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HSE corner – Employee appraisal

Medarbeidersamtale-2_fullAll employees will be offered an annual employee appraisal. This means there is no division between permanent and temporary, scientific or technical-administrative staff. The leader with responsibility for personnel are responsible for calling appraisal: head of department, Department leader, head of the research Group or leader of the section.

At K2 head of Department is responsible for the employee appraisal for the research group leader (FGL). FGL is responsible for providing appraisal of all staff at the UIB in their group. The administration at K2 will distribute lists of who is in the different research groups, and ask for feedback on who has been offered and implemented employee appraisal of FGL.

Please note that the provision and implementation of employee appraisal is part of HSE reports for 2016 as K2 shall submit to the Central Administration.

Information about preparation, implementation and monitoring  can be foudn in the employee handbook

Please contact head of admistration if you have any questions about implementation

K2 PRESENTS: Film screening in partnership with BIFF!

til%20maanen%20med%20bestefarWednesday November 9th at 3.30 PM K2, in cooperation with the Bergen International Film Festival (BIFF), are showing a film from this year’s film festival.

The film is titled «Til Månen med Bestefar» read more about the film here
There are English subtitles.

K2 will pay for the film, and it’s free for everyone!
The film will be played in store auditorium – 3rd floor HUS

Gather Your work-colleagues, and send an e-mail to Ingvild to register.

Welcome to cinema With K2