) (

You can find an overview of all courses until summer here:

Forskningsrådets arrangementer (

Welcome to the courses, and feel free to get in touch with Inger Nordgard – if you have any questions.  

Zoom in on Health, Environment, and Safety: A Prelude to HMS Day – the digital way

As the University of Bergen’s Medical Faculty prepares to host its annual Health, Environment, and Safety (HMS) Day, anticipation mounts for an enlightening and impactful event. Scheduled to take place next Wednesday 21 February at noon, this day aims to prioritize well-being, sustainability, and safety within our academic community and beyond.

A cornerstone of the program is the presentation by HMS Coordinator Ørjan Leren on the Action Plan for HMS and the Faculty’s priorities for 2024. He will outline a strategy to reduce barriers for higher education. Further enriching the discourse, Senior Consultants Nora Abdalla Mohammed and Michelle Odette Iversen Badiane from the Study Department will shed light on the “Diverse UiB – No One Left Behind” project.

The FPD Include Erasmus+ project, presented by Associate Professor Reidun Lisbet Skeide Kjome from the Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care, promises to offer insights into fostering diversity and inclusivity within academic settings.

University Chief Safety Representative June Vibecke Knudtsen Indrevik will underscore the importance of a safe work environment for all, emphasizing collective responsibility and vigilance.

As the day draws to a close, the presentation of the 2023 Work Environment Prize by HMS Coordinator Ørjan Leren will be a fitting culmination, celebrating exemplary contributions to creating a safe and healthy workplace.

I hope you are inspired and urge you to participate, even if it a digital event.

Eystein Husebye
Vice Head of K2

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting URL:
Meeting ID: 654 6480 6396
Password: yQ80h4zh

EIT Digital Future Proofing Healthcare

EIT Digital Future Proofing Healthcare

Future-Proofing Healthcare will gather together industry leaders and digital health luminaries to discuss and explain cutting-edge digital technologies can make healthcare systems more robust and adaptable to challenges like pandemics, conflict and aging populations.

The event is aimed at national and regional innovation authorities, health service providers, the founders and executives of digital health start-ups and scaleups, venture capital firms which focus on the digital health sectors, healthcare corporations, researchers and academics.

Wed, 21 Feb 2024 11:00 – 12:30 CET

Join us for the second “Pandemifrokost” on the 29th of February

Banner Pandemifrokost

The Pandemic Center welcomes you to this year’s second breakfast meeting in Alrek health cluster. This time, we are honored to have Dr. Yana Litins’ka from Lund University (Sweden) as well as Ellen Margrete Iveland Ersfjord and Hege Mari Johnsen from the University of Agder, joining us. Dr. Yana Litins’ka will deliver a presentation on barriers to vaccinating adult immigrants in Sweden during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ellen Margrethe and Hege Mari from UiA will discuss what happened to individuals with intellectual disabilities living in supported housing during the pandemic.


More information about the announcement of postdoctoral positions within LEAD AI.

There has been some feedback stating that there was a bit too little information in last week’s message, so here is some more detailed information:

  • LEAD AI is partially funded by the EU’s Horizon Europe – Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action. The program will facilitate a common career development arena for 19 postdoctoral researchers to be employed at UiB. Research opportunities range from fundamental AI research to more applied research in natural sciences and medicine, addressing issues related to the interaction between AI, humans, and society, including legal and ethical challenges. The program is coordinated by the Department of Informatics (MN). It starts on January 1st, 2024, and lasts for 5 years.
  • Postdoctoral researchers work on their own AI-relevant projects.
  • LEAD AI facilitates common meetings, courses, and training.
  • Recruitment follows mainly UiB’s procedures, but with specific requirements from the EU regarding mobility and the composition of committees.
  • Career development and guidance of the postdoctoral researchers are central to the program.
  • Collaboration with other institutions, academic and non-academic, nationally and internationally, is strongly recommended.

The faculty contributes with three postdoctoral researchers to the project. Six faculties are involved in this, hence the broad scope of the theme. Here is a link; the information will likely be updated over time.

LEAD AI | University of Bergen (

Nordic Centre in Fudan University: Funding for academic events at the Nordic Centre

We would like to remind everyone that the spring 2024 deadline for applications for funding for academic events is on March 20th. 

Organizers of academic events can apply for funding of any amount between 2,000 and 7,000 euros.

Priority will be given to applications that include the participation of at least two Nordic member universities, preferably from different Nordic countries, and one or more Chinese partners. Events where Fudan University or Chinese affiliates are among the Chinese partners will be prioritized; however, other Chinese universities are warmly welcome to be involved as partners.

Furthermore, priority will be given to applications that relate to one or several of the prioritized thematic areas for Sino-Nordic collaboration at the Nordic Centre.

We especially encourage activities that can serve as a networking platform for early career researchers and can facilitate new connections between Nordic and Chinese scholars, that have the potential to result in joint applications for larger external grants, and are open for participation/contributions from all the Nordic Centre member institutions.

More information, including the application form and handbook on academic events at the NC, can be found on this page.

The application form should be filled in English and sent by email latest on March 20th



Zoom webinar

23 April 2024 13:00–15:30 CET

This info day is targeted to prospective participants in the new COST actions that will be launched in May/June, as well as future applicants for the COST Open Call with deadline on 23 October 2024. The event is open to all researchers and innovators at any career stage and from any field of research, especially young researchers. The aim is to inform the research community in the Nordic countries on how to participate in the starting COST Actions or submit a COST Action proposal, the role and impact of the COST programme, and the benefits of the COST offer.

Registration by 22 April

The meeting link will be sent to registered participants about one week before the event.


To see Program:

Continue reading

Novo Nordisk Innovator Grants

The purpose of the Pioneer Innovator Grant Sustainability & Health is to accelerate the commercialisation of research findings and the development of novel technologies within sustainability or health.

Both areas of the Pioneer Innovator Grants seek to support novel academic science-based discoveries with commercial potential. The grant aims to stimulate the evaluation of ideas and to support experiments and activities leading to proof-of-concept or beyond.

Amount Up to DKK 1 million per grant.
Location Nordic region
Call closes 13 March


The purpose of the Distinguished Innovator Grant Sustainability & Health is to accelerate commercialization of research findings and development of novel technologies within sustainability or health.

Both areas of the Distinguished Innovator Grant are aimed for senior faculty members or researchers with a proven track record within innovation, i.e., previous experience of academic innovation projects and experience with establishing patents and spinouts from the academia.

Amount Up to DKK 6 million per grant.
Location Nordic region
Call closes 13 March

Reminder: Joint Lunch for Academic Staff

Get to know your colleagues! The faculty leadership invites all academic staff, from PhD candidates to professors, to a joint lunch on Wednesday, February 28th, at 11:30 in EITRI. The purpose is simply to meet across disciplines and departments to get to know each other better. Sandwiches will be served. No registration is needed.

This spring, joint lunches will be organized on 04/03, 05/08, 06/12, at 11:30 in EITRI.


Greetings from the faculty leadership

Colleagues Vestlandslegen – Jostein Førsvoll

Hello dear colleagues at K2,

I am Jostein Andersen Førsvoll and work at Stavanger University Hospital. Here, I serve as a senior consultant at the Department of Pediatrics with expertise in pediatric endocrinology.

On February 1st, I will assume the position of associate professor and academic coordinator for the 5th year at Vestlandslegen.

Foto:./ill: Privat

I have worked as a university lecturer for many years and have been involved in teaching medical students who have had decentralized pediatric practice in Stavanger. I enjoy teaching and find this work rewarding. I see Vestlandslegen as a natural continuation of the collaboration between our hospital and the University of Bergen. I want to contribute to creating a positive learning environment for students and educators in the 5th year, and I look forward to the start this fall.

In the long run, I hope that this position will also provide opportunities for research, and that I can contribute to projects that foster academic and research collaboration among the pediatric departments in the West of Norway.

Disputation for Jan-Lukas Førde – February 23, 2024.

Sample Lecture: Friday, February 23, 2024, at 10:15 AM

Location:           Auditorium, Armauer Hansens Hus, Haukelandsveien 28
Topic:            “Animal and non-animal models for cancer drug testing: State of the art and future prospects”

Foto/ill.: Sandra Berglid

Dissertation Defense: Friday, February 23, 2024, at 12:15 PM

Location: Auditorium, Armauer Hansens Hus, Haukelandsveien 28
Thesis Title: “The Zebrafish Larva as a Model System for Myeloid Malignancies”

  1. Opponent: Associate Professor Federico Fenaroli, University of Stavanger
  2. Opponent: Associate Professor Maria Omsland, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences
  3. Committee Member: Researcher Anja Torsvik, University of Bergen

The defense will be chaired by Professor Emerita Birgitta Åsjø.

Open to all interested parties.

Press release
(Only provided in Norwegian)

Stepping down as Department Head: An exciting journey ends and a new chapter begins

Dear colleagues,

It is with a mix of emotions that I pen this editorial. After six years at the helm of the Department of Clinical Science, I have decided to step down from my position as Department Head. This decision has not been taken lightly, but rather with careful consideration of the demands and responsibilities that come with leading such a dynamic and impactful department.

Our department, a hub of research and teaching excellence, has grown significantly during my tenure. With 382 dedicated employees, including 70 full-time professors and associated professors, 80 part-time professors and associated professors, over 180 researchers, podt docs and PhD students as well as 50 technicians and administrative staff , we have made significant strides in advancing clinical and translational medical research. This means that in 2023, we had publications in top-tier journals and set a record for external funding121 million NOK. You teach a variety of clinical specialties in addition to pharmacy and nutrition in an exemplary manner. And you have excelled in the competition to establish several new and robust research centers.

However, as the demands of leadership have intensified, I find myself at a crossroads. Balancing the responsibilities of both Department Head and Director of the Mohn Center of Diabetes Precision Medicine has been challenging. The pursuit of excellence requires focus, and I believe it is time to pass the torch to a new leader who can continue to push our department forward.

I am immensely proud of what we have achieved together. Our collaborative spirit, dedication to patient care, and groundbreaking research have left an indelible mark. As I step down, I am confident that the department will continue to thrive under new leadership.

I will be stepping down on April 30, 2024, and in the coming period, I will gradually transfer my responsibilities to Eystein Husebye, who will serve as the Acting Department Head. Rest assured, I remain committed to our shared mission, and I look forward to contributing to the department in new ways. My decision is not a farewell but rather a shift in roles—one that allows me to focus on the exciting work happening at the Mohn Center.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to each of you for your unwavering support and dedication. Together, we have made a difference in the lives of patients and the future of medicine. Let us continue to collaborate, innovate, and inspire.

Thank you for being part of this remarkable journey.

As we embark on a new chapter at the Department of Clinical Science, I am thrilled to announce two additions to our leadership team:

Professor Svein Skeie, MD, PhD: An accomplished endocrinologist and Head of Research at Stavanger University Hospital, Svein Skeie will assume the role of Leader of Stavanger Relations. His deep understanding of leadership, clinical practice, and research will serve as a valuable link between our institutions. The collaboration with Stavanger University Hospital promises to strengthen our ties and foster innovative initiatives.

Professor Silje Skrede, MD, PhD: With a background in pharmacology and administrative work in teaching, Skrede joins us as Leader of Innovation which will strengthen our focus on this important field. Skrede will temporary act as Leader of Teaching while Mette Vesterhus is away.

Enjoy the week-end!


Announcement of postdoctoral positions within LEAD AI

During the month of March, 10 postdoctoral positions will be announced at UiB within the framework of the research and career development program LEAD AI. The Faculty of Medicine will advertise 3 of these positions. LEAD AI is jointly funded by the faculties and the EU through the co-financing scheme COFUND Postdoctoral Programmes under Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions. The total budget is NOK 130 million over five years. Research opportunities range from basic AI research to applied research in the natural sciences, medicine, and social sciences. It is desirable to recruit both local and international researchers. Mobility, internationally and across disciplines and sectors is an important element of the programme. All applicants will be evaluated by an international committee and it is open to both inbound and outbound mobility.

We ask relevant academic communities to report their interest in the postdoctoral positions by March 1st to  Attach a 1/2 page project description with name and affiliation


  • If you submit a project description, you will act as a mentor for the postdoctoral fellow.
  • You shall not provide the name of the candidate; This is an open international call for proposals.
  • The topic is artificial intelligence
  • If we receive many outlines, we will select which projects best fit into the topic of the call.
  • If your project is among those moving forward, you will be contacted for further information.

CodeRefinery workshop

March 12-14 and 19-21, 2024

  • This time we plan to start Git and GitHub from the web interface and only later move to the command line.
  • We offer the two workshop weeks as two blocks but you can sign up for both or just one.
  • Week 1 is tuned for exercises and group work. Week 2 will focus on demonstrations and discussions.
  • We are updating and simplifying the install instructions. We recommend to only go through them in the week before the workshop starts, but not earlier.
  • Watch the stream at (shareable)
  • Lesson material is linked in the schedule below (shareable)
  • Collaborative document for questions and notes (please register to receive it)
  • Q&A of each day is archived on this page (shareable)
  • Archive of past communication to participants (shareable)
  • Videos on Twitch for 7 days and on YouTube later

Upcoming events at the International Centre

Mobility seminar

Are you planning a research stay outside of Norway? Make sure to join our online mobility seminar to learn about practicalities and necessary steps when planning a research stay abroad. It will take place on February 22nd from 09.00 to 12.00 in Zoom. Sign up

Introduction to tax

Sign up and join us for an online informative meeting about how to pay tax in Norway. This is useful if you are moving to Norway, shifting between Norway and other working countries, or working from abroad. We have this seminar 2 Fridays per month, from 11.00 to 11.30. The next seminar will be on February 9 th . In the registration form you can choose which date you want to sign up to. Read more

Introduction course for new employees

This course is step 2 of our introductory seminars for new international employees. The course will take place on March 19 th from 12.00 to 15.00. The doors open a bit in advance, so you have the chance to have a coffee and snacks and get to know each other. You can register

Please complete step 1 (short e-learning course) before attending

Dual career: career advice for partners

If your partner came with you to Norway, and they are looking for a job, this course will be useful for them to get to know the basics about the Norwegian labor market, how to prepare a CV and cover letter, and a bit about Norwegian culture. The seminar is taking place on April 10 th from 09.00 to 12.00 at Rom Aktiv 2, Ulrike Phils hus (Professor Keysersgate 1). You can read more here

The University Library is testing Keenious

Keenious is an example of a new type of academic search tool that utilizes technology based on artificial intelligence to find research articles. The University Library wants to test whether this is a useful supplement to traditional search tools. Therefore, students and staff at UiB will have access to Keenious Plus during the spring semester of 2024. The Plus version provides more features than the free version.
Read more here about how to use the tool and how to get started:

The University Library is testing Keenious | University of Bergen Library | UiB

PhD Grant Writing Workshop

The Faculty of Medicine invites all PhD-candidates to a workshop on «How to write a successful grant proposal».

The workshop will enable PhD-candidates in medicine and sciences to start early with their future research project. Participants will gain insight into the international funding landscape and develop hands-on knowledge by working on their own project proposal.

PhD Grant Writing Workshop (Day 1) | Faculty of Medicine | UiB

Target audience: PhD-candidates enrolled at the Faculty of Medicine who want to kick-start their academic career in the nearest future.

13.05.2024 – 09.0013.00, EITRI Medical Incubator, Haukelandsbakken 31

Introduction to Data Management Plans (DMP)

The Norwegian Research Council and Horizon Europe require projects to submit a data management plan (DMP). A data management plan describes how data in a research project will be collected, processed and made available.

Introduction to Data Management Plans (DMP)

23.02.2024 – 10:15-11:00 ▶ Sign up!

05.04 2024 – 10:15-11:00 ▶ Sign up!