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New Names

14699632_1129408737153893_926720324_oIntroducing Eivind Rath, cand.med at UiB. He is a doctor and has worked several years at H araldsplass Hospital and then at the infection section at med.avd, Haukeland University Hospital. September 1st 2016 he began as a researcher at K2, linked to INFECT study, an EU funded study on necrotizing fasciitis, which is also part of Streptococcal Group. Supervisor is Trond Bruun. If you want to say hello, you can find him on the 3rd floor of Fjellsiden.

In autumn 2016 the free space on the following surface-mounting model in university teaching

UPED622 Research Guidance:

Date: 25 and 26 October and 22 November (register here: http://skjemaker.app.uib.no/view.php?id=2365473)

UPED621 evaluation and assessment:

Date: 10th and 11th of November and December 5 (register here: https://skjemaker.app.uib.no/view.php?id=2102388)

Please consult the course overview for more information about the modules: https://w3.uib.no/nb/uniped/56369/v%C3%A5re-kurs

Also recalling Learning Conference taking place on October 20 at VilVite (website with program and registration here: https://w3.uib.no/nb/uniped/100814/motivasjon-l%C3%A6ring-ih%C3%B8yere -education )

New Names

14672627_1128299420598158_1858313391_oIntroducing Kjersti Elvestad Hestetun. She is a doctor and has worked several years at the cancer ward. On September 9th 2016, she started as a PhD student in Olav Dahl group. If you want to say hello, you can find her on the 5th floor in the lab building

Request for master – and bachelor theses in nutrition

Tema for masteroppgave

In connection with the students on master programs in clinical and human nutrition required to write a thesis, calls Program Committee for nutrition new theses in nutrition. The thesis must provide 60 credits, and is intended for two semesters full-time study. Students choose task in April 2017, and the work of the task will fall 17 – spring 18. Students will appoint a maximum of two supervisors in connection with the thesis. Whether primary or secondary supervisor must be employed at the University of Bergen.

Program Committee asks for a brief description (max 1 page) of research and topical (e) master (s) no later than 20 October. Feel free to use the attached template and send via e-mail to Guro.Akre@uib.no

The tasks will be presented to students at a meeting in December. Those who have submitted tasks in previous years, but still want students in connection with the project, please submit your tasks again.

Program Committee appoint a committee which must approve any theme before they are presented to students. If the statement of clinical grade should be a clinician supervisor. It allowed a maximum of two college students associated with a project.

Information about the master programs is available on the web here:


Description to the master theses can be found here.

The theme of bachelor thesis:

Spring 2017 students in bachelor programs in human nutrition write a Bachelor’s thesis.

Thesis amounts to ten credits, the equivalent of about six weeks of full-time work. The aim of the exercise is to give students experience in nutrition research work, in terms of planning, implementation and presentation of a scientific project. The task may be a limited empirical assignment or a literature assignment (review). Literature Tasks are recommended. Students receive training in literature and writing technique as part of the course. This guidance will mainly focus on scientific content. Experience from last year showed that it is wise to find a limited theme with uncontroversial literature.

In this connection, the Programme Committee in nutritional input to nutrition-related topics for bachelor theses. The thesis will provide 10 credits, and printed in the program’s sixth semester (spring semester). Students begin the task in February 2017. Submission of the task is set to May 19, and oral exam (up to 30 minutes with presentation and discussion) to be held 5 – 6 June 2016.

Course description for the bachelor thesis can be found here:


Program Committee asks for a brief description (max 1/2 page) of the current (s) Bachelor’s theses (s) before October 20th. Certainly with the attached template and send email to Guro.Akre@uib.no

The tasks will be presented to students at a meeting in early February 2017. It is desirable that the supervisor is present at the presentation.

Information about the Bachelor’s program is available on the web here:


Description to the bachelor theses can be found here.